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التكوين Composition

October 8, 2019

Have you ever looked at a photograph and thought Amazing Astonishing! haven’t you wondered what’s the secret? How can a photograph be this beautiful? Ofcourse a lot of factors are in play here but the most important in my opinion is Composition The Rule of thirds Leading lines Symmetry Patterns These are a few of the bases of composition that makes a beautiful photograph Composition is a very broad term that includes a lot of different arts such as Painting Sculpting Music Composing But today our topic is on composition in photography, and what’s its role in making a photograph Compisition in its simplest terms is The arrangement of the elements in the photo For example if I wanted to photograph a tree where should I keep it? On the right? On the Left? In the middle? The Horizon Should it be in the middle? on top? On the bottom? Should the photograph be in… portrait? Or landscape? Or Square? When you look at photographs from famous photographers Ansel Adams or Henri Cartier-Bresson and you wonder Why are their photos very famous? What makes them Special? This photograph was taken by the Ahmed Al-Shukaili A scene of a wonderful landscape You can imagine yourself there and most importantly, You feel that you want to visit this place to experience this wonder with your own eyes. But how did the photographer create a photo like this? Let’s analyse it He used the depth He transformed the scene from 3 dimensional to 2 dimensional He placed an element in the foreground an element in the middle ground and an element in the background And he linked all these elements with leading lines that guides the eye through the photo Of course, The editing in the photo has played a role in making this photograph but that’s a subject for another episode. We can see these guide lines implemented in a lot of Ahmed’s photos. The French photographer Henri was one of the biggest names in photography And he was famous for his street photography He was also very famous for photographing the decisive moment and this is on of his most famous photographs Lets analyse it The Harsh contrast between the dark color of the cyclest and the light color of the background emphasises the presence of the photograph’s subject. Lines The lines of the vertical and curved railing leads our eye down the stairs to the ground The curve of the road mimics the arc of movement the biker follows from right to left. Patterns & Repetition The repetition of line in the railing, shapes in the steps and cobblestones This repetition aids in moving our eye throughout the composition The figure riding the bike is the only thing to break this pattern and therefore becomes a strong focal point What makes henri a great photographer in my opinion is his patience The patience exhibited here, waiting for something to enter the frame the timing, and the technique is what made this a historic photograph. What I like in about the Arabic language is that photography has bases And not “Rules of Composition” as it’s interpreted in the English languge because rules imply that they have to be followed There are no rules in Art Some of these rules contradict each other Like The rule of thirds And Symmetry In my opinion, composition is essential to photography and it’s the right path to learning the art of photography Because when you learn these rules you will know when to break them In today’s soceity Everyone has a camera either it’s a the camera in their phones a point and shoot or even a pro DSLR And millions of photographs are taken everyday and are shared on social media But how many have thought about composition before taking a photo? How many have challenged nature to take the photo with the perfect composition? When you raise your phone or camera to take a photo think before pressing the shutter What’s the subject or the story of my photo? And does my composition Reflect that meaning? Let me introduce my self my name is Aiman Al-Ghazali and I’m just a hobbiest and I’m not a professional photographer and I can’t call myself a professional photographer But I love photography And I love researching about it, about its techniques and its history If you liked the video and want to learn more about composition I suggest B&H’s Channel and specifically a video by Ian Plant where he talks about composition in great detail If you have any questions or recommendations please leave them in the comments because I want to know your opinion on the subject And I will try my best to answer all the questions. Thanks for watching and see you next time

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  1. احيك ايمن ع الاخراج والاسلوب الاكثر من رائع 💪🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 استمر

  2. حبيت تحليلك للصور،، اتمنى الفيديو القادم يكون عن قواعد التكوين

  3. شغل مرتب وجميل السمي .. تم الدعس ع اللايك والسبسكرايب والمفضلة .. وبعد النشر 😉

  4. جميل جدا وتجربة جديدة في دروس عالم التصوير، انصحك بالاستمرار ونشر كل ما هو جديد والله يوفقك ويسدد خطاك.

  5. لك جزيل الشكر وعظيم الاجر شح رائع
    نريدك تكرم علينا وتشرح لنا الاكشنات ف الفوتوشوب

  6. جميل جدا و الشرح كان موجز و بسيط للمتلقي من الوهله الاولى 👍🏻 نتظر المزيد

  7. جميل يا ايمن شكرا لك واستفدنا بأمانة.. في استفسار عندي.. وهو يمكن يكون خاص بالتكوين مثل ما تكلمت عنه.. اللي هو كيف اخلي صورة التقطها بعدسة وايد انجل بس لما تشوف الصورة بعدين تحس انها ما تحوي ذاك البعد اللي كنت مصورنه.. يعني ما تحس انك نقلت الابعاد الثلاثة بحجمها للصورة ذات البعدين.. اللي اعرفه ان السكيلنج مفيد في مثل ذي الصور.. بس بعدي لازلت اجد صعوبة في نقل صورة لوادي كبير مثلا بنفس الوصف اللي شفته على الطبيعة… ما ادري اذا فهمت قصدي.. بالتوفيق

  8. شكرا على الموضوع كتبت في موضع التكوين وكان هذا الفديو هو المنهل الاول لكتابة موضوعي شكرا لك

  9. حلووو ما شااء الله .. ابدااع ف الاسلوب والفيديو كله ابداع
    وااصل ابداعك

  10. ميرسي علي المجهود الرائع..باتمني تتكلم بستفاضه اكتر عن العدسات بكل انواعها واستخدامتها ومقاساتها + الكاميرات السينمائية بجميع أنواعها، + الزوايا ، شكرا لجهودك

  11. نتمنى نشوف فيديوهات كثيره من اعمالك .. الصراحه تقديم جميل ورائع ومفيد

  12. جدا مهم الفيديو واشكركك انك وضحت فكرة التكوين بس ودي تذكر قواعد التكوين بفديو ثاني لانن انت الحين شرحته بصفه عامه مفهومه الرئيسي بس بس ودي تتعمق اكثر فيه لانن انا كمانن مصورة مبتدءة وحابه استفيد 💜.

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