10 Levels of Piano Playing
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10 Levels of Piano Playing

October 17, 2019

(Ominous humming sound) Lord Vinheteiro begins playing piano. While staring into your soul, as usual. Level two begins, this is so easy for him he doesn’t even look at the keys. Level three. Still child’s play to him. Level 4. Only the strong will survive. Level 5. We’re halfway there (Squidward on a chair) Axel F JK it’s level 6 Bach – 2 Part Invention N.8 (Piano playing) End of part 6 Level 7 Decievingly simple, yet so complex Level 8 I’ve run out of things to say. Subscribe? LEVEL NINE Despair, for thou shalt never in all eternity reach this level! For you are but a human, in the presence of a god! Ah, the torrents of emotion wrested from thy soul by pure music! Level 10 Vinhetiero shows his true skill. prelude to the grand finale Stop reading the captions and just enjoy the music! Bye now! Ominous humming.

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  1. Level 1: seems ok. Level 4: how can there be 10 levels? Level 5: surely it can't get more complicated. Level 8: must've been an invisible third hand playing. Level 9: that had to be played at twice the speed. Level 10: Boston Dynamics piano-playing robot put to the test.

  2. Ha! I studied piano from age 5 through high school. So that was about 12 years. I didn't like Czerny very much, but I "suffered' through it. LOL. My problem was that I had so many other interests then, that I didn't devote the time and effort to get really good. Then I went off to college and I seldom played, maybe once a week. Then after that I got married, and then yada, yada. I would say on your scale I once advanced to about a 6, and that is being honest. I love the piano and I really enjoy your videos. Who knows.

  3. Tom and Jerry sealed my response on the question on which Piano Study is my favourite. Although I loved them all 🙂 Especially the Chopin.

  4. I just watched the Amadeus (1984) film and Salieri was God's musical instrument….. now I saw this video…. I beg to disagree with Salieri…..

  5. Actually, guys, the level 5 is not so difficult, Mozart is not that hard, he has some very understandable patterns, easily recognisable and playable. The difficulty here is the speed, the agility of your fingers, that means the speed without loosing precision and grace 🙂😍

  6. Well according to you I'm level 8 and that's obviously not the case (I'd say that I'm like 5 out of 10, but I think 5 might still be too high) so I'd say it's extremely inaccurate.

  7. Levels
    -very easy

  8. Thankfully I had a German piano teacher who was highly motivated on classical piano and taught nothing other than….. I was about a 3 or 4 after 3 years of playing at school and now sadly after about 30 years of not playing a 0.0000000001. Eerrrr what’s a stave? Every Good Boy Deserves Food…. right? All Children Eat Greens

  9. Aos 16 tive meu primeiro emprego em uma livraria, onde se tocava musica clássica o tempo todo. Trabalhei lá por 05 anos escutando o melhor da música. Vendo os vídeos do Vinheteiro, me remete um saudosismo sensacional. Parabéns Gênio!!

  10. Vinheteiro, someday, i will view all your videos again and compile the playlist of my dream. Thank you for that Liszt 👍

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