Thursday 21 June 2018
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A convention elected for the purpose of framing a new government adopted a declaration of rights on September 11 and a constitution on September 20, 1776. The declarations of rights, similar to those adopted in Virginia and already framed in Pennsylvania, was declared to be unalterable. The constitution established a bicameral legislature elected by adult male taxpayers, with the house of assembly serving for one year and the council serving for three years. A president was elected by a joint ballot of the legislature for three years and was advised by a four-member privy council, with each chamber choosing two members. There was no executive veto. Judges were chosen by the legislature and served for good behavior, while other officials were appointed by the president and council. Officeholders were required to be Christians. While some articles of the constitution were declared unannulable, others could be changed by five-sevenths of the assembly and seven-ninths of the council.