10 days to #SaveTheINF treaty
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10 days to #SaveTheINF treaty

December 10, 2019

In the 1980s we saw a huge movement of anti-war
and anti-nuclear activists rising up to put pressure on the US and the Soviet Union to
ensure that Europe was safe from nuclear war. The treaty that came out of that saw thousands
of nuclear weapons scrapped. It was a treaty that managed to remove 30 years ago all the
Pershing missiles from European soil it managed to denuclearise Europe. And the prospect of
that being reversed, the prospect of Trump walking away is not the way to deal with this.
It’s incumbent upon the Americans – since this is a treaty between both of them – to
make sure the Russians adhere to their part of the bargain and, at the same time, the
Americans should adhere to their part. Otherwise, we face the prospect of increased nuclear
proliferation which will be very very damaging to each and every one of us. It reminds me
of the 80s when I was a kid and used to go on marches and went to Greenham Common with
my mum and I can see my kids of the same age I was when I went on those demonstrations
and it’s absolutely terrifying to think that these threats are back. I’m here today with
CND to remember the fact that in 1987 the treaty was signed and there’s been a lot of
work done over years and years by grassroots communities to promote peace. We need to descalating
and getting rid of nuclear weapons which are a threat to everyone on the planet, a threat
to our climate, and not rushing into a further nuclear arms race. Donald Trump risks seeing
the return of thousands of nuclear weapons in Europe and once again it is pivotal that
the anti-war and anti-nuclear movement rises up again and demands we keep this treaty and
we scrap all nuclear weapons.

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