05/51 | Project vs Compositions in Adobe After Effects
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05/51 | Project vs Compositions in Adobe After Effects

August 26, 2019

Hi there, my name is Dan. You, and me are going to learn… how to create a full screen
background video website. Both, the video creation,
and building a website. Now there are loads of videos here,
like this one, on my channel… but if you want more,
check out my website… bringyourownlaptop.com Hey there, in this video we’re going
to look at Projects vs Compositions. So when you first open up After Effects,
you get this little welcome video. What we’re going to do is we’re
going to click, close it… and we’re going to discuss what a
Project is versus a Composition. So think of a project as the
housing for your project. It’s the main file that you’ll
open on your desktop… and within that project,
you need compositions. At least one. Think of compositions as
pages in a document… and a project as the
housing for it all. So when I’ve got After
Effects open here… I’ve already been given
one untitled document… so you don’t even have
to start a new document. You can, if it feels good,
you can go to ‘File’… you can go to ‘New’,
and go to ‘Project’. Nothing really happens, you’ve
just got the same window. So you can’t really have
After Effects open… without at least one project open, and
it might just be this untitled one. So what we’re going to do is,
we’re going to save it… and what we’ll do is, even
then it won’t let us save. You can see there, it’s grayed out. It just means that we
don’t have a composition. So a project without a composition… or a document without any
pages isn’t very useful. So to create a new composition
or a page within this documen… we need to go to ‘File’,
and it’s not in here. That’s the weird bit
about compositions… is that it feels like it’s really
important to have compositions… but in After Effects… one of the weird programs, where they’ve
snuck it over here, under ‘Composition’. You can still use your shortcut,
‘Command N’, or ‘Control N’ on a PC. And you click on ‘New Composition’… and this is how you create a new page. I’m just going to leave the defaults. We’ll look at the new compositions
window in the next one… but you see there, I’ve got at least one
‘Comp’ now, and now I can go to ‘Save’. And I can save my little project. And what we’re going to do in this,
we’ll do it in the next video… but you can save it onto your desktop,
we’ll leave it there for the moment. Now, just so you know, you can
have more than one ‘Comp’. Let me show you one of my projects. ‘File’, and I’m going to go to ‘Open’,
‘Recent’, and let’s go to this. It’s going to say, you can only
have one project open at one time. You can see it’s trying to
save the one that I had there. I hadn’t really done anything useful,
so I’m going to hit ‘Don’t Save’. But you can only have one
project open at one time. So normally when we’re working
through this class especially… we’re only going to
have one composition… we’re going to be dealing with
one bit of type animation… it might be one bit of
character animation… or one bit of motion graphics. So we’ll probably only have one
‘Comp’ like we saw in the last part. But in this one here, can
you see, I actually have– there’s about 40 or 50
compositions in this one. So if they’ve given us
pages in a document… this one here just happens
to have lots of pages. Now the reason I have this is
that I’ve done this one intro. Watch this, if I double click him… here’s my ‘Comp’ here, I’m
going to slide it back… hit the ‘space bar’ on my keyboard and it’s going to play through,
and it plays the little logo… and then the intro for my Chinese
version of the websites. Now that’s great, now
I’ve got 50 videos… so what I’ve had to do is
‘Copy’ and ‘Paste’ this… and literally just… ‘Control C’, ‘Control V’, or
‘Edit’, ‘Copy’, ‘Edit’, ‘Paste’ when you select on these guys. And you can just create
lots and lots of versions. And what I’ve done is I’ve copied
it, pasted it, opened this one… and just changed the text because
it’s the exact same animation… but with slightly different text. So depending on your project, if you’re
doing lots of different titles… you might just have one project, and
lots of compositions within it. When you export these compositions… they’re all exported as their
own separate little movies. Alright, so hopefully you’ve
got an understanding… of what a project is, the
housing, the outer wrapper… and a composition, you need at
least one within the document… and that’s where you put your
animation in that ‘Comp’. Alright, see you in the next video.

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