Saturday 21 July 2018
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Abnaki Indians

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Abnaki Indians

Speakers of one of the Algonquian languages, perhaps 2,000 Abnakis occupied Maine, Vermont, and N.H. in 1600. They traded furs with both English and French (but preferred dealing with the latter), accepted Jesuit missionaries, and were French allies in the colonial wars. In 1722 they raided settlements on the Kennebec River, but in the resulting Dummer's War, Mass. and N.H. militia dispersed them along the Kennebec River, and drove many as far north as Canada. During the Seven Years' War, Rogers' Rangers destroyed their main town at Ste Françoise, Quebec. After 1763 Abnakis drifted back and forth across the US–Canadian border, but most relocated in Canada; by 1800, probably less than 300 remained in Maine and Vt.