Monday 23 July 2018
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Ratification Documents

On  September 17, 1787 the new Constitution was signed by the delegates at the Federal Convention and dispatched to the Congress in New York.

What had begun as an endeavor to improve the Articles of Confederation had resulted in a document which completely scrapped the Articles and proposed an entirely new form of government.  After only eight days of hearings the Congress approved the Constitution and submitted it to the States for ratification.  The fact that the Federal Convention had no charter to discard the Articles notwithstanding, the document which came out of the convention created a firestorm amongst the States.

Eventually after much debate in public and convention the States ratified the Constitution.

This section provides the documents related to the ratification of the Constitution and formation of the government.

These documents are the official documents associated with the ratification process itself which in their collective form actually instantiated the new government.

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