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ᴴᴰ КАК АНГЛИЯ ПРАВИТ МИРОМ? Англия Паразит Всех Стран

October 28, 2019

England rules the world, and the US
her puppet A small smiling “grandmother”
Queen Elizabeth, recently celebrated the 62nd anniversary of the
on the throne. The whole world is told that
in England, the constitutional monarchy, that is, absolute power
Elizabeth is limited by the parliament. The queen herself is
a certain symbol, a tribute to tradition, talisman, political
whose powers are not great … We used to believe in official
sources. This is only officially considered,
that in the UK “constitutional monarchy”. As if limited. But… The English Queen has
the right to declare war (without legislative restrictions
and without explaining the reasons); The English queen has
right to resign government (similarly);
The English queen has the right to dissolve parliament; Once a year she performs
before the parliament and voiced their demands for the near future
time (that is, in fact forms the policy of the state
and, importantly, the colonies, being the queen of all
territories-states, subject to England) “In the” home affairs “authority
Crowns are more than wide. The appointment of ministers, secret
advisors, members of executive bodies and other officials
persons. In addition, the monarch is
head of the armed forces (British army, royal
fleet, the Royal Air Force and intelligence service). The prerogative of the Queen (Sovereign)
– to declare war, conclude peace, send military
actions. Concerning the prerogatives of the queen
and foreign affairs: discuss conditions and ratify
agreements, unions, international agreements; Parliamentary decisions
Not needed. The Queen also accredits
British high commissioners and ambassadors, and accepts foreign
diplomats. Also the Queen is revered
source of justice, and appoints judges to all
kinds of cases. The general law states that
The crown “can not be mistaken”; The monarch can not be judged
In court for criminal offenses. In fact, the queen controls
all branches of power – legislative, executive and judicial. And, finally, the monarch is the Supreme
ruler of the Anglican church and can appoint
bishops and archbishops (that is, the head not only
secular, but also spiritual power, which is not found anywhere in the
peace, even in Iran). ” Greater concentration of power
no one man in the world. Even the Korean “Juche”
democratic Media »set an example
dictator, nervously smoking in the corridor. Another say that England
a democratic country, which position itself. What democracy, what
you? The rigid vertical of power,
not controlled by anyone. So … grandmother Lisa J And they show us Now about … more banal,
but not less interesting. Anyone will say which currency
in the world the most stable, most …, well, in general, the most-most. Well, of course, it’s Grandma’s
“Pound” – Pound sterling. With whose only state
currency, which just did not happen, but with a pound, looking at all
these “merrymaking” chuckles grandmother Lisa. And, that, has the right – she
the same woman, first of all, moreover, the Queen of Peace. Yes, yes, I did not make a reservation
– exactly so – the Queen The world. Ever wondered,
how much land belongs to grandmother? Guys, a lot, a lot. Judge for yourself. Data for the year 2012. From 1876 to 1947 the monarch of Great Britain
also had the title of Emperor (Empress) of India. Currently, Queen
Elizabeth II is a monarch 16 states. The British Empire is the largest
from ever existed states in the history
of humanity with colonies on all inhabited continents. In Europe The British Empire. 1897. Ireland, including Ulster
Helgoland (1807-1890) (now part of Germany)
Malta (now independent state)
Gibraltar Minorca (she’s also Menorca,
now part of Spain) Ionian Islands (now
part of Greece) Cyprus (including Akrotiri bases
and Dhekelia) Crowned Lands
Bailiwick Jersey Bailiwick of Guernsey
Isle Of Man In Asia Mesopotamia (mandatory
territory), future Kingdom of Iraq,
modern Iraq Palestine, including the Transjordan
(now Jordan) and Palestine Kuwait
Qatar Bahrain
Burma Oman
The contractual Oman (now United Arab Emirates)
Aden (now part of Yemen) Afghanistan
British India Ceylon
Maldives Malaysia, including Singapore
British Malaya Sarawak
British North Borneo Sabah
Labuan Brunei
Hong Kong (now Hong Kong, autonomous region of China) In Africa Egypt
Anglo-Egyptian Sudan British East Africa
Kenya Uganda
Tanganyika (now part Tanzania)
Zanzibar (now part Tanzania)
British Somalia (now formally part of Somalia,
de facto Somaliland) Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland
Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) Northern Rhodesia (now
Zambia) Nyasaland (now Malawi)
British South Africa South African Union
Cape Province (now part of South Africa)
Natal (now part of South Africa) Orange Free State
(now part of South Africa) Transvaal (now part
SOUTH AFRICA) Bechuanaland (now Botswana)
South-West Africa (now Namibia)
Basutoland (now Lesotho) Swaziland
Seychelles Archipelago Chagos (British
Indian territory ocean)
Mauritius Gambia
Nigeria British Cameroon – small
part of modern Cameroon and Nigeria
Gold Coast and British Togo – (now Ghana)
Sierra Leone the island of St. Helena, Ascension, Tristan da Cunha In North America Canada (including Quebec)
Newfoundland (now part Canada)
Bermuda Thirteen colonies
in 1776 the United States New England
New Hampshire The colony of Massachusetts
Gulf and Plymouth colony (later Massachusetts and Maine)
Rhode Island Connecticut Medium Colonies New York (later New York
and Vermont) New Jersey
Pennsylvania Delaware Southern Colonies Maryland
Virginia North Carolina
South Carolina Georgia In Latin America British Virgin Islands
islands Dominica
Barbados Trinidad and Tobago
Anguilla Saint Lucia
Antigua and Barbuda Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Grenada Saint Kitts and Nevis
British Guiana (now Guyana)
Mosquito shore (1655-1859) British Honduras (now
Belize) Cayman islands
Jamaica Bahamas
Turks and Caicos Islands The Falkland Islands,
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands islands
Montserrat In Australia, Oceania and Antarctica Australia
Mainland territories N.S.W.
Queensland Victoria South Australia Land of Van Dimen (Tasmania)
Western Australia Northern Territory
External territories Papua (now part of Papua
– New Guinea) Territory of New Guinea
(now part of Papua New Guinea)
British Solomon islands
Nauru Christmas Island (now
part of Australia) Norfolk (now part of Australia)
Cocos (Keeling) Islands (now part of Australia)
The Australian Antarctic territory (not recognized
international community) New Zealand
Tokelau (now part of the New Zealand)
Niue (now part of the New Zealand)
British Samoa The Land of Ross in Antarctica
(not recognized by the international community)
Cook Islands (Protectorate Great Britain in 1888-1901
years, in 1901-1965 – as part of the New Zealand is now free
associated state with New Zealand)
Fiji Gilbert and Ellis Islands
(now Tuvalu and part of Kiribati) New Hebrides (co-ownership
with France, now Vanuatu) Pitcairn
Tonga – the protectorate of Great Britain while preserving your own
monarchy in the years 1900-1970. British Antarctic
territory (including Southern Shetland Islands and South
Orkney Islands)” What small island
the state north of Europe, where peace and quiet
is a little harmless grandmother Lisa. Is it really harmless? Everybody used to think that
world “rule the US” – a phrase, bored to the point. Used to not just
Count, but sincerely believe in this … fairy tale. In all used to blame
USA. It is possible prosecutors
right – we can observe US actions, but who
acts as a puppeteer …. So whose puppet named
USA? Do not waste time
time for some proceedings, search for evidence, collection
facts – this is all in discussion, but do not mention … English
banks – I can not. “The banking system of Great Britain
– one of the oldest. It is characterized by a high
degree of concentration and specialization, well-developed
banking infrastructure, close relationship with international
the market of loan capitals. In the world financial center
– There is more work in London foreign banks than
English. This, above all, American
and Japanese banks. The share of deposits in foreign
currency in banks of Great Britain is much higher than in
other countries of the world. English banking
the system owns the widest possible in the world network of foreign
branches. ” Attention was drawn to “politics
pound “? No? But in vain. He’s the same …. mummified. He also teases and controls
any currency of any state. Do not believe me? Have to – he manages
and subjugates the very same notorious, scandalous,
but everyone is so ardently loved dollar. Again you do not understand the essence
question? The dollar rules all the mined
resources – and where do they get it? Return to the list of colonies
England, ask structure of the banking
system of England – it only only two-level, not
requiring foreign banks in
territory of England, but … full approval and recognition of the
– Bank of England. Further even easier – all sorts of
there are devaluations, defaults, playing evil jokes with any
currency of the world, never Touch and do not touch
to … “pound”, because everything its assets are foreign
banks are kept in … England, and what is the currency there? And, what’s with the “pound” course? Do you know what this dependence is? Just do not try
buckle her to … household. Dependence – is complete
and unconditional submission. But now about the main thing – so
who is most interested in unleashing wars, seizures
territories? The answer is simple to the contrary
– The owner of the World, the ruling the column is a small one
Island state with its smog – England,
and, therefore, a small smiling the woman is Lisa’s grandmother. There is such an expression “Friendship
friendship, and money apart. ” Talk about friendship, but
not simple, but … dependent. So who’s there in “girlfriends”. Well, of course, the USA! Did not know? Now you will know. As they say – “The World
rule money. ” And so not only the World
and peace, but also by war. Having become addicted,
moreover, and such a “friendly” obey not just have to
as a faithful dog, but … forced, even girlfriends. It so happened that before
as long as there are money, people (in overwhelming
most of them, with the exception of of the individual righteous
and crazy) will strive to possess them. For anybody not news,
that all politics and economics In full and unconditional
depending on two clans are the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. Do you know such people? Well, who would doubt – their
they know EVERYTHING! But the fact that all the capital
these “guys” are kept in the Bank of England – for many
can be news. But, alas, this is so. I think, to continue the conversation
about the obvious, which is clear to each or all … Then
Listen. There are such kind of amateurs
– Rothschilds and Rockefellers – live, live, pockets
stuff, but sometimes they have a good time. They are someone’s policy
Manipulate, then someone’s the economy is ruined, under
themselves pile up. And suddenly it turns out that
scale is no longer the same, a little im, it is not enough, it would be necessary more
… Thought, thought and thought:
“Ah, what would we do with Russia?” not to play? Is she too self-conscious
loudly began to declare? I ought to have her head back and forth
shove it, or else you see … The money she earns
decided! Right now she’s dreaming! ” Thought “guys” is not easy
take away, withdraw, ruin, but also in … dependent girlfriends
to attach. Do you know where, before, everything
is torn? Exactly! There, where it is thin. And where is Russia’s most vulnerable
a place? Precisely – petrodollar. And where does he go there so smartly? Correctly, by territory
Ukraine. Here it is necessary to take it away, and
Ukraine does not need to be demolished only from the card, but from the face
of the earth. Whom to this event
to urge it is not necessary – this, of course,
dependent girlfriend – USA. Here is Lisa’s grandmother, with all
his smiling shyness and gave the order to the girl-friend – you want
further live under a warm “grandmother’s shawl “- forward to the barricades. Grandmother wanted one more
colony, yes closer to the ill-fated, uncontrollable and stubborn
Russia. Wanted – then so
and be! A girlfriend, a faithful dog,
do not get used to such “games” for health and well-being
beloved grandmother – old age must be respected. And then, do not bring the Lord,
with old grannies on the nervous So … Or suddenly the granny
left foot in the morning is not it will decide and decide against
beloved girlfriend his “sadness-sadness” to send? Yes, and one of the largest
shareholders of the largest oil and gas companies
England “Eclairs Group” and “JKX Oil & Gas” Mr. Kolomoisky already
A long time in the waiting room and waiting for the team “Fas!”, Ready for cutting
Ukraine. Continue? Or is everything obvious? So what do we have with Ukraine? Who rules the ball? Just do not be touched
merits crowned grandmother – she is a woman in
old age, little Is that … Suddenly offended,
And her wrath … Look to Ukraine. And if he decides to hunt the dogs? England is very curious
a country in the history of mankind. It seems that it was in England
were developed and In life, all those steps that
upset empire of the Golden Horde, then
there is Russia – and the world has become to rule the mind-ego. Notice, in our world it is
England is the main carrier and stronghold of Western
values. Now all views attract
to the US, but in fact the gray cardinal who
rules the world, is England. The US has a brute force, and the mind is
in England. Let’s pass on significant events
in the history of England, which correspond officially
accepted chronology. XIII century – Great Charter
liberties (for the feudal lords) and the creation of parliament. In the middle of the same century
from English disappears the dual number (the first
swallow among other European languages). A dual number like
we know, is responsible for the whole perception of the world. Interestingly: first disappeared
a dual number, but only then the parliament was created. It turns out that the parliament
in our time serves as a instrument balancing
separated opposites? That is, the language used to connect
and counterbalanced the opposites, and when the dual number
disappeared, it was necessary to create public institution
parliament to English society could live and develop
farther. Three hundred years later, in the 16th century,
England starts the war on the sea against the Spanish
domination. We do not seem to
concerns, but, according to studies on HX (very reasoned;
facts cited by the authors HH, historians are in no hurry
refute; , Spain was stronghold of the Golden Horde on
West. Everyone knows that England
defeated in this war. From this moment begins
expansion of dominance England in the world: England is becoming
empire. Further. In the XVII century, many significant
events: the first bourgeois revolution; first execution
King Charles I – and Bill about the rights; the creation of Isaac
Newton’s theory, which divided a single universe
on bricks, interaction between which accidentally
(people are taught this vision throughout the world until now);
the creation of a conceptual mind, who shared the word
and the image (i.e., living tissue the world divided, and between
put a dead concept). In parallel, the
science, displacing religion from a warm place, which
it occupied people’s minds. XVIII century: first application
steam engine, the creation factories, mechanization of labor,
capitalization, insurrection Luddites against machines,
that is against the dead labor. XIX century: Darwin’s doctrine of
struggle and species survival. Enough, I think, that
see England on the other side. And who is our biggest
a lover of antiquities? The English, of course. Everywhere, wherever you look,
lead or lead excavations of the British. You say: “Well, what’s up
such? ” And the fact that the one who leads
excavations, he also interprets find value, establish
necessary chronology and assigns historical
names of places that do not have any
relations. And the one who digs, always
there is the possibility of forgery. For example, some scientists
express serious doubts about the authenticity
tomb of Tutankhamun, and it was the Englishman who unearthed it. The English came first
to India, Egypt (displacing from there Napoleonic
troops), Japan, China, to conquer them. All these countries included
in the empire of the Golden Horde and carried a culture,
which they got from her inheritance. What was it for?
to the English? To take the necessary
knowledge and the history of these countries – I
so I suppose. By the way, in this they are actively
helped the Vatican. Further. It was the English pushed
foreheads Russia and Turkey still in the XVII century, and yet
until the middle of this century Turkey and Russia were allies
(see the books on HX). Turkey and Russia squandered
strength in the struggle with each other, and their enemies calmly watched
for what is happening, collecting fruit. It belongs to the British
famous principle of “Divide and rule. ” Where in the modern world
nor the conflict flared up, there once or quite
The British have recently visited and made their dividing
mite – you can check it yourself. Countries and peoples within
should be separated. There is a conflict and …
who is winning? Someone definitely wins. You can feel in
this force that feeds on due to division and discord? And I believe that it is in
England is the main the brain that manages
peace. “But what about the Jews? – you ask. – After all, everyone knows that
they rule the world. They have money and, therefore,
power”. Yes, they have money, Jews are stretching
to money by virtue of its nature, but, as I see it, they were chosen
“Whipping boys” to look away from
those who actually rule peace. There is not enough money to
to rule the world, we need особый склад ума — и у англичан
он есть. Он называется властность
— власть носить. Англичане по своей природе
властная и безжалостная нация. Они, ни секунды не сомневаясь,
применяют силу, если затронуты даже малейшие интересы
их империи, нации или страны. В прошлом они беспощадно
уничтожали каждого, кто вставал на их пути, в наше
время их методы изменились, но ненамного. У евреев во все века были
деньги, но евреи-ростовщики как миленькие по первой
же просьбе ссужали их власть имущим и правителям. Потому что власть стоит
над деньгами. Именно эту власть англичане
и искали всюду, куда они приходили. Искали на земле и искали
под землёй. Что искали? Материальные носители
власти. Власть — это магия ума
— могия ума, — и у неё есть материальные носители,
потому что всё, что существует в Нави, имеет своё материальное
воплощение в Яви — таково устройство нашей вселенной. Власть стояла и всё ещё
продолжает стоять над деньгами, но деньги приобретают всё
большую самостоятельность. Всё чаще можно слышать
выражение: «У кого деньги, у того и власть», а в правительство
и парламент беззастенчиво лезут те, у кого карманы
набиты деньгами. Это плохие симптомы, потому
что деньги по своей природе любят только себя и живут
только для себя. Им никто и ничто не нужно,
кроме самих себя, потому что они лишены сознания
— мёртвая сила. Они готовы уничтожить всё
вокруг, лишь бы умножить себя, и им законы не управа,
потому что они уже сами создают законы через прессу
и лобби в парламенте. Мёртвая сила денег берёт
сознание людей, и они слепо следуют за ней, превратившись
в марионеток. Джинн вырвался из бутылки. Поэтому мы сейчас стоим
на пороге перемен.

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  1. Люди должны знать, КАК АНГЛИЯ ПРАВИТ МИРОМ. Англия это Паразит Всех Стран, а Америка марионетка Англии. C 1876 по 1947 год монарх Великобритании также имел титул Императора (Императрицы) Индии. В настоящее время королева Елизавета II является монархом 16 государств.

  2. Можно, в каком-то смысле, позавидовать монарху Англии!!!
    Полностью согласна с автором рассказа, что власть денег, это власть мертвецов!!! На самом деле, наблюдать подобное вокруг себя без розовых очков, задача не из лёгких, во всех смыслах!!! Но лучше знать горькую правду, чтобы помочь себе и ближнему не променять свою жизнь на резаную бумагу. Начать то можно, но никто не даст гарантий, что получится благополучно закончить с этим мероприятием, во всех смыслах!!! Власть и деньги, уж точно не стоят того, чтоб приносить им в жертву весь МИР!!!

  3. Нового ни чего. Все это школьная программа. А про деньги и власть еще Гельвеций в 15 веке высказывался, что имея власть, получаешь деньги, а имея деньги, получаешь власть. Так что весь ролик одна вода.

  4. Британия – конституционная монархия. Это как? Насколько я знаю, там нет конституции.

  5. Масоны правят миром, Даже Жириновский сказал в 2017 что эти масоны уже 300 лет мучают нас всех)

  6. Кто знает что такие как Ротшильды и Рокфеллеры которые имеют 20% власти над миром, спонсировали Гитлера.
    А Ротшильды и Рокфеллеры входят в тайную общество и подчиняются Масонам имеющие 100% 🌍

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