Как мы поднимали стену каркасника / How we raised the frame house wall
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Как мы поднимали стену каркасника / How we raised the frame house wall

August 24, 2019

I welcome you friends and guests of the channel
now we have our eighth day we are building yesterday
made such miracles we raised the walls, and it was the most
light wall but this is heavy because window reinforcements for window openings
Now our task is that we you need to make these facade walls
what we have time to do prepared boards looks like
children’s designer who is very exciting collect so we prepared friends
assembled another wall, and we will have 3 windows One big thing – it will be a bedroom, 2
and 3 it will be a corridor and a bathroom therefore, this wall has window reinforcements
openings and it is very heavy! heavy enough and we are now in the languid expectation of our friends who return from work. Now we have 17-11, soon they will come up, we will begin to understand this wall hold

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  1. Привет 💙💘💗💙💘💗💙💘💗💙💘💗💙💘💗💙💘💗💙💘💗💙💘💗💙💘💗💙💘💗💙💘💗 очень интересно

  2. Căn nhà bằng gỗ,,,,, nhìn đẹp quá luôn bạn, chúc mừng nhé

  3. Привет 🖐️отлично справились 👌👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻от друзей!!!

  4. The house is situated in a nice place. For sure there is fresh air there. Wow! I just love the spacious house and how it was built with its nice framing.

  5. Another great video, friend! We love your channel and like to support you! Full view (always) and like #27! 🙂

  6. Amazing work, lots of hard work put into building homes that we take for granted at times. Thanks for this wonderful video! #29👍 and subbed

  7. I watched well until the end of the video. And we were neighbors. We are communicating with each other frequently. Have a happy day today. Thank you.(+Sub 4,791/Like 30)

  8. С удовольствием посмотрел. Спасибо за интересный обзор.лайк. буду рад вам у себя в гостях

  9. Интересное видео с удовольствием подписались!!! Ждем и Вас к себе в гости. Надеюсь на взаимную дружбу! Удачи Вам!!!

  10. Awesome a lot of hard work👏
    Thanks for sharing your amazing video🌹Big like 39 Take care, have a happy day, my friend🌼🌷

  11. Wow this looks amazing, can’t wait for the final look.
    New here done sub and FV
    Hope you will visit my channel too 🤝🙏🎊🔔

  12. Как у вас все капитально! Золотые руки! Лайк от друзей! Приглашаю вас в гости на КОНКУРС !

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