Monday 11 December 2017
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Elliot's Debates - Volume IV


Volume IV - Part I - North Carolina

Debates In the Convention of the State of North Carolina, On the Adoption of the Federal Constitution.

Volume IV - Part II - South Carolina

Debates In the Legislature and In Convention of the State of South Carolina, On the Adoption of the Federal Constitution.

Volume IV - Part III

Delegates to the Congress of 1765.
Opinions, Selected From Debates In Congress, From 1789 to 1836, Involving Constitutional Principles.
Virginia Resolutions of 1798, Pronouncing the Alien and Sedition Laws to Be Unconstitutional, and Defining the Rights of the States.
Answers of the Several State Legislatures.
Kentucky Resolutions of 1798 and 1799. [the Original Draft Prepared By Thomas Jefferson.]

Volume IV - Part IV

Madison’s Report On the Virginia Resolutions.
President Jackson’s Proclamation, of the 10th December, 1833, Concerning the Ordinance of South Carolina. On the Subject of the Tariff, On the 24th November, 1832.
Madison On the Tariff.
Ideas of Mr. Jefferson On Banks; Referred to By Mr. Madison In the Preceding Letter.
Letter of Mr. Madison to Mr. Stevenson, Dated 27th November, 1830, Examining the Origin and Progress of the Clause of the Constitution “ to Pay the Debts, and Provide For the Common Defence, &c.”
Hamilton’s Argument On the Constitutionality of a Bank of the United States.
A Short History of the Veto. *
Digest of Decisions In the Courts of the Union, Involving Constitutional Principles.