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Welcome to Our Constitutional Study Group Directory

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      Welcome to the Constitutional Study Group Directory.

The purpose of this section of our website is to foster a discussion amongst We the people.

The American educational system has failed the Constitution, the Republic, and the People, and has placed us precariously close to the tipping point of governmental failure. While we feel the failure of the educational system is intentional - the result of 100 years of pressure by political liberals and progressives - the how we arrived at this point is less important than how we can rescue ourselves and our country from the precipice of disaster.

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Who Owns the Constitution?

The Constitution in its words is plain and intelligible. and is meant for the homebred, unsophisticated understandings of our fellow citizens.

The people alone are the absolute owners and uncontrollable movers of such sovereignty as human beings can claim to exercise; subject to the eternal and unchangeable rules of justice, of truth, and of good Faith. The moral law is out of its reach; sovereignty cannot violate that, and be more justified than the humblest individual.

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Why A Study Group?

The health of the United States depends on many factors. In the context of the political and governmental health of the Republic, that health depends on an educated, ethical, informed, and active citizenry. While the Constitution defines, at the federal level, a government of three branches, and further elaborates of the roles and responsibilities of those branches and the States and the People, except in the Preamble, it doesn't really describe the responsibilities of the most important branch of the government - the citizens.

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How Does It Work?

A study group offers many benefits to its members. It provides a structure for furthering individual development - while offerings its members the ability to compare notes and exchange ideas and concepts with other members. Additionally, they incentivize members to overcome tendencies to procrastinate in their personal studies.

Staring a Constitutional Study group here is pretty easy...simply click the link Start a Study Group and complete the form. In time, we anticipate others in the same area will make contact, via this directory, and the Study Group will come to life.

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