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Constitutional Glossary

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'ARSENAL, n. [L. arx navalis, a naval citadel or repository.]
A repository or magazine of arms and military stores, whether for land or naval service.


'ARTICLE, n. [L. articulus, a joint, from artus; Gr.]
1. A single clause in a contract, account system of regulations, treaty, or other writing; a particular separate charge or item, in an account; a term, condition, or stipulation, in a contract. In short, a distinct part of a writing, instrument or discourse, consisting of two or more particulars; as, articles of agreement; an account consisting of many articles.
2. A point of faith; a doctrinal point or proposition in theology; as the thirty-nine articles.
3. A distinct part.


ASCERTA'INED, pp. Made certain; defined; established; reduced to a certainty.


ASSEM'BLE, v.t. [L. simul.]
To collect a number of individuals or particulars into one place, or body; to bring or call togethe; to convene; to congregate.
ASSEM'BLE, v.i. To meet or come together; to convene, as a number of individuals.


ATTA'INDER, n. [L. ad and tingo, to stain; Gr. See Tinge.]
1. Literally a staining, corruption, or rendering impure; a corruption of blood. Hence,
2. The judgment of death, or sentence of a competent tribunal upon a person convicted of treason or felony, which judgment attaints, taints or corrupts his blood, so that he can no longer inherit lands. The consequences of this judgment are, forfeiture of lands, tenements and hereditaments, loss of reputation, and disqualification to be a witness in any court of law. A statute of Parliament attainting a criminal, is called an act of attainder.
Upon the thorough demonstration of which guilt by legal attainder, the feudal covenant is broken.
3. The act of attainting.
An act was made for the attainder of several persons.
Note. by the constitution of the United States, no crime words an attainder.