06/51 | Whats the right composition settings in Adobe After Effects
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06/51 | Whats the right composition settings in Adobe After Effects

August 26, 2019

Hi there, my name is Dan. You, and me are going to learn… how to create a full screen
background video website. Both, the video creation,
and building a website. Now there are loads of videos here,
like this one, on my channel… but if you want more,
check out my website… bringyourownlaptop.com Alright, you’re back. So this video, we’re
going to look at… what the right settings are
for a new composition. When you’re new you’re like, I’m
going to make a new document…. what size shall it be? So what we’re going to do is, we’re
going to go to ‘Composition’, ‘New’… and the cool thing about it, it’s
pretty easy, you drop down here and you’re looking for this
one here, ‘HDTV 1080 25’. It’s just the most common.
It’s HD size. 1080 refers to the height of the video and this is the most common at the
moment, this 25 frames/second. We’ll look at a bit more
nerdy stuff later on. This is old school TV, and that’s old
school UK TV, old school American TV… but in terms of, if you’re
making something… say that’s going to go
out to broadcast… most probably you’ll be doing
stuff for web at the moment… YouTube’ and videos for websites,
you’re going to be using this one. So if you’re unsure, click him,
change nothing else, and click ‘OK’. The one thing we’ll have to change in
here is, just looking at the duration. Yours is probably set to 10 or 30. It will remember the
last thing you do. What we’re going to do is,
just set ours to 10 seconds. The little timing thing here
is, that is your seconds… you get up to hours, hopefully
you don’t need, sorry minutes… and then hours. Just so you know, if you’re
using After Effects… and you start getting into hours… After Effects is going to die. If you want to do full on editing,
a big long video, try Premiere… but After Effects is to make… smaller motion graphics or
titles for videos for Premiere. So 10 seconds is quite common. And this last little bit
is, how many frames? Every second is broken into 25 frames. You don’t need to worry too much
about that, just mainly the seconds. Let’s click ‘OK’. We’re given something called
‘Comp 1’ or ‘Composition 1’… we can rename it because
we’re going to be… very good at renaming things, right
clicking it, and going to ‘Rename’. And we’re going to call
this one my ‘First Comp’. Alright, so when you’re making
a first ever document… and you’re unsure what size,
your first comp should be… just make sure you pick
‘HDTV 1080’ and ‘25’. I said ten eighty in there instead
of one thousand and eighty. Iif you’re new to After Effects… you’re not allowed to call
it one thousand and eighty. People in the industry
call it ten eighty.. Just no reason or use for it… but if you walk into a video conference and you start calling it
one thousand and eighty… they’ll know you’re going to be new. So make sure you keep up with the
lingo and just call it ten eighty Alright, now we’re going to go off
and start building our animation. We’ll do that in another video. Alright, see you in the next one.

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  1. Hey in my duration setting for after effects cc it just says 0000 its not 0:00:00:00 can you give me any help?

  2. been using it for a while but why when I add a image and then resize it fit the comp it gets blurry or pixelated… so frustrating

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