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101 Facts About New Zealand

October 14, 2019

greetings mother factors my name is Sam
and I am here to talk to you all about the beautiful exciting Hobbit filled
land of New Zealand located in the middle earth of nowhere New Zealand is
here for all your dramatic scenery and amusing accent needs the big NZ is
practically overflowing that wildlife too as well as burly rugby players and
giant inflatable orbs all hail the orb but why is the sex life at the New
Zealand longfin eel so tragic why are New Zealand’s beaches lying to
you and how many New Zealanders have already clicked off this video because I
made fun of their city City accents ah actually I probably shouldn’t make fun
of this videos principal target demographic this is my job Oh me and my
keepers two out of three these questions are going to be answered so grab a
nearby sheep make a comfy chair to some number-8 fencing wire and prepare
yourself a 101 facts about New Zealand number one New Zealand is a sovereign
island nation in the southwestern Pacific Ocean
that’s it video over good night everybody good night number two
geographically the countries comprised of two main land masses the more densely
populated North Island and the mountainous South Island there are also
roughly about 600 smaller islands that are also part of New Zealand number 3
New Zealand is part of the Zealandia continent of which 93 percent is
submerged beneath ocean water Zealandia was only recognized as a bonafide
continent in 2017 that’s really recent I mean finally God number four
New Zealand is situated roughly 900 miles east of Australia across the
Tasman Sea as such they are often lumped together especially given their fairly
similar accents which Australian to New Zealanders will turn you sound
completely different even though they don’t number 5 because of its remoteness
preferring to hang out on its own in the middle of nowhere like a right little
emo the islands of New Zealand constitute the last major landmass
outside of Antarctica to be settled by humans during this long period of
isolation a distinct ecology emerged teeming with a wide variety of animal
plant and fungal species all enjoying life without humans our blitter rating
them six so when did we turn up in New
Zealand archaeologists believe that the Maori people the Polynesians who settled
in the islands arrived sometime between 1250 and 1300 ad yes that’s right I said
ad mother-effer that means that New Zealand has been
inhabited by humans for less than 800 years number seven of the I am according
to Maori tradition the native people of New Zealand came from an island called
Hawaii the original home of the Polynesian
people’s as such Hawaii is viewed as a source of life and legend dictates that
the soul of Polynesian people returned to Hawaii when they died number eight
according to Maori legend the dead traveled to cape reinga the northwestern
most point of the North Island here they leap off an 800 year old for who – Carla
tree and into the ocean beginning their trip back to the ancestral homeland of
Hawaii number nine but the Maori weren’t alone on the island for long in 1642 the
Dutch explorer Abel Tasman became the first European to sight New Zealand only
about four hundred years after the Polynesian people had already arrived
there numerous geographical features such as the Tasman Sea in the Australian
island of Tasmania are named after him number 10 when Tasman arrived at the
islands he initially thought it was part of South America and named it Staten
land meaning States land when they realized that the landmass was very much
not attached to the South American continent they changed the name to Nova
Zealandia the exact Dutch translation for New Zealand it was named this after
the Dutch province of Zeeland number 11 however it wasn’t actually the dot she
first colonized the island now known as New Zealand as it was the British sorry
in the form of Captain James Cook who first began making break into contact
with the Maori people in 1769 roughly one hundred twenty seven years after
Tasman did the British began trading with the Maori exchanging metal tools
weapons and food for timber Maori artefacts and food people love food
apparently a food number 12 roughly 70 years later the British
decided to make an honest woman out of New Zealand and declared British
sovereignty over the islands in 1840 with the signing of the Treaty of
Waitangi the Accord was signed by William Hobson
New Zealand’s first governor and about 540 Maori chiefs
number thirteen Barron Europeans continue to arrive in New Zealand
including Christian missionaries who ultimately converted most of the Maori
population unfortunately however with European
people came European diseases including such smash hits as influenza and measles
to which the native Maori people had no natural immunity as such the 19th
century saw the Maori population fall dramatically while the number of
Europeans continued to search number fourteen not only that the Europeans
brought with them fancy new technology in the form of guns which soon ended up
in the hands of the Maori though different Maori groups had always fought
amongst themselves because that’s just how humans beö the introduction of the
muskets made these conflicts significantly more deadly it’s thought
that approximately 20,000 Maori died as a result of the so called musket Wars
though some estimates put the figure at highs 40,000 number 15 the intertribal
musket wars decimated various Maori groups which forced many of them to free
their traditional lands and shifted territorial boundaries for others this
opened up large areas to European settlement inflaming tensions between
Maori and the New Zealand government that quickly escalated into a series of
armed wars now known as the New Zealand Wars between 1845 in 1872 roughly 3,000
were killed the vast majority of which from Maori number 16 in 1841 New Zealand
officially became a colony of the British Empire before being upgraded to
a Dominion in 1907 this was a change in name only meant to elevate the region’s
position above the less than complimentary status of colony New
Zealanders used to celebrate their nations promotion on Dominion day on the
26th of September but the tradition dying out only a few decades later
number 17 New Zealand eventually gained full independence in 1947 and with the
passage of the Constitution Act in 1986 unilaterally eliminated all residual
British legislative power all such residual luenell at
unilaterally unilaterally eliminated all residual British registers of power well
done you guys however the British monarch remained the nation’s head of
state meaning that Queen Liz is very much the queen of New Zealand
represented in the country by governor-general love your Queen Liz
number 18 as such New Zealand is today a constitutional monarchy organized into
11 regional councils and 67 territorial authorities for local government purpose
sexy number 19 but that’s not all the realm of New Zealand which sounds like
middle-earth itself but we’ll get to that in a bit also includes Tokelau new
way the Cook Islands and the Ross dependency which is a slice of
Antarctica claimed by New Zealand as well as the name of a horrible disease
that Rachel from friends seemingly suffered from number 20 day in the
Australian Constitution which is a great read by the way I suggest you pick it up
sometime New Zealand is listed as a state of Australia which means they can
join the Australian Confederation if they so choose and they chose not to in
1901 number 21 New Zealand’s population is 4.7 million which is pretty much half
the population of New York and over 35,000 times the size of norwich most of
them are now of European descent the indigenous Maori are the largest
minority it slightly under 15 percent followed by Asians and Pacific Islanders
number 22 in case you’re wondering how big the combined land area of New
Zealand is I can help you out there it so talks roughly one hundred three
thousand four hundred eighty square miles
you’re welcome bish number 23 the official languages of New Zealand are
English which I mean thank goodness is the voice how the heck could they
understand what I’m all about and Maori which I’ve been practicing my small talk
in a we know Maya Hal Kai roto a how a roto a taro he taro everybody the other
is New Zealand sign language interestingly New Zealand was the first
country on earth to make a signed language and official language which
they did in 1987 number 24 in case you’re wondering by the way the Maori
name for New Zealand is Altair Roja which I always definitely butchered them
but it means land of the long white cloud which is coincidentally what Snoop
Dogg calls his house well ok I assume number 25 the North Island is known in
the native Mallory as tuica a Maori the South Island bt-dubs it’s
known as teh Waipounamu number 26 New Zealand’s capital city is Wellington
which some reason I find hilarious it’s the most southern capital city in the
world – in fact if you want to yes another fact to impress your friends
with also use that on dates – they can they’ll really love it
number 27 Wellington isn’t the most rocker block place in the big NZ though
oh no that honor goes to Auckland I have a feeling it’s about to do what we’re
about to cover in the next fact I reckon so stay tuned number 28 I record because
of this big bad boy the Auckland City sky tower it’s one thousand and seventy
six feet high making it the tallest freestanding structure in the southern
hemisphere I mean that’s why people move to Plato’s right big tall mother’s like
this absolute unit number twenty nine wake up sheeple Auckland New Zealand is
also known as the city of sails because it loves that song by AWOLNATION so damn
much sail just killing exactly because it has the highest boat ownership per
capita in the world in fact one in every three people owned a boat i boy number
30 to give you an idea of how unevenly New Zealand is populated it should be
noted that more people live in Auckland than the entirety of South Island number
30 how much stop there on the last Monday
of January the Auckland anniversary regatta takes place at regard to being a
boating race and not an Italian dessert like I assumed it’s the world’s biggest
single day yachting event with more than 1,000 Botti boys taking part number 32
the New Zealanders city of Gisborne is the first city in the world to see the
Sun Rise it’s also just a mere 300 8.4 miles up
the International Dateline which meant on December 31st 1999 they got major TV
coverage as the first to welcome in the new millennium number 33 oh look at this
this is New Zealand’s ninety Mile Beach looks nice doesn’t it yes something is
gone yes how long it is wrong it’s actually 56 miles long everything is a
lie number 34 if you live in New Zealand you
should probably strap in for the long haul in terms of life itself New
Zealanders females have an average life expectancy of 80 2.3 years and men have
78.3 both of which are one of the highest in the world
number 35 New Zealand is a good country for the ladies too and not just because
the lack of snakes and no I’m not quite sure what I meant by that either NZ
allowed women the boat in 1893 the first country in the whole of planet Earth to
allow suffrage number 36 New Zealanders sing to bloody love wires more
specifically number 8 fencing wire it see
they use it so often it’s become slang for New Zealand disability to fix
everything and using ingenuity and innovation to do so
number 37 New Zealanders refer to themselves as Kiwis which probably dates
back to World War one when New Zealand soldiers acquired the nickname this is
because of the flightless kiwi bird which is native to new zealand itself
number 38 here’s a fact about Kiwis for you in relation to their size their eggs
are the largest in the world they tend away a whole third of the
birds weight oh yes sorry when I said Kiwis just now I met the birds not
humans I should have specified number 39 Kiwis also have a sense of smell
incredibly again the birds do not that great if it was a human they’re actually
the only birds in the world that do number 40 the New Zealanders dollar coin
features a Kiwi bird on one side it could also be called the Kiwi in
international money circles to which no doubt must be confusing for any Kiwis in
the room or any other Kiwis in the room for that matter none 41 the Kiwi is so
beloved in New Zealand that numerous organizations use it in their logos and
signage one such group is the Royal New Zealand Air Force which features the
bird as part of their emblem this is nothing short of a cruel joke made at
the expense of the flightless Kiwi and I for one and shook and demand an apology
the meaning of life New Zealand only has two land mammals that are native to the
dying place specifically two species of bat meaning Bruce Wayne would have
absolutely chuffing loved it just kidding he’s afraid of bats that’s
kind of the whole point Batman everything else was introduced by
Malory’s and Europeans number 43 New Zealand is also home to the wetter bug a
wingless insect endemic to New Zealand that has changed little in the last 190
million years the harmless giant wetter can weigh in excess of 70 grams making
it the world’s heaviest insect number 44 Indiana Jones should live in New Zealand
you know why no not because the zoos are particularly cheap it’s because they’re
apparently absolutely no snakes New Zealand number 45 New Zealand is also
home to Hector’s dolphin which is a species of dolphin not just one dolphin
in particular belonging to a guy called Hector as some people
very reasonably assumed until they corrected one subspecies of Hector’s
dolphin known as Maui’s dolphin is the rarest of smallest dolphin in the world
and it’s nowhere else on earth but in New Zealand waters number 46 New Zealand
is also home to more species of penguin than any other country what you do with
that information is between you and your chosen deity number 47 New Zealand is
also home to the world’s only flightless parrots the kakapo also known as the owl
parrot the kakapo was almost wiped out in 1990s before conservation efforts
began to increase their numbers the kakapo are known for their friendly
nature and their extended life spans with some individuals living to over 90
years of age making the kakapo possibly the longest living bird species in the
world number 48 the closest living relative to the kakapo is the Kea which
is the world’s only Alpine parrot living in the mountains regions of New
Zealand’s South Island unlike its exclusively terrestrial cousin the Kea
can fly which it probably uses as a party trick at family reunions number 49
New Zealand has 44 native reptile species of which the largest is the
tuatara which can grow up to 2 feet long despite that I bet it looks very much
like a lizard it’s actually the only surviving species of a distinct family
of reptiles that became extinct outside of New Zealand 60 million years ago
number 50 the longfin eel and demyx in New Zealand is interesting for a number
of reasons one of which is that these sleepyboys can live up to the ripe old
age of 80 years old that’s pretty much the same life span as in New Zealand
human number 51 longfin eel also breed only once in their entire lives which is
a damn shame not only that the point at which they do get to mate is at the end
of their lives meaning that the only action they get to experience is gross
old people action almost immediately before death even more tragically they
have to swim all the way to Tonga to do it never felt some story for an eel
before number 52 as mentioned before the population New Zealand isn’t that big in
fact there are seven times as many sheep and three times as many cows as there
are people and hello if you’re watching you guys Moo bar number 53 in fact of
the total population sentient organisms in New Zealand only 5% is human with the
rest being made up of entirely non-human animals this gives New Zealand the
highest ratio of animals to human on earth number 54 New Zealand was once
home to the truly enormous flightless birds known as MOA the largest species
of which the giant MOA reached around 12 feet in height her mama was one of the
largest birds to ever inhabit the earth and they were the dominant herbivores in
the islands for thousands of years before they were hunted to extinction by
the Maori in the year 1500 number 55 New Zealand is also home to kauri trees
which take about 200 years to mature the biggest tree boy in all the world is
called the lord of the forest and he’s over 169 feet tall it’s also over 2,100
years old to number 56 does this tree scream Christmas trees well in New
Zealand it does not literally though this is the Mbutu karwa tree which is
New Zealand’s Christmas tree it blooms crimson red fire was for several weeks
each December which is where it gets that soon as he looked from number 57
New Zealand owes much of its natural beauty to the fact of roughly thirty
thousand square kilometres of the country falls within one of its 14
protected national parks the largest lake in New Zealand is lake taupo which
sits in the caldera of the Talpiot volcano one of Earth’s few known super
volcanoes the Talpiot volcanoes most recent eruption known as the IRA warned
eruption occurred roughly 26,000 years ago and constitutes the world’s most
recent super eruption it’s thought the volcano eruption violently ejected about
15,000 times the amount of volcanic material than the eruption of Mount st.
Helens in 1980 number 59 located in the northern
reaches of New Zealand’s Southern Alps is Blue Lake which has the distinction
of holding the clearest natural fresh water in the world the water in Blue
Lake exhibits the visibility of up to 80 metres deep a degree of clarity that
reveals the waters beautiful natural blue color number 60 another interesting
New Zealand lake is frying-pan Lake so named as it has the largest hot pool on
earth located near rotorua frying-pan lake has a surface area of almost 10
acres and can reach temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius and its deepest
point the lakes hot waters give it a permanent covering of misty steam
perfect for background scenery in another Lord of the Rings film number 61
for a short four year period between 1900 and 1904 the northern New Zealand
city of Rotorua was home to the largest geezer in the world
known as waimangu meaning Blackwater’s the guys who was named after the dark
color of the modern rock filled water it would regularly blast an incredible 1500
feet into the air number 62 the South Island Coco II Beach is home to the
Meraki builders which are known worldwide for their unusually large in
spherical shape interestingly these boulders are not unique in New Zealand
as the North Islands hokianga harbour has its own status paragrah rocks known
as the kimochi boulders some of which measure at roughly 3 metres in diameter
these formations are known as concretions and were formed in the earth
when minerals built up around a nucleus like a rocky huge snowball number 63 po
namu which forms part of the aforementioned Maori name at the South
Island Tay Waipounamu is a green colored stone revered by the Mallory’s in
English these substances simply known as green stone and refers to several types
of jade bow a night or so Penta nights that the Maori is used to create ornate
tools and jewellery nintendo64 New Zealand is one liberal place same-sex
marriage is legal prostitution is legal and the driving age is 15 which seems
extremely dangerous that last one I mean everything else number 65 interestingly
New Zealand is one of the only two countries on earth the other Byng
Denmark to have two official national anthems in 1940 God to defend New
Zealand was adopted as the country’s national song and in 1977 was promoted
to national anthem status on equal footing with God Save the Queen which is
normally played only when a member of the royal family is present
number 66 New Zealand is actually the most peaceful place on earth or at least
it was in 2009 that was the year that it topped the Global Peace Index number 67
New Zealand is barony also one of the freest nations on earth scoring highly
on various freedom scoring indices such as the human freedom index on which it
most recently ranked third behind only Switzerland and Hong Kong number 68
according to the corruptions perception index New Zealand is the least corrupt
nation on earth beating out other honorable and scrupulous nations like
Denmark Singapore and Canada number 69 New Zealand is known for its
staunch anti-nuclear stance operating no nuclear power stations at all in the
country and maintaining a nuclear-free zone that blocks all nuclear powered sea
vessels 12 nautical miles out of the coast of New Zealand in 1985 New Zeeland
refused to allow a nuclear capable American warship to dock in any of its
ports as the u.s. refused to confirm or deny that the vessel was carrying
nuclear weapons the incident soured American New Zealand Relations
dramatically but earn the Kiwi nation the nickname of the mouse that roared
number 70 somewhat ironically the so called father of nuclear physics
Ernest Rutherford was a New Zealander in 1917 Rutherford became the first person
to split the nucleus of an atom and eventually went on to win a Nobel Prize
for his work Rutherford’s face now appears on the New
Zealand $100 note number 71 by far the most popular sport in New Zealand is
rugby which is the national sport of New Zealand played by 250,000 people at club
level the national team is named the All Blacks due to their traditional black
kit and they are very very good something about being extremely isolated
and surrounded by sheep makes New Zealanders extremely talented – throwing
balls backwards and smashing into each other I don’t know the science behind it
either number 72 in fact New Zealand won the first ever Rugby World Cup held in
both New Zealand and Australia in 1987 number 73 New Zealand first competed as
an independent nation at the 1920 Summer Olympics and since then the country’s
one more Olympic gold medals per capita than any country in history this one
Kiwis number 74 New Zealanders call walking and hiking trumping apparently
which is weird because I swear that’s the debauched activities who won accuse
me off in high school odd number 75 it’s also a very wet place – or rather you
have the capacity to get wet very often let me explain every single place in New
Zealand is never more than 87 miles away from the ocean
thus the wet itch number 76 while mopping themselves dry New Zealanders
have given the world an awful lot this is including but not limited to the
disposable syringe the non-charitable electric fence childproof bottle tops
and Zoar the big inflatable balls inside of which
you strap yourself and roll down large hills ostensibly for fun
number 77 the first tee people to reach the summit of Mount Everest the world’s
tallest mountain were New Zealand Edmund Hillary and Nepali Indian Sherpa Tenzing
Norgay who achieved their feet at 11:30 a.m. on the 29th of May 1953 four years
after the pair were frequently asked who was the first of them to actually step
foot on the mountain summit to which they responded that the achievement was
a joint effort however Tenzing later revealed that hillary was in fact the
first person atop the mountain very humble of him
hashtag sit down don’t be humble number 78
this right here is Georgina Beyer who was both a mayor and then became a
member of parliament in 1999 this was quite the milestone as she was the
world’s first transsexual Member of Parliament and the world’s first openly
transsexual Mayor number 79 a New Zealand er by the name of Jim Burke
holds the world record for opening the most Easter’s in an hour with an
incredible total of 1719 that equates to prying open roughly 28 Easter’s a minute
for a solid hour number 80 New Zealand also have some pretty popular films made
there two popular movies made in New Zealand by New Zealand filmmakers
include wantable warriors hung for the water people the Whale Rider and the
piano number 81 of course I should also bloody mention that lord of the chuffing
rings – all but one scene of The Lord of the Rings was shot in New Zealand
practically making the movies a 12 hour long infomercial for the country’s
landscapes the tourism basically does itself number 82 the filming of the Lord
of the Rings movies pumped some hot hot money into the economy of New Zealand to
the tune of around 200 million dollars the New Zealand government even created
a minister / Lord of the Rings to ensure the most money could be made from the
film’s what an absolute nerd of a title that is about number 83 the fruit known
as the kiwi fruit earns New Zealand over a billion dollars a year despite the
fact originated in China and that such what’s known as the Chinese gooseberry
it was later renamed the kiwi fruit after the New Zealand bird number 84 one
of the most celebrated desserts in all of the world also originated in New
Zealand for the uninitiated the mighty pavlova
is a meringue cake topped with whipped cream and slices of fresh fruit ill the
popular dessert was named in honor of Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova who
visited New Zealand in the 1920s number 85 a farmer in New Zealand named John
Lambert came up with the idea of using small airplanes to spray crops with
fertilizers from the air yes that’s right you can thank New Zealand for the
miracle of crop dusting and no not that kind you filthy swine number 86 New
Zealand boasts over 400 golf courses both public and private that works out
to roughly one Dolf course for every 9,000 New Zealanders which is you
guessed it the highest number of golf courses per capita on earth and may as
well be my cats freight at this point number 87 New Zealand apparently has
more helicopters in proportion to the population than anywhere on earth
this is because they used them to cold deer in the 1960s which is harsh really
south Bambi number 88 from the people who love wires
they also love pipes to specifically musical Scottish pipes in fact according
to some sources like the BBC for example New Zealand has more Scottish pipe bands
per person living there than Scotland itself does suck on that Scotland or
rather blow through it number 89 the most famous pop song to
come out of New Zealand is probably how bizarre by OMC which was a huge hit in
Australia Europe and the United States during the mid 90s the band’s name RMC
stands for Otara Millionaire’s Club a tongue-in-cheek reference to the band’s
poverty-stricken home avatar right number 90 the world’s first commercial
bungee jump operation was set on the kawarau bridge in the Otago region in
the South Island in 1988 this bungy site is still in operation today and gives
thrill-seekers the opportunity to leap into the 43 metre deep cabaret River
Gorge number 91 New Zealand is also home to something pretty spectacular the
longest place name in the world tell matter work in their tinkin the
I’ve got that you know that baton is on screen now is the hill in the North
Islands Hawke’s Bay region I’m not even attempting to pronounce it properly so
don’t expect me to try okay I’ll try to matter what hacker
Dingaan shall we artim up t 2 riku caca picky mango Kai
when number 92 other weird place names in New Zealand include an area in South
Island’s mount cook national park would hooker valley and a major reserve in the
South Island called point number 93 however New Zealand’s lover being a
surly loner who hangs out alone at the bottom of the world has had an
unintended consequence as the country has left off maps with surprising
frequency this effect often turns up and popular culture with images of Earth
seen in TV and films including The Simpsons and Star Trek first contact
both of which Miss New Zealand number 94 the strange turned is so prolific that
Kiwi comedian Rhys Darby and current New Zealand Prime Minister cinder Arden
teamed up to create a comedy video alongside the hashtag get NZ on the map
hashtag to encourage people not to eliminate New Zealand from existence
there’s even a mattress without NZ subreddits featuring numerous examples
of disrespectful New Zealand this maps and globes daring me number 95 the
somehow wildly popular live-action kids TV show Power Rangers has been filmed in
New Zealand since 2003 the year in which the series was bought by Disney Studios
when the show was required for Saban entertainment in 2010 production
remained in New Zealand that’s where Power Rangers should have
stayed frankly number 96 in 2012 New Zealand broadcasted the first weather
report – delivered entirely in the elvish Sindarin language from the Lord
of the Rings universe the forecast was delivered by Newton and TV presenter
Tamati Coffey who is now a member of New Zealand Parliament and good for him
coffee even dressed up his knell for the event because why the elf not haha
number 97 in 1990 New Zealand became the first country in the modern world to
appoint an official national wizard the wizard of New Zealand whose real name is
Ian Brackenbury chandell is an educator comedian and magician and politician who
was actually born right here in London England
snazzy number 98 apparently more people die in New Zealand each year playing
lawn bowls and scuba diving than a wife said about that scuba diving
scuba diving that’s still terrifying though what are they bowling with
cartoon bombs number 90
9 New Zealand is only one of two countries in the world when drunk
companies are permitted to advertise directly to the public the only other
country to do so is the good old US of A it’s number 100 New Zealand also has
what is believed to be the steepest road in the world specifically it’s Baldwin
Street in Dunedin and with a 38 degree gradient it’s almost impossible to skip
leg day there number 101 the Palmerston North Gisborne railway
line which runs up to the east coast of the North Island passes straight through
the middle of the Gisborne Airport runway like it literally goes right over
it rude that was 101 fact about New Zealand which one was your favourite are
we surprised by how little we mentioned Lord of the Rings are you all so
disgusted we didn’t talk about flight at the Concours enough let us know in the
comments down below also make sure to LIKE this video and subscribe to us
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Ivan Hsiao and I’ll see you next time bye bye

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