Thursday, June 21, 2018

Welcome to Our Constitutional Study Group Directory

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      Welcome to the Constitutional Study Group Directory.

The purpose of this section of our website is to foster a discussion amongst We the people.

The American educational system has failed the Constitution, the Republic, and the People, and has placed us precariously close to the tipping point of governmental failure. While we feel the failure of the educational system is intentional - the result of 100 years of pressure by political liberals and progressives - the how we arrived at this point is less important than how we can rescue ourselves and our country from the precipice of disaster.


If you doubt the failure of the educational system, ask the next person you meet which article of the Constitution describes the functioning of the Judicial branch of the federal government.

As has been said elsewhere on the website, we believe strongly in the use of original sources documents and Socratic questioning as the most productive learning path. In order to progress along the path of intellectual development - information leading to understanding; understanding leading to knowledge; and, knowledge leading to wisdom - requires more than reading and study. One needs to interact with other in order to fulfill the development of the powers of the intellect.

While our website offers more than enough original source material to develop a rich understanding of the Constitution it, in and of itself, cannot provide the essential Socratic component of active discussion with other humans.

Accordingly, we hope that this section of our website will enable users to further their appreciation of the Constitution and its significance to the future of our country.

As you browse our site we would ask you to keep in mind two things:

The role of citizen is the most important job in our Republic and all citizens are members of the group known as the people.

The Preamble begins with the words We the People... and the last words of the Bill of Rights are the people.

It is the role of the People to ensure the government performs according to the ir needs and in conformance with the Constitution. Absent the informed and active participation of the People our system of government cannot survive.

So, look around and jump in to help yourself, others, and the nation.

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