Новогодняя композиция – DIY Tsvoric – New Year’s composition
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Новогодняя композиция – DIY Tsvoric – New Year’s composition

October 15, 2019

huge hello everyone my name is Alena and
Today we continue the New Year subject though on the street 80 more speak
too early but for me it’s time when you can prepare as we do
absolutely do not know what we will call in December, well today I will show you how
make here a bunch and just out of what you have to buy at home
quite a bit but i think any of our work can be replaced
any materials that we we find houses and often asks me
cork mouth i use cartoon by packing furniture from packing
home appliances or with any cardboard is not necessarily these stores it
buy I collected at home all the materials that I
liked by color and fit for my idea
these were these green dried flowers these are so-called sachets which i
buy in building hypermarkets in candlesticks are also suitable
colors ribbon berries themselves they can be as homemade as well
purchased sisal store all the dawn I buy the usual packaging and balls already
I do sisal myself, I also have two shades it is milky and without
Christmas balls, I took only a couple of things
also according to the color of our ribbon so that we have everything looked beautiful and harmonious
also the cotton itself which I also did the very thing it is with these dried flowers
so the link how to make exactly this cotton I will leave in the description for this
video also i want to add one I tried a flower somehow
experimented on doing this the foamiran rose is therefore also there
add let it be well and left bumps acorns and all sorts of natural
material here these little bumps are tiny bumps here are so big this
yellow pine and they are very prickly but they so beautiful look in the work that
it is impossible not to add them there either I have big acorns I decided
add more such big items and decorate the top with smaller ones
and the more variety of your cones the more interesting it is, it looks
me mountain pine pine cones ate also larch cones and now
go to the very layer I did here such a mushroom I was very fascinated
and painted my mushroom completely in the basis I used here is such a piece
pipes I think if you did repairs and you are connected somewhere to construction
shopping this tube is paper and is wound on
linoleum cut it to me cuts and doing very comfortable it is heavy
get will not roll over I have it 10 centimeters high and
diameters somewhere 13 14 centimeters if you don’t have anything like that
argue any potty any jar or make such
a blank of cardboard on top I’ll I had to re-stick the foam
also a homemade foam ball which I cut into two parts
glue just do not forget to do but one thing I will do from the ordinary
cardboard I stuck it all together and painted it to steal you
you can like gosh also any other paint, I got carried away all the paint do not need
we need to paint us just on top of the hat to not see through between
by our natural material well, and I will leg
decorate light beige paper therefore it is not necessary to paint her now
it remains for us to glue our whole hat our mushroom
and paste and evenly beautiful for so that in the end you got
beautiful form I will start all decorate the biggest items
see also all your materials were about the same height i
I managed to confuse plastic and glass
so make sure your toys plastic
Otherwise it will be like me for some reason I was one hundred percent sure that this is the face
it turned out that the toys are glass so I will not cut off the leg of my toys
you will glue under the slope to hide it was not visible and
all-all-all start to stick all your materials
I will stick on thermo glue and such a little note to your
natural materials do not peel off from your base all natural materials
must be perfectly dried otherwise you will have at least a little bit
wet after drying and not peel off on the more hot glue is not very
good glues like very smooth surface
also slightly moist natural materials
as I said, I’m starting to stick all all your materials are gradually
look where you want to add I do so that the same elements do not
I stood side by side trying to arrange them in different places and so we
glue our whole base Well after i decorate it
added all the big elements small bumps cyst still elements i
I stick berries on top the berries are completely off the branches
leg on which I apply glue well, the bottom of us still remains empty
space a little I add sisal to our
the bouquet from all sides was beautiful and trying to fill all empty
spaces and that way It looks like our foundation about what I do.
painted everything in one color even if somewhere on something will
it will not shine much rush into our eyes after that on our
white paint in white paint can Do I use absolutely anything?
snow on its composition and now us need to decorate the so-called
my pot is floristic paper I left them a bouquet so I will
stick it and of course on the sides I cut everything off too much if you
initially take a beautiful potty you don’t have to decorate the base and
your work will be already finished but I really wanted to do this
bouquet of burlap burlap you can perform any i use so
called a doormat are also sold in economic
stores or in construction hypermarkets it is completely different
below I glue a little bit then I tie the lace and I will already glue
so that all burlap the edges were flat we glue it to
basis I make the same folds so that everyone
we looked very beautiful after how I stuck everything I cut everything around
I cut off the excess this cord and glue many
may be asked why am I first decorated with paper and then burlap
just because I wanted to bottom add more volume and more
do not do any elements necessarily I paste a bow and my composition
ready I hope you like my bouquet
liked my idea you put your own photos in my group in contact
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  1. Классная композиция. Клевые шишки маленькие, в нашем городе таких нет, из маленьких только ольховые.
    У вас там еще так тепло… у нас уже холодно и снег даже выпадал. все в куртках ходят.

  2. Очень красиво, впрочем у вас всегда все так нежно… Спасибо. Вдохновения вам и радости от видео нам👏👏👏

  3. Классно! Понравилась сам букет, а горшок просто супер пупер👍👍👍👍👍

  4. Здравствуйте Алена.! Что ж за дуб у Вас такой замечательный?

  5. А как шарики делать, не покажите? Очень понравилась композиция!

  6. Процесс работы и эта музыка навеяли на меня ощущения, совсем, как перед праздником. Когда вовсю готовишься, суетишься, ждёшь, а дальше наступает следующий год – время надежд и чего-то неизвестного. Хотя понимаешь, что все пойдёт своим чередом. Эти ощущения усиливает выпавший наконец-то снег. Интересно, что где-то деревья стоят зелёные и с листвой.

  7. В ваших работах очень нравится сочетание цветов и оттенков.
    Шикарный букет)) Спасибо за вдохновение .

  8. Очень красиво получилось!Такие разные шишки! В моем регионе выбор шишек небольшой ((( Желудей таких огромных тоже нет((( У вас очень красиво и аккуратно получился хлопок! И вообще у вас очень хороший вкус!все получается стильно!

  9. Скажите пожалуйста где именно вы собираете такие шишки на гребной канале?

  10. Me encantan tus creaciones, no entiendo tu idioma, pero lo haces tan claro que ya puedo hacer las rosas casi como tu.

  11. Алена приветик!!!! Спасибо вам за видио, очень мило и волшебно… Нежный букетик! 😁👍 Супер!!!!!!! А можно вопросик, вы порадуете нас новогодними елочками??? Елки… Елки!!!! по скорей бы…. Аж ручки чешутся😁😁😁👋👏

  12. Алёна! А где вы покупаете стержни для клеевого пистолета? Ну чтоб подешевле…. Их много уходит

  13. красивая композиция , заходите и на мои поделки переделки к НОВОМУ ГОДУ , буду рада

  14. How completely cute! I've watched sooo many of your videos and love all of them. Your simple , easy and beautiful bows now float freely around our house ( we have 5 girls!!) Thank you for all you do and sharing your amazing talents with us!!

  15. Алена, мне понравилась ваша работа! А как вы сделали сам бантик? где можно подглядеть?

  16. Большое спасибо за видео, замечательная, изящная композиция, браво!

  17. Смотю..знакомая ива! Не землячка ли? Так оно и есть! Молочинка девочка, очень красиво!

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