10 Horrible Lies You Were Taught About American History
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10 Horrible Lies You Were Taught About American History

August 27, 2019

As they say, history is written by the victors,
and the United States of America has been the victor quite a lot. For this reason, they have gotten to write
most of their own history, and it tends to be quite positive and rosy, and full of little
vignettes that make particular groups pet theories look rather grand. However, the truth is that when victors write
history, they often leave out the unpleasant details, and even insert little bits of propaganda. In today’s article, we will go over the
truth behind several myths of American history. 10. The Emancipation Proclamation Freed The Slaves,
And That Was That As far as many Americans are concerned, the
Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves, the sweet sound of freedom rang across the
land, and all was well… until those pesky Jim Crow laws came about. However, after the Emancipation Proclamation
and before Jim Crow really got going, Congress passed the 13th Amendment, which officially
outlawed slavery, and freed the remaining people held in bondage — except those who
had committed felonies and were slaves of the state, whose labor the state could sell
as it wished. The Emancipation Proclamation only freed the
slaves who were in the states in open Rebellion, which didn’t even include every major slaveholding
state, and overall accounted for only about 3/4ths of the slaves in the country. While it was a big move, it was also only
a presidential move that Lincoln could use because of the war, and did not outlaw slavery
or free all of the slaves — that would came later, after the North beat the South soundly
into the ground. 9. The United States Entered World War II In
Order To Save The Jewish People In many people’s minds, the United States
entered World War II in order to save the Jewish people from the evil Nazis. We were indisputably the good guys, did great
good in the world, and even though many Jewish people suffered under Hitler, we were able
to stop it and give them their own country — with the help of England (and, we’ll
grudgingly admit, the Soviets). However, the fact of the matter is that several
countries in Europe, as well as the United States of America, knew Jewish people were
being unfairly rounded up for some time, and had a pretty decent idea that they weren’t
being taken away for their health. However, many of those countries turned Jewish
refugees away, and in some cases it is documented that refugees turned away from America ended
up back in the hands of the Nazis. The truth is that while the allies were still
the better guys, that doesn’t mean they were quite the good guys many movies make
them out to be. The United States joined the war officially
after being attacked by the Japanese, and the United Kingdom and France were fighting
for their very survival against an enemy who caught them with their pants down. Of course, saying it was all about saving
the Jews was a great way, after the fact, to excuse any of our own war crimes. 8. “In God We Trust” And “One Nation Under
God” Were Founding Father Approved Whenever anyone talks about removing “In
God We Trust” from our money, or about protesting the words “Under God” In the Pledge of
Allegiance, people will talk about how even if we should separate church and state, it’s
still a proud American tradition that goes back to the Founding Fathers, and that, thus,
we should keep saying it, if for nothing else than perhaps historical reasons or nostalgia. However, these claims are simply untrue. As many historians of the Revolutionary era
know, the Founding Fathers were hardly the most evangelical Christian types, and wouldn’t
have even been interested in putting such a thing on money. On the contrary, the inclusion of “In God
We Trust” was added in the ’50s under President Eisenhower, and not just the words
“Under God” but the entire pledge of allegiance as we know it (which was also first made a
big thing back in the 1950s). These “Proud American Traditions” have
hardly been around for the better part of a century, so they certainly were not Founding
Father approved. 7. General George Armstrong Custer Was A Brave,
Intelligent Leader Slaughtered By Natives General George Armstrong Custer is known as
one of the last, and easily most famous of the “Indian fighters” among the old West
American military. In fact, he is pretty much the poster boy
for how the brave American patriots fought off the “evil natives” and secured the
land for the United States of America. However, his legacy being so shiny is because
after he died, his wife spent an incredibly amount of time lobbying to make movies about
him and make a stunning, and thoroughly lie based and inaccurate hagiography about his
life. While portrayed as brave, thoughtful and a
good military commander in most sources, the truth is that he was known for wearing flamboyant
white fringe while riding into battle shouting and whooping, trying to make as big of a show
as possible. He was a grandstander and often made decisions
more based on grandiosity than actual, solid military planning. His final “Last Stand” wasn’t so much
a brave last battle, but him pursuing natives and looking for glory. The old story was that he was ambushed and
they fought bravely to the last man, but now military historians who have examined the
battlefield say he did not properly scout first, and went foolishly charging into a
much greater force — after that, the outcome was inevitable for foolish General Custer
and his brigade of merry men. 6. The Native Americans Have No Right To Complain,
As They Sold Us Most Of Their Land Just getting past the incredible amount of
reneged treaties, and actual stolen land, some people point out that certain tracts
of native land were indeed sold to white people, and that whether that price was fair or not,
a deal is a deal. However, we have to understand that in terms
of land ownership, the natives didn’t think of it the way we do. When many “sold” land to the white settlers,
in their minds they were really only paying them to temporarily share the land, as no
one can actually “own the land” — it belongs ultimately to the great spirit, who
has given it as a gift for people to use. Now, this doesn’t mean they didn’t have
any concept of land ownership. They just thought of it differently. They often didn’t develop it as much as
European settlers would, because they believed the Earth was close to a living thing, at
least spiritually, and that for future generations we needed to treat it sustainably. That often meant leaving very little environmental
impact. They didn’t really use deeds, and they didn’t
really have private ownership, but there was a belief that tribes had a shared responsibility,
and that the tribe may have been gifted the land long ago to use by the great spirit. This meant that it wasn’t really right for
most individuals or even smaller tribal groups to be “selling” lands permanently, and
most did not mean it that way. The Europeans often took what the natives
saw as a lease to share the land as a permanent purchase. 5. The Phrase “Separation Of Church And State”
Is Not In The Founding Documents At All Today, the argument over whether the church
and state should be more intertwined is an extremely contentious one. Some people argue that they should be entirely
separate, and others argue that as long as one doesn’t become a state religion, that
we should be able to teach the bible in school, or put the ten commandments up on public grounds,
and so on. Some people think this really shouldn’t
be an argument at all, as they believe the constitution mandates a “wall of separation”
between church and state. However, the truth is that this isn’t in
the constitution. It is in one of Thomas Jefferson’s letters,
and he was one of the Founders, but they had a lot of different opinions, and his was just
one of them. What the actual constitution says is that
“congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting
the free exercise thereof,” but the “wall of separation” is not something it actually
says. Considering the actual nature of how the constitution
has it written, it is plausible that under some arguments (and we aren’t taking a side),
certain religious displays or study could be allowed, for example, as long as no religious
study was forced, and displays and study of all religions were allowed. This has long been the biggest constitutional
controversy over the issue: whether we allow it as long as we allow everyone, or if we
simply keep government and religion completely separate. 4. The Supreme Court Ruled Whether Or Not Abortion
Was Morally Okay Today abortion is one of the most contentious
debates in human history, and abortion doctors have even been murdered for providing them. Some people feel that access to abortions
should be removed or restricted for various ethical reasons, and others feel that those
ethical reasons are simply inadequate to ban it, and that women should be allowed to make
these decisions about their own bodies. Regardless, many want the United States Supreme
Court to relitigate the issue. Now, access to abortion has been the law of
the land for years, but some opponents of it are banking on the fact that the Supreme
Court didn’t really rule on the moral fitness of abortion. Despite what many on both sides of the debate
misunderstand, the Supreme Court never ruled as to when life begins, or whether abortion
was murder, or any of that stuff that people like to argue about. Rather, they argued that restricting abortions
by law was unconstitutional because the woman’s right to privacy extended to her fetus (or
unborn child, depending on the stage and how you define it), and thus to her right as to
what she did with it and her body. We certainly aren’t interested in taking
a position on the abortion debate, but we are clearing up what exactly the Supreme Court
did and didn’t decide, and what they based their decision on. 3. The Taliban Had Absolutely Nothing To Do With
9/11 And Neither Did Iraq While Osama Bin Laden did have some ties to
the Taliban and they were certainly guilty of sheltering him over the years, they also
denied involvement from the start, and offered to extradite him to an Arab country to stand
trial under Islamic Law. The USA refused that offer. The fact of the matter is that the people
who perpetrated the 9/11 terrorist attacks were from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United
Arab Emirates. In fact, the vast majority of the people involved
were from countries we are allied with, yet have a lot of clerics who denounce our values
and stir up extremist sentiment not only within their borders, but around the world. On the other hand, the actual Taliban itself
wasn’t really involved with the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and neither was Saddam Hussein or
the Iraqis. Of course, fewer people believe the Iraqis
were involved than the Taliban, but there were plenty who did, and the government didn’t
spend a lot of time trying to convince people otherwise — probably because it made it
easier to gain support for the Iraq War. In truth, the official reason given for attacking
Iraq was that they were constructing weapons of mass destruction — weapons which we never
found evidence of upon invading and tearing the place apart from top to bottom. 2. The Constitution Of The United States And
Surrounding Documents Are Sacred These days many people consider the constitution
and other founding documents practically sacred, and revere it so much that some experts say
we now have an entrenched constitution, to the point where politicians are afraid and
unwilling to add as much as a constitutional amendment. However, the fact is that there are already
dozens of constitutional amendments, because the Founding Fathers envisioned a world where
things would change, and we would regularly need to update things to make them current. Today, we have issues like global pollution
and abortion, just to name a few, that they wouldn’t have had much of a concept of at
the time when the constitution was penned. Some of the Founding Fathers were even more
radical, such as Jefferson, who suggested in his letters that pretty much every generation
should evaluate the entire system and see if starting over fresh was necessary or justified. And while most were certainly not that radical,
they definitely thought of it as a human document, which they managed to barely hash out among
their own differences, and was clearly designed with future change (as needed) in mind. Unfortunately, too many today think of it
as some kind of sacred writ, and are holding back what should be obvious and easy progress. 1. George W. Bush Won The 2000 Presidential Election
Fair And Square, End Of Story Al Gore was declared the early winner in Florida,
then George W. Bush, and then it became unclear… this all happening on election night in 2000. Then, a recount was started. Now, the recount was almost more of an audit
than anything, as the election was relatively close and there were a lot of arguments about
so called “dimpled chads” and “hanging chads,” which was in regard to ballots where
bits were punched out and what the voter meant by it. However, the Brooks Brothers riots, which
were allegedly started by right wing provocateurs, caused a temporary halt to an important part
of the recount. The Supreme Court shut down the recount, and
voted 5-4 to give the election to the current vote total holder, Bush, despite the recount
not being finished and all the irregularities going on. By giving the presidency to George W. Bush,
they gave in to mob rule, and forever tarnished the legitimacy of their own decisions and
that of the office of the presidency as well. George W. Bush may very well have been the
real winner — we aren’t trying to take a position one way or another — but because
the recount was forced to end early by the Supreme Court for no good reason on a very
partisan line, we will never know for sure, and the American people, and future historians,
will never be confident that the right decision was truly made. For many, this decision caused them to permanently
lose a lot of faith in the political system as it stands.

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  1. Tommy you are a wanker for sure. Americans are taught all of what you are presenting without your anti-American bias. Maybe we should be talking about Englands treatment of the Irish, Scotts and those in India.

  2. From reading the comments on this subject it shows how much American academia has brain washed the public. These lies passed off as history were created to promote gingoism cause the newly formed country had no historical events in which to base it's nationalism on. It shows that so called Black history and other perspectives on history should be mainstreamed cause the comments prove that ignorance is being passed off as history.

  3. You got a lot wrong, you really don’t know American history and most Americans who pick up books and read know this stuff

  4. The primary purpose for entering WW2 in Europe was that they knew the Soviets were going to win and the entire continent would have been under Communist rule which would have been extremely bad not just for the millions of people living in Europe but also for any sort of business that wanted to trade with Europe. Most in Europe (especially in central and Eastern Europe) knew what the Soviets were doing to the people (mass murder, genocide, forced labor) and (as bad as this sounds) found the Nazis the lesser of two evils.

    Also, your 2nd last "myth" about the founders viewing the Constitution as something to be easily changed is a big common BS put forth by the "Constitution is a living document" crowd. In fact the founders specifically made it very difficult to change as they felt that something so easily changed would simply be what they called a "parchment guarantee" (ie. worthless). Also they knew that if it was too easy to change the government would become tyrannical due to over-legislation.

  5. 1:35 Wait, who was ever taught that? I've never heard that idea!
    That's not what the war was about at all, certainly not until the camps were discovered near the end of it!

  6. American. History minor. I was never taught these lies in high school nor college. No one I know believes this. Everyone knows we went to war because of Pearl Harbor, everyone know Custer was crazy and everyone knows the native Americans did not “sell” their land and that they didn’t believe anyone could own land. Come on I usually like your videos.

  7. I love how he talks about Native Americans like they were one group. Sorry but Native Americans were many different groups with their own languague and culture.

  8. There is nothing in the constitution that forbids a state from having a church. The first ammendment specifically states congress and thus the Federal government.

  9. if your an American, the constitution is not based off of the Bible. if you want the Bible to be part of the law or are against abortion or gay marriage because of the Bible, then your an idiotic theocrat. go movie to Saudi Arabia.


  11. The amount of salty comments on this video might be more entertaining than the clip itself. You can almost hear the collective "reeeeeeee" of triggered "conservatives".

  12. Who is supposed to believe these things? I only got to two found inaccuracy about the UK. You ought to at least get us right.

  13. The description of Bush v Gore was so misleading that it hinges on being a fraud by omission..

    He implies that it was the one, and only recount SCOTUS stoped.. wherein reality was several recounts had already completed, and were all in Bush’s favor.. .

  14. Videos, like this, are why people are so lost and confused. If you're looking for truth, YouTube, Google, etc aren't the places to find it because everyone has their own, distorted sense of reality and, especially, agenda(s). Look deeper, everyone, and you'll notice how we're slowly being programmed to drift away from the non-fictional.

  15. Although I don't care for your video's sensationalist "10 Horrible Lies…" title, overall it is TRUTH; your points are correct and well-formed, though in a few cases a bit more explanation would have been in order.

    For the older history items, I grew up in the 50s and 60s in Texas, and was taught and have learned over the years essentially how you explained things…some of the "wrong information" out there I think is more a matter of laziness and disinterest about history and current news by many people, supported in turn by what used to be called "yellow journalism" when everyone read newspapers, now supported by inaccurate, oversimplified viral Twitter, FaceBook, and Instagram postings.

    One example of "old history" problems and myths, re: The Emancipation Proclamation vs the 13th Amendment — I was taught exactly as you have explained, growing up during the 50s-60s. I don't know how the Emancipation Proclamation has been distorted today…it was designed to further irritate the Confederacy and give hope (and possibly support rebellion) amongst the southern slaves, and it was also designed to not entirely alienate the Union supporters who did not agree with abolishing slavery, yet start to advance on that idea, as Lincoln's Republican Party was still developing the popular and political support needed to completely abolish slavery — first things first, step by step, little by little.

    Of the later history which I have lived through as an adult, it is too bad that many people these days do not even understand what's around them, so much of what they believe being the result of laziness, emotions being stoked, and popular media propaganda, no matter what your political leanings may be…it takes even more thought, paying attention, and research these days, and being careful to not just react emotionally to relentless sound bites or misleading fractions of "news".

  16. I'm curious, the way Natives thought of land, Was this universal? There's a lot of different cultures under the umbrella of Native American. I'd like to point out that the different definition of ownership was actually used by people I know to" justify" taking it. It's like no matter how it was, someone will find a way to justify bad behavior

  17. Ummm, there is ample evidence that native Americans practiced slash and burn agriculture. The Supreme Court did not declare Bush president, but rather, told the lower courts of Florida that they were violating election laws by continuing the count. They did this multiple times, and the Florida court ignored them until it became clear that the Supreme Court needed to exercise the full authority of its position, and ended the illegal recounts, which left Bush, who was in the lead, the winner. Man, you are bad at this.

  18. Hmmm… I always found these videos to be very informative. BUT they were always telling me about things I had no intimate knowledge about. Now the analysis itself was not necessarily bad, but the so called things we Americans have been taught about American history is just plain way out to lunch. For example, never, ever, have I heard from any teacher, nor anybody I know, that we entered WW II to save the Jewish people. Not that that would have been bad, (I wish it was true); it just doesn't seem to be a common belief in America that requires refuting. So now I have to question the accuracy of the entire TopTenz series.

  19. FDR hated Jews, and, he was a racist. He had Nazi-style master-race medical experiments performed on black men! He did nothing about his party's KKK. He sent a ship packed full of little Jewish children back to the Nazi death camps, to be starved, used in cruel medical experiments, their flesh put in cans, and fed to German solders. FDR had crops plowed under, as Americans starved. He punished farmers for growing "too much" food. He robbed the people of their gold. Anyone who took a photo of FDR exposing the fact he was in a wheelchair, would be beaten, his camera smashed. He did not really win all those elections, his KKK stopped blacks from voting, and, they voted Republican back then. He wanted to take our handguns, but, millions of women carried a gun in their purse, back then. As did his wife. She also pressured him to save a few Jews. FDR said no! Millions of Americans would have starved, if they didn't have guns to hunt with. That is one reason he wanted to take our guns! They could not get people to stop drinking. But, the Dems are so stupid, they think 130 million gun owners will give up their guns? They would run out of federal agents in one day! Just read my books, and, get an idea of how bad it can get. Find them at Amazon.

  20. What’s obvious and easy progress according to a liberal Brit?
    Don’t have the gall to state it in the video?
    We like our system, you can keep your over bearing government over seas.

  21. Wow! You got a lot of stuff wrong. I graduated High School in 1968 and we didn't get most of that. We were taught the true reasons we went to war in WWII. We knew Custer was no hero, etc. Sorry, But you are off track here.

  22. I'm so glad I went to the comments because as I was watching the video, I was lost. I never heard most of this at all. Certainly not WW2 to save the Jews. I'm just glad I'm not the only one who was confused. I love this channel, but this video is a no.

  23. The bit on Custer was bullocks. Custer was defeated at the Little Bighorn because he was fighting with only two fifths of his cavalry. He was betrayed by Captain Frederick Benteen. Had Benteen not disobeyed orders, Custer and his men would not have been slaughtered. Custer’s decision to split up his regiment for a two pronged attack was a text book military maneuver for the time, there was nothing foolhardy about it.

  24. Number 9, 7, 6, are totally false. These things are not taught in school. If you learned them you want to a crappy school with crappy teachers.

  25. This is all basic knowledge for Americans, maybe you guys across the pond should stop believing everything you hear.

  26. I didn't like this video. The only way you could think those things true would be someone who got their history lessons from HollyWood or non Americans. Anyone who went passed six grade history should have been taught every point that was made. My teachers even pointed out that the victors write the books, so to totally understand history you needed more than one perspective of the events.

  27. Yes, the Constitution is concidered sacred. That's why office holders don't swear alliegence to "America" but swear to "preserve, protect and defend" the Constitution.
    But sacred (precious) isn't the same as sacrosanct (cannot be changed)
    That's why the founders (pbut) included provisions to make changes but also made it pretty difficult so changes couldn't be made for trivial reasons.
    The first 10 amendments (aka The Bill of Rights) were "changes" to the original Constitution.

  28. Simon should stick to British history, as he is very ill-informed about US history, and what the American people believe. Rather, he seems to interject his own opinions where he lacks actual knowledge. Most of the so called lies he speak of are not believed by most Americans. Some these I've never even heard of; and other things he just gets wrong. As an example, his contention that people believe the founding documents are so sacred that they shouldn't be changed is wrong. Many just feel that the Constitution should only be changed as perscribed by the document itself. The Constitution should be interpreted as written, and amended, if necessary, in the proper manner. As for the Florida recount, he left out some very important information. He failed to point out there were multiple Florida recounts (all of which Bush won), and the rules were illegally changed for each new recount before the Supreme Court put a stop to the circus.

  29. It's quite pathetic the way this channel has gone. It's used to be educational and entertaining, now it's regularly used to push a narrative of political agendas and social divide.

  30. At 2:22, there is a newspaper article that says "U.S. Declares War". It is from a newspaper called Mason City Globe Gazzette. Can anybody tell me if that is from Mason City, Iowa? Thats where im from, and it would be rather crazy to just happen to have started watching this video and to have seen this! At least i thought so anyway!!!!

  31. None of these are taught as truths in ANY us school. Maybe someone has some stereotypes about Americans that needs to be addressed.

  32. Simon I generally like your videos, but as an American, I have never heard anyone make most of these arguments before. A lot of what you were saying is roughly the same as how we learned it in grade school.

  33. Hats off for including Rumsfeld's criminal veto against the Afghanistan deal between Karzai and the Taliban in December 2001 in #3.

  34. The 🇺🇸 only goes to war because of drugs.. WW2 for dope and opium, Vietnam for Opium and Afghanistan once again for Opium

  35. Hmmm – the video at the start of the abortion section is actually from the current abortion debate in NSW (Australia).


    You’d think we were over pathological and willful ignorance in the USA….

    In the USA, a polls have been done and these are results of some of the questions:

    33% of respondents couldn’t identify the date on which the Declaration of Independence was adopted
    65% of respondents couldn’t identify what happened at the Constitutional Convention
    88% of respondents couldn’t identify one of the authors of The Federalist Papers
    80% of respondents couldn’t identify who was President during World War One
    73% of respondents couldn’t identify what the Cold War was about
    59% of respondents couldn’t identify what role Susan B. Anthony played in American history
    61% of respondents couldn’t identify how long a Senator’s term of office is
    29% of respondents couldn’t identify the name of the current Vice-President

    Continuing to the really stupid things:

    46% believe in “creation”. Lol
    57% believe in psychic crap, including ESP. lol
    +/- 44% believe in GHOSTS, lol
    “About 29% of Americans told Pew in 2009 they have felt in touch with a dead person, 18% specifically saying they’ve been in the presence of a ghost. Still, that's significant considering in 1996 only 9% reported interacting with a ghost.”

    +/- 65% believe in:
    “supernatural” (reincarnation, spiritual energy, yoga as spiritual practice, the “evil eye,” astrology, connecting with the dead, consulting a psychic or experiencing a ghostly encounter)

    So, I’m not shocked that people don’t know basic things.

  37. "Justice" let alone "fairness" can never be guaranteed in any human institution.. What Bush-Gore got was: 1. "due process of law" and 2. the losing side quit when it became obvious they could not win. Next question…

  38. When you say all remained slaves except for those who committed felonies, could you be more clear. People may have an idea that a felony was actually doing something harmful. A lot of freedmen remained or became "indentured servants" due to silly "felonies"
    Please specify next time.

  39. Religion: fantastical myths we are forced to take seriously. It's 2019, there is no old man who lives in the sky who created humans only to punish us FOR being human.

  40. Where in the hell did you find this crap? America could have cared less about the Jews for the most part, we went in because of Pearl Harbor. George Custer was an idiot and our children are taught that. The Supreme Court cannot and will not declare on the morality of anything. They only rule on whether something is constitutional. I could go on, but the point is that if you want to show 10 points of history that is wrong as taught you might want to double check on what is really taught to avoid making yourself look like an idiot.

  41. While I enjoy your videos, I fear you have fallen into sensationalism. This is at best speculative. I’m 59 years old and have never ‘believed’ any of these ‘facts’. It is more likely what you read YOU took for fact or YOU believed it is what the majority of US believes.

  42. I'm Canadian but I don't think Americans think they entered WW2 to save the Jews or that they purchased Indian land or that Custer was a great man

  43. I think maybe you guys are starting to have too many channels going at the same time. I found this channel very thoughtful and well researched for a very long time but lately, I've noticed more and more mistakes. Then there's this list. 4 decades into my stay here, I have never heard any of these in an American history class. Is this really what people outside the US think? If so, maybe all those preconceived notions that you have about America are gasp wrong.

  44. Bush vs Gore was decided for Bush because the recount people (Dems) kept trying to change the what constituted a valid vote and not follow the regulations.

  45. Whys everyone so mad?! 🤣 If it makes you feel better, we don't really touch on US 'history' in the UK, so haven't heard these things. There's 1000's of years of interesting history to be educated on outside the states.

  46. Just another anti-American rant. Most of that stuff I have never heard, Thomas Jefferson did not write or sign the Constitution. He was in France at the time. The first World Trade Center bombing entered the US in Iraqi passports. There was no intelligence service in the world that said Iraq had no WMD. I could go on.

  47. Britain Double-dealt the Palestinians and the Jews so there would be more troops on the side of the allies
    The concept of separation of Church and State originally came from Europe.

  48. Morally, abortion is wrong. You can see a baby's little hands and feet and human form under a microscope. Abortion is the greatest Holocaust ever.

  49. If you're going to make a top ten of "lies", you need to make a decision whether you're going to present the header as the lie or as the truth behind the lie. You waffled back and forth on this throughout the video, which is just bad editing and writing.

  50. Simon, I could write an essay on what is wrong with this video. I am not going to waste my time doing so. Suffice to say I have viewed and enjoyed many of your videos in the past, but could not consider myself an expert on the topics reviewed. I gave you the benefit of the doubt and figured you had done your homework.

    Things are different with this one. I know US history very well and am appalled and dismayed by the very poor quality of this video. Your research is superficial, conclusions often blatantly incorrect, and statements so off the mark as to destroy your credibility. I stopped listening only 3 minutes into it because you had exceeded my tolerance for bs and permanently destroyed your credibility.

  51. This person knows very little about most Americans. I never heard anyone express most of these myths. Is this just British people trying to make Americans look stupid?

  52. Simon, I sure do like you video channels. But I must tell you — though everything you mention in this video is essentially true — its already common knowledge among Americans. Myself, I've known about all of it since the 1960's and 1970's. I think your premise might be coming from the rosy American heritage that had been assumed by most until the mid-1960's. That tumultuous decade did a lot toward clearing out myths and setting into the open all of America's historic sins and errors.

  53. America was reluctant to enter WW2 because after WW1 and after losing thousands of U.S soilders U.S General Pershing said there should be no treaty we need to finish germany now or well be back in 20 years fighting again.

  54. Custer's legacy has been tarnished for decades! So I don't know where you're coming up w/this B/S (ever see LITTLE BIG MAN?); nevertheless, for all of Custer's vainglory, he was a very brave soldier, who's bravery and skill as a cavalryman helped save the day at Gettysburg!

  55. About the native Americans selling them all their land thats bogus i and wasn't taught that
    Wasn't taught about the massive genocide of the natives in school either

  56. Simon, possibly because I actually looked into these — not quite finished with this video — I’m chuckling because I can’t see anyone actually believing the myths you are exposing. Bravo, Simon, Bravo.

  57. #2, in NO one's mind at all, and if anything… the USA declines to take in Jewish refugees, and also refused to bomb the railways leading to the death camps, even after the war it took a couple of years to start accepting survivors. Ah, so a big no!

  58. The USA entered WW2 because most of their Pacific fleet as wiped out and Germany declared war on them. They had no intention of entering WW2. Yet many Americans believe that the British would be speaking German only for them – such is the effect of Hollywood.

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