Monday 18 June 2018
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Friday, June 29th.

    Amendment proposed to the seventh resolution, so as to give each State an equal suffrage in the first branch, resumed -- Disagreed to -- Remaining clauses of seventh resolution postponed.
     Eighth resolution, fixing the same right of suffrage in the second branch of the Legislature as in the first -- Motion to amend so as to provide that each State should have an equal suffrage in the second branch -- Adjourned.

    In Convention. DOCTOR JOHNSON.  The controversy must be endless whilst gentlemen differ in the grounds of their arguments; those on one side considering the States as districts of people composing one political society: those on the other, considering them as so many political sciences.  The fact is, that the States do exist as political societies, and a government is to be formed for them in their political capacity, as well as for the individuals composing them.  Does it not seem to follow, that if the States, as such, are to exist, they must be armed with some power of self-defence?  This is the idea of Colonel MASON, who appears to have looked to the bottom of this matter.  Besides the aristocratic and other interests, which ought to have the means of defending themselves, the States have their interests as such, and are equally entitled to like means.  On the whole he thought, that, as in some respects the States are to be considered in their political capacity, and in others as districts of individual citizens, the two ideas embraced on different sides, instead of being opposed to each other, ought to be combined; that in one branch the people ought to be represented, in the other the States.