免費健身房長怎樣?附上整體住宿心得感想(下)/// 留學的婷婷 #02
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免費健身房長怎樣?附上整體住宿心得感想(下)/// 留學的婷婷 #02

March 8, 2020

Hi everyone I’m Ting-Ting Today I’m going to show you around my place Here’s our reception And the pool, my favourate place We have some vending machines If you wanna have some drink at late night You don’t have to go outside if you wish Welcome to my room Look! The wide french window The view is the same as previous one So… That’s it Next I’m going to lead you to The free gym of this accommodation (The one you’ve never been to) Yes my first time to go there now Taking the lift again This lift is different from other two It has many buttons This is Lift A Only their staff can control these panel They can scan their card and go to any floors For residents it’s useless We can only to go to our floor Here’s ground floor A big board shows ‘G’ And a scanner Here’s a small bulletin board Oh fire alarm testing will happen at 10 a.m. every Monday morning Very annoying And then at my left hand side is the fitness suite and bin store The bin store is very smelly I think you won’t want to take a look So let’s not go in Before we enter the gym We have to get the key card So I’ll show you our post room first Then the gym afterwards Let’s go Here we are Same, need to scan the card Come in There are many mailboxes You can know the highest floor is 34th Because of the number on it You need the key to open it But I don’t bring it with me now Anyway it’s just like what you see OK walking around Basically you won’t receive many mails Maybe only from your bank or some ads When I just moved in I got so many ads Now I’ve exchanged this gym card by my room card This can be used to enter anywhere except for your room Let’s get in Here’s the smelly bin store Need to use the key card to enter too They put a sign showing the bike I don’t know why Who wants to put their bikes in the bin store? Finally here we are The fitness suite I’ve never entered here I think somebody is inside… Should we get in? (Go ahead) OK (Break the door) Let’s go (Go) A man is exercising What’s this? (I don’t know either) (Handwash gel?) Is it? Put your hands under it (Come on it’s empty) Wow the water dispenser So great (Remind you to drink water) And a bin (Are you going to use the machine?) (Like a hamster) No I don’t What? Some dumbbells Actually I don’t know how to use these Treadmills over there Well… that’s it I think it’s good But you have to know how to use these euipement Or you may not know what to do here Here’s clean And there’s no smell inside So I’ve finished showing you all the building I’m going to share my own experience now In the end I’d like to share my feelings of staying here, around 6 months Firstly is the reason why I chose this accommodation Initially I did apply for the uni accommodation The uni allows you to select five different places And allocate you one of them But it’s still possible to give you other else So I’m afraid that I will get the one I don’t like That’s why I booked a private student accommodation Liberty Heights is a private student accommodation Operated by a private company Not affiliated with the uni I think the location is convenient It’s near the city centre I’d like to go shopping so it’s good for me Moreover it’s close to AMBS It only takes me 10 to 15 minutes to walk there Really a great location Secondly the furnishings and equipment are new in the pictures from their website Modern style, like Scandinavian So I decided to booked this first in case that the uni allocates me an awful one Guess what, the uni did allocate me the worst in my list That one doesn’t offer WiFi!!! Therefore at last I chose to stay here This building provides many types of rooms Mine is classic studio, with my own kitchen The most basic one is classic en-suite which includes your own bathroom and share the kitchen with your flatmates In my memory, four people share a kitchen In terms of the price I booked at £219/pw at that time for classic studio The contract is 51 weeks There are 52 weeks in a year and the contract is 51 Maybe they need one week to clean the room £219 for 51 weeks… a great amount of money The price is fluctuated It rises when the demand rises So remember to check the price when you book Recently they’re promoting for the next academic year So the price should be the lowest now Classic en-suite should be £185/pw Classic studio would be £195/pw Means that only £10 more for your own kitchen Decide it depending on your preference Of course there are more choices Like the more luxurious one, with a bathtub Or apartment style Classic studio includes your own kitchen But apartment style is that You also have your own kitchen but it’s a separate area One bedroom, one bathroom, and one space for kitchen and your own living room Sounds great but the price is super high Over £300/pw But if you pursue that kind of life and you can afford it Go ahead to choose it If you wanna book this, go to their website Liberty Living is a company providing accommodation They also have other buildings on different location Liberty Heights is one of them You can search if other buildings are more suitable The links are below Next I’m going to talk about 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages For the advantage, the first would be the location It’s in the middle between city centre and AMBS So it’s easy to go to those two places The second is that Cuz it’s a building So I don’t have to go outside For doing the laundry, throwing the litter Collecting parcels or reporting sth to the reception Sometime it’s freezing outside in the winter Or just lazy So I don’t want to go outside Then you just need to go downstairs Everything can be solved Thirdly the 24HR air conditioner and heat You can adjust the temperature I think only Liberty Heights provides air con Maybe you think that it wouldn’t be hot in UK But sometimes there’s a heat wave It would be over 30 degree Celsius in London I didn’t notice the temperature in Manchester before Let’s see this summer Other accommodation doesn’t have air con So we don’t have to worried about the high temperature And, here are 3 disadvantages First, sth breaks very often Like water issue, hot water issue, WiFi issue… I’ve never thought about this before How ridiculous The water had had some problem For more than three times since I was here Once there was no water without notifying us They spent one morning to fix it More than 3 time that When I was going to take a shower There was no hot water What could I do? I couldn’t do anything They will ask sb to fix it the following morning How miserable The second disadvantage is about the lifts There are 34 floors with 3 lifts More than 10 rooms on a floor So we need to wait for the lift for a long time It’s often that you’re going to be late for the lecture But the lifts are crowded And you can only walk down stairs Not that bad that I live on the 11th floor I can go down to the ground floor in 1 minute now When you go home, you still have to wait for a long time All because of our amazing lift system It will allocate you a lift So you cannot get into any lift when it comes It won’t go to your floor The third is The management doesn’t hold any activities Other accommodation usually holds Free pizza or film nights sth For students to know other people But there’s completely none at Liberty Heights If your room type is studio Rarely can you know other neighbours Oh but you might know others When you’re at laundry room But respectively difficult However when I looked for some information before Some students who had stayed here told me Liberty Heights held lots of activities But I don’t know why There’s none this year So if you really like to socialise Think twice before booking Or you can join some societies at uni Now I’m going to rate Liberty Heights With 5 criteria Location, safety, hardware Like the room, equipment etc. And the software Means the service by the staff Lastly the price Regarding the location I would rate 9 out of 10 Although I think the location is pretty great But nothing is perfect in the world So I deduced a little bit Safety, I’ll rate 8 Here is near the city centre So technically it would be safer But there are many clubs nearby So at night there are many crazy guys Yeah it’s not silent And sth terrible are unlikely to happen But some crazy guys are still… scary Additionally a building is under construction Just in the alley next to Liberty Heights Which is a shortcut It’s more dangerous to pass through there But it’s would be quicker to go home So… depends on you Overall I think it’s safe here But for the theft Of course you have to take care of your belongings Next, the hardware, I rate 7 Generally I like their design And it’s wooden floor Which is easier to clean And the pool is free in the common area As well as the sir hockey I know that some accommodation charges it The fourth criteria, services of the staff I rate 7 They are friendly and nice But they’re extremely not efficient You will wait for about 3 days After you ask them to repair sth in you room Unless the issue is urgent Such as the drainer is stuck in your shower area Which will influence your life You have to especially tell them And they will go and repair it faster Also for collecting parcels The service is amazing Basically you can collect it 24/7 But recently they are busy in the day time So they’ll delay to 4 p.m. Or 6 p.m. or even 8 p.m. If they’re not that busy You can collect it at anytime Even if at late night Because we have 24/7 safety team The last criteria, the price I only rate 6 I don’t know if it’s because the price had already rised Anyway I don’t think the price and the quality match I’d rather pay a little bit more And get a better living environment This price is the highest I’m willing to pay Considering the price and the quality together I’m not satisfied So just give 6 (pass score in TW) On average, I give LH 7.4 out of 10 Hm, so so But there are definitely better choices All in all I think it’s kinda acceptable But it’s not what I expected And the pictures are not exactly what the rooms are I suggest that you should search as more information as possible If there is sth can be done better I would say please enhance the efficiency Including the repairing or the parcels issues The efficiency now is… really awful I also hope that in the future No water issue happens again That’s definitely the most inconvenient for me That’s it for today I’m Ting-Ting, seeya!

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