1/5 John Paul II  in the Polish Parliament (English subtitles) ; Jan Paweł II w Sejmie – cz.1
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1/5 John Paul II in the Polish Parliament (English subtitles) ; Jan Paweł II w Sejmie – cz.1

February 1, 2020

[There has never been such
an ovation and joy in Seym since there has never been the day like this] – The Speaker of the Polish Parliament –
Mr. Maciej Plazynski Your Holiness, beloved Holy Father, On behalf of the Seym and the Senate
of the Republic of Poland I wish to greet you here
in the House of the Polish Parliament. I wish to express my profound gratitude for your accepting the invitation. It’s a great day for the Seym and the Senate. Holy Father, I greet you in the presence of the authorities
of the reborn Republic of Poland, President, Prime Minister, ministers,
members of the Supreme Court Representatives of the Diplomatic Corp,
the Polish Ecumenic Council And many reverend guests. Your Holiness. We greet you not only as
the Successor of St.Peter, the Vicar of Christ. Not only as the Head of
the State of the Vatican, but also as the one who called us
to live in truth and freedom, The freedom, the fruit of which is
the Independent State of Poland, together with its Seym and the Senate. Two decades have just passed since the entire nation heard your appeal to renew this land,
to renew the life of the nation. Since those unforgetable events,
many times have we been witnesses to anxiety and love
you’ve had for our Homeland. The words you directed to Poles
depicted freedom as a task to do. Both for individuals and the whole nation. In its basic meaning,
freedom means the possibility to make choices. The Seym and the Senate
is the consequence of the choice, which is made by a regular citizen
and by the nation as a whole. Thanks to that, the Parliament becomes
the voice the of the common wisdom, and the responsibility for the State. Holy Father, The history of the Polish parliamentarism
is difficult and controversial. In addition to glory days
that fill us with national pride, there were also dark ones, when only individuals would show their commitment to patriotism. The Seym passed laws that introduced
internal peace and harmony to the Repuplic. However, they would bring disintegration
or merely masked the lack of Independence. We see our complicated heritage
both as an imperative to stay prudent, and a warning that shows
the real price of losing civic virtues. We also commemorate those,
who sacrified their lives for homeland. In front of the Seym,
we erected the memorial to the Home Army, which is also to remind us
of the real price of freedom. Your Holiness, Argument is a natural quality of democracy. For the past ten years, this chamber
has been a witness to numerous conflicts. However, as to vital interests of our Homeland, we could always overcome political differences. We could think and act as one, on behalf of the security of the state, to pass cardinal laws and rights
that introduce the internal balance of power and the development of the country. Our commitment hasn’t been caused
by the warnings of the past only. It was Your teaching, Holy Father,
at the beginning of our road to freedom, that imposed an imperative on us, to look for values which unite and do not divide. It was important to remember the moments
we were called upon to build freedom. neither against anything nor anybody. Beloved Holy Father, On the first day of your pilgrimage,
during the Holy Mass in Sopot, as we remember your meeting
with the working class in Gdansk 12 years ago, you called us to fill our Solidarity with love. Holy Father, in the appeal
you pointed at the need for people strong in hearts,
serving others in humility. With this service shall our freedom be filled, Since this service is what Poland realy needs. May Your teaching lead us
into the new millennium. Your Holiness, Our beloved Holy Father, Being aware of the historic meaning of your visit to the Polish Parliament I cordially ask you to deliver an address to the Seym and the Senate of the Republic of Poland. Mr.President, Mr.Speaker of the Seym Mrs.Speaker of the Senate, Mr.Prime Minister,
the representatives of the judicial power the members of the Diplomatic Corp, the representatives of the churches in Poland, ladies and gentlemen, deputies and senators. Please accept my words of cordial greetings and acknowledgement for the invitation. I also wish to greet
the entire people of Poland, All my dearest natives. 20 years ago, during my first visit to Homeland, together with crowds of people gathered on the prayer on Victory Square in Warsaw, I called to the Holy Spirit. “Let Thy Spirit descend and renew the countenance of the land. This land” Trustfully begging for the renewal, we didn’t know then what Poland’s changes would be like. Today, we do. We know how profound the God’s power was, the power that liberates, cures and purifies. We can be grateful to Providence for all those things we managed to achieve thanks to our genuine opening hearts to the acting of the Paraclete. I wish to thank the Lord of History for current shape of Poland’s transformation, for witnessing to dignity and spiritual perseverance of those who in those dark days shared the same anxiety about human rights and shared the same thoughts that life in our homeland could be made better and more humanistic. They were united by the profound conviction about the dignity of every human being created in the image and likeness of God and redeemed by Christ�

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  1. @irvindale May I also add my earnest voice to Irvin's request? I apologize for not knowing Polish, but my liguistic ignorance does not make my soul less hungry! Please! Feed the Pope's sheep who want to hear everything that he said!

  2. I to jest wymawiane w czasie, kiedy jeszcze nie było tego wzajemnego szczucia na siebie, znanego nam obecnie… A może to tylko ja, który wówczas miałem 11 lat, mam takie wrażenie?

  3. Lewusy nie klaskały…laiccy ludzie a przecież Papież nie walczył tylko o ludzi wiary ale także o ateistów więc "trochę" szacunku mu się należało!

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