Предложение изменить Конституцию это пробуждение власти?
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Предложение изменить Конституцию это пробуждение власти?

October 15, 2019

Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin proposed amendments to the Constitution, which would expand the powers of the parliament in terms of forming a government cabinet. This proposal is associated with the 25th anniversary of the Constitution of Russia, celebrated on December 12 last year. According to the author of the idea, it is time to update the basic law of the country. There is a reason! Bastille Day … was wasted! 80 years of birth … Wow! And she really is 80! In the current political situation, the change of the constitution proposed by Volodin will certainly not have any serious consequences in the administration of the country. Most of the deputy seats in the upper house of parliament belong to the party of power, so it has no problems with making decisions at any level of government. However, when real political competition appears in the State Duma, a serious war may flare up between the Duma factions for placing their representatives in the cabinet of ministers. On the one hand, the proposal to amend the constitution was made in order to bring it to modern realities. On the other hand, Volodin, being the chairman of the State Duma, suggested essentially changing the main law in his personal interests. At the same time, let me remind you that the Constitution is the main law, which is aimed at streamlining power in the country. At the same time, the Constitution has in fact never been an obstacle for the authorities in resolving their issues. Laws concerning the basic rights and freedoms of citizens appear without amending the basic law. The attitude of the authorities to the Constitution fully justifies the saying: “The law that the tongue, where it turned, went there.” By and large, the country’s Constitution does not work and has a nominal function. Article 55 of the Constitution says that in Russia there should be no laws abolishing or derogating the rights and freedoms of a person and citizen. However, when changes were made to the pension legislation, the State Duma did not stop it. Against this background, Volodin’s proposal to make changes to the Constitution sounds like something ironic. The idea outlined by the speaker of the State Duma rather speaks not about a change in the attitude of the authorities towards the law, but about the backing wars of officials for power. In this regard, the proposal to change the Constitution is a sign of a serious stagnation of power than its awakening.
Friends, what do you think about changing the Constitution of the country?

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  2. Интересно однако, Но все может быть, я думаю нас не спросят.

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