Конституцию нужно знать всем!
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Конституцию нужно знать всем!

October 18, 2019

In the upcoming school year, students will be able to start studying the Constitution with a new manual. A special version of the Constitution of Russia has been prepared for children. For its convenience, the dry text of the basic law is set out in verse accompanied by visual pictures. One of the authors of the work, Anton Semikin, in a letter to the speaker of the Federation Council, Valentina Matvienko, reflected one of the main objectives of the project. “The functioning of the rule of law is impossible without the legal awareness of its young citizens,” the writer said. I think that promoting the constitution will benefit both children and adults. In particular, it would not hurt for law enforcement and other departments to develop a special version of the country’s main regulatory act. Judging by how the July rallies in support of free elections in Moscow were dispersed, it is clear that the authorities and the protesters understand their constitutional rights very differently. I think if Vladimir Mayakovsky was alive, he would certainly have a hand in this work. As for article 31 of the fundamental law, in its interpretation it could sound, for example, like this: Citizens of the Russian Federation have the right to assemble peacefully, To conduct processions, meetings, demonstrations and rallies. And if he starts to beat a crappy brawler at an rally of an unarmed boy, That I, my friends, I don’t even want to insert this into a book. Friends, write in the comments about what you think about the popularization of the Constitution of Russia.

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  1. Ну, в принципе, это хорошо. Но, потом детки , затыкать рты родителям будут. Ой ой! И не только родителям.

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