Депутати надшвидко розглянули законопроєкт про імпічмент
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Депутати надшвидко розглянули законопроєкт про імпічмент

September 13, 2019

Full-speed lawmaking The Verkhovna Rada has adopted the first reading of the bill impeachment of the president and then immediately passed it in principle. They explained such haste with the fact that the document was live and it would be really easy to challenge it at court. Segodnya Correspondent, Natalia Zamorska, on further details The major surprise today was a superfast consideration of the bill on impeachment. Its sudden appearance on the agenda was not less surprising as it had been planned for consideration next Thursday. At once, they offered to adopt it under a shortened procedure. Servant Of The People reminds that the President promised the law and was not afraid of it. By adopting the law, the President first of all shows his adhesion to his promises and the fact that he is ready to play under the same very equal rules and be brought to justice as an institution under the law. European Solidarity immediately opposed: nothing should be adopted at all. They said that the impeachment procedure was already provided for by the law on interim investigative commissions the President had received. The persuade that as long as the document was not returned by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy during 15 days, in compliance with the Constitution it had to be declared adopted and receive the signature. So, no other actions are required. Therefore, we don’t need any legislative spam. We don’t need any shadowboxing. It takes the President two minutes to sign the law. Two minutes is enough for the country to have the law on impeachment. However, Servant Of The People insisted that the impeachment procedure had to be contained within a standalone document. …the one that would comprise all the necessary steps, all the procedures, subjects… Instead we are discussing a special prosecutor, special court, the Supreme Court’s decision on the voting. Where are those terms in the law on the interim investigative commissions?! Members of other factions also said that the President’s document needed remarks anyway. That is not a bill, but a collection of constitutional articles. That is the collection of standalone provisions of the Regulations… In fact, we are talking about nothing more than smoke and mirrors. Such a reform changes nothing. …to amend and abolish President’s immunity, and to amend respective article of the Constitution and abolish judges’ immunity… However, 245 votes and the first reading of the document is adopted. The MPs representing non-ruling factions express their indignation. They insist on giving them the right to offer remarks before the second reading and on adhering to the regulations. Servant Of The People says that the relevant amendments were taken into account by the committee. The law is declared to require no update. Such decisions have several times been taken in this session hall. However, unlike what you see at the session hall today, it has never been supported by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. We just had over 226 votes of members of the Ukrainian Parliament. The law is immediately adopted on the whole. The factions that voted against express their concern. It leads to two possible outcomes: the first is the elimination of the parliamentarianism, and the second outcome, which is probably what is being planned, impossibility of any impeachment. As such a way of adoption of such laws is a recipe for potential abolition of this law. The impeachment procedure that was being considered just now is very complicated and in fact non executable. It is obvious it needed certain simplification. The procedure is enshrined in the Constitution and is now enshrined by this law that was adopted through violation of the regulations. Thus the law adopted in such a way can be easily challenged at a court. So, what does this disputable document provide for? If the President becomes suspected of a grave violation of the legislation or even of high treason, any MP will be able to initiate establishment of an interim investigative commission. And after the investigation into the case is over, at least 300 votes will be required to pass the case for consideration of the Constitutional Court. When the Constitutional Court says that the decision, this investigation case, is constitutional, fully constitutional. That it is not a violation. We can say: two thirds of the Parliament, and that’s it… there is no President. To calm the tensions down a bit, all the factions decided to take a break. They decided that if the second readings of the bills are adopted under a shortened procedure, they will give some time for making remarks. In compliance with the agreements, the MPs introduced amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code in the first reading, in particular, to narrow excessively wide guarantees of the parliamentary immunity. They also simplified the work of the Anticorruption Court letting it focus first of all on corruption among high-ranking officials. Natalia Zamorska, Kateryna Fedotenko, Leonid Popovych, Yurii Kercha. Segodnya, TV Channel Ukraine.

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