Wednesday 13 December 2017
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Elliot's Debates - Volume I


Volume I  - Part I & II

Preface to the First Edition.
Second Edition.
Notices of This Work.
Constitution of the United States of America.
Sketch of Ante-revolutionary History.
Gradual Approaches Towards Independence.
The Adoption of the Declaration of Independence
Political Rights and Sovereignty.
Occurrences Incident to Act of Confederation
Official Letter Accompanying Act of Confederation.
Jefferson’s Notes of Debate On Confederation
Articles of Confederation to All to Whom These Presents Shall Come,
Abstract of Proceedings In Congress On Certain Proposed Alterations, Amendments, Or Additions, Proposed By Certain States to the Articles of Confederation.
Proceedings Which Led to the Adoption of the Constitution of the United States.
Federal Convention.
List of the Members of the Federal Convention, Which Formed the Constitution of the United States.
Credentials of Members of the Federal Convention.
Journal of the Federal Convention

Volume I - Part III

The Ratifications of the Twelve States, Reported In the General Convention.

Volume I - Part IV

Amendments Proposed,
Luther Martin’s Letter On the Federal Convention of 1787.
The Notes of the Secret Debates of the Federal Convention of 1787, Taken By the Late Hon. Robert Yates, Chief Justice of the State of New York, and One of the Delegates From That State to the Said Convention.
Letter From the Hon. Robert Yates and the Hon. John Lansing, Jun., Esquires, to the Governor of New York; Containing Their Reasons For Not Subscribing to the Federal Constitution.
A Letter of His Excellency, Edmund Randolph, Esq., On the Federal Constitution; Addressed to the Honorable the Speaker of the House of Delegates, Virginia.
Letter From the Hon. Roger Sherman, and the Hon. Oliver Ellsworth, Esquires, Delegates From the State of Connecticut, In the Late Federal Convention, to His Excellency, the Governor of Said State.
Letter Containing the Reasons of the Hon. Elbridge Gerry, Esq., For Not Signing the Federal Constitution.
Objections of the Hon. George Mason, One of the Delegates From Virginia In the Late Continental Convention, to the Proposed Federal Constitution; Assigned As His Reasons For Not Signing the Same.
Address to the People of the State of New York, On the Subject of the Proposed Federal Constitution By the Hon. John Jay, Minister For Foreign Affairs to the United States In Congress Assembled.
Letter From the Hon. Richard Henry Lee, Esq. One of the Delegates In Congress From the State of Virginia.
Gouverneur Morris to General Washington
Gouverneur Morris to Timothy Pickering, In Congress.
James Madison to Mr. Sparks.