101 Facts About Thailand
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101 Facts About Thailand

August 27, 2019

greetings mother factors my name is Sam
and today I’m going to be running my mouth all about the land of golden
statues tiny mammals and getting kneed in the face just for the sheer thrill of
its Thailand yes that’s right we’re jetting off to Southeast Asia this time
to see what delicious Thai facts we can rustle up so you can all chow down on
some nutritious bite-size knowledge Thai style but what did thailand manage to
avoid that many of its neighbors didn’t how did I Kia get into a spot of bother
when opening stalls there and how many people watching this video still think
we’d be talking about Taiwan to utter three those questions are going to be
answered so strap yourself in but your Thai thinking caps on and prepare for
what’s going to be a large number of one intention put horrific attempts at time
pronunciation as we count through 101 facts about silent number one Thailand
officially called the Kingdom of Thailand is a country at the center of
the South East Asian Indo Chinese Peninsula it’s got a bit of an odd shape
for a country with a bulbous top-heavy northern region attached to its dangly
southern section by only a spindly strip of land but who am I to body shame a
country frankly I wouldn’t want anyone criticizing my angry southern section
either number two humans have been present in what is now known as Thailand
since at least five hundred thousand years ago evidence by Homo erectus
fossils found in Thailand’s northern province of LAN pang it’s even been
suggested that the fossils could actually date as far back as 1 million
years ago also known as a mother facting long time number three
however while there is evidence of continued human habitation in
present-day Thailand as early as 20 thousand years ago very little is known
about the cultures that existed in Thailand perform the middle of the first
millennium ad sadly no one at the time thought for themselves but perhaps they
should be keeping a record so that some fact boy thousands of years and future
could fill you all in sorry guys out of my hands
not before still we do have a vague idea of what might have been going on prior
to the 10th century the area that’s now Thailand was inhabited by many different
groups of people who founded various overlapping cultures and civilizations
in the first half of the first millennium parts of what is now Thailand
fell under the control of the kingdom of Hunan an Indian eyes States thought to
have been founded at some point in the first century
number five between the sixth and eleventh centuries the Devourer avati
civilization emerged to say distinctive Buddhist culture associated with the
Hmong people and occupied the western and central regions of what is now
Thailand some archaeological research conducted in recent years has revealed
the presence of a proto door of RT period which spanned the fourth and
fifth centuries perhaps even earlier number six founded in the 9th century
intend to transitive and core in present-day Cambodia the hindu buddhist
Kamiya empire covered much of what is now known as northern thailand the
civilization is known for its extravagant sculpture and architecture
producing the stunning temple complex of Angkor Wat number seven between the 8th
and 13th centuries significant areas of what is now southern Thailand fell under
the control of the confederation of river jaya which was based on the
Indonesian island of Sumatra within the civilization the city states at amber
Linga covered much of what now constitutes southern Thailand on the
Malay Peninsula number 8 eventually the area came to be dominated
by Thai people who are judicially thought to have originated what’s now
southern China and northern Vietnam migrating to Thailand around the 11th
century as such Thai culture is heavily influenced by the Indian mana and kamae
cultures present in the region at the time number 9 the Thai people are part
of a larger ethno-linguistic group confusingly known as the Thai but spelt
without the H the Thai without the H includes other related groups such as
the Shan and lao people’s they settled in villages and organized themselves
into administrative units known as me yang which became the building blocks of
the Thai civilizations number 10 it’s worth noting at this point that Thai
people with pH have always refer to their country as may yang Thai or more
formally plus head Thai Thai essentially means free and was used by the tide who
distinguish themselves from other groups in the area as protect means land
protect I basically means land of the free sorry America
Thailand got their first number 11 beginning in the 13th century various
Thais States emerged most prominently the surco Thai Kingdom Lana and the IU
taya Kingdom though these states often rival to each other together they began
to form the basis of modern tired entity number twelve the kingdom of Sukkot I
began when a local Thai ruler awesomely named fokin bang clang howl for which we
could find exactly zero pronunciation guides by the way rallied the people to
rebel against the dying Khmer Empire and in 1238 crowned himself the kingdom’s
first monarch under the title of King C in Tara Tait most mainstream scholars of
Thai history count Sukkot I as the first kingdom of Thai people finally getting
this whole Thailand thing going in the 13th century took you long enough guys
number 13 still the most revered of the surco tide Kings was Ram Kang Kang the
third son of King seeing Tara Tate and his King suyang Wadena folk legend
claims that Ranke hangs real parents were an oppressed named Kegley and a
fisherman whom she considered to be beauteous of form alright get it sister
number 14 regardless of whether or not he was conceived by regular old Royals
or an aggressor and a sexy fisherman Ram cam hang is credited with developing the
modern time writing system which is based on indian monica my scripts
generally most experts agree that writing systems are very important as
they enable you to write religious texts laws and shopping lists number 15 Ram
can hang also established Theravada Buddhism as the official religion which
Thai people are still super into even today like really into it but we’ll get
to that later number 16 in 1292 King mangry established the kingdom of Lanna
a name which essentially translates to Thai kingdom of a million rice fields
the kingdom was roughly coextensive with a large area of northern Thailand
serving as a foundation of the modern state and as a center for the spread of
Theravada Buddhism across the region number 17 known as a major hub of trade
in Southeast Asia the a attire kingdom emerged in the mid 14th century and
lasted for impressive four hundred sixteen years doesn’t sound like much
but stronger than will last aut a gradually merge with the
significantly weakened kingdom of sukkot i throughout the 15th and 16th centuries
number eighteen documented European contact with Thailand began in 1511 with
a Portuguese diplomatic mission to ayutthaya by the invoice bought a snuke
Afonso de Albuquerque after he had conquered the Malay city of Malacca the
big dawgs in ayutthaya didn’t seem to mind that
top European and waltz into a neighboring city and plundered the heck
out of it and friendly relations between idea and Portugal began fairly soon
number 19 let’s take another moment to point out another flooding detail about
Thailand’s name ever since Europeans made contact with the region in the 16th
century Thailand has been known by outsiders as Siam a word with disputed
origin one theory states that the blood Siam comes from the Sanskrit word sciama
meaning dark referring to the dark skin tone of the native inhabitants that’s a
touchy subject let’s move on number 20 t iu taya reached its peak
during the latter half of the 17th century during which the region became
one of the wealthiest and most cosmopolitan cities in the world
according to its European visitors it was bougie baby au Te’o was the
hippest huh furnace the most happenin place to be number 21 however IU taya’s
prominence ultimately declined as Burma’s newly established compound in
the state applied pressure eastward in order to eliminate the kingdom as a
political and commercial rival hey UTM was ultimately destroyed by Burma in
1767 ending the kingdom’s long reign number 22 Oh me a lover soon after
however the fragmented region was quickly reunified by a charismatic
military commander named Taksin who within only a decade drove the burmese
out and established the tombery kingdom purdue she sounds like he’s got a lot
going for him that guy number 23 however the tombery kingdom lasted for far less
time than tax him probably would have wanted based on claims of insanity
megalomania what oh there’s a terrible combination Saxon was eventually
overthrown and executed in 1782 by his military commander and longtime
companion child Priya Chakri live a dick move but hey that’s politics babe he
thought I could you baby sorry number 24 Gerald Priya chat Cree who became to be
known as Rama 1 or Rama the first I guess establish himself as the first
monarch of the Chakri dynasty which that exists today sounds like he has a bit of
a megalomaniac whole thing going on himself he also founded the Ratan okosan
Kingdom establishing the small village of Bangkok Oh as its capital number 25
in the mid 19th century a fell over the name of King Mongkut began signing
documents with the signature monk art king of the Siamese
essentially lending the name cyan which at this point had been for centuries
most common name for the country among outsiders official status number 26
through the 18th and 19th centuries cyan faced mounting pressure from Western
powers including the good old United Kingdom the world champion of casually
sauntering into other countries and trampling all over their sovereignty
well done us pat on back the UK strong-armed Siam into several unequal
treaties but as a result the nation remained the only Southeast Asian
country to avoid direct Western rule number 27 King Chulalongkorn also known
as rama v ascended to the throne in 1868 when he was only 15 years old
shoot a long call which is emmaus a great name isn’t it later instituted
comprehensive reforms patterned on Western models that would significantly
contribute to the creation of modern Thailand he abolished slavery
established both a police force and standing army brought uniformity to the
legal code and increased agricultural outputs
Chulalongkorn did good number 28 in 1932 a group of young military officers and
bureaucrats calling themselves the People’s Party staged a bloodless
revolution that’s kind of my opinion ending the nation’s absolute monarchy
Siam became a constitutional monarchy and later on in 1939 changed its
official name to Thailand which they then changed back to Siam in 1946 and
then back again to Thailand in 1949 crazy times right number 29 under the
shadow of the Second World War Thailand was invaded by Japan in
December of 1941 Thailand’s Prime Minister plaque people’s song graham
commonly known in the west as p bun granted the japanese free passage and
signed a full treaty of alliance with Japan only days after in January of 1942
Thailand declared war on Britain and the u.s. spoiler here but wrong side
Thailand wrong side number 30 as Thailand sided with the Japanese during
the Second World War Britain demanded post-war operations as part of the Anglo
Thai peace treaty this required Thailand to deliver around 1.5 million tons of
rice to the neighboring region of Malaysia which at the time was under
British control although this amount was later adjusted downwards because 1.5
million tons of rice that’s kind of mental number 31 the post-war period was
understandably a tumultuous time for old Thailand for a brief period of time
democracy flourished and the role of the military was reduced however
in 1946 the rittany enthroned King Ananda Mahidol was found dead having
been murdered in his bed with a gunshot wound to the head that rhymes the
circumstances surrounding the assassination have never been
definitively explained and the incident is debated to this very day
number 32 having narrowly escaped being convicted of war crimes P bun returned
as Prime Minister in 1948 only several short years later though public
confidence at P bun dwindled and in 1957 General Sir Rick Tanner at staged a coup
establishing a true military dictatorship the Constitution was
abolished Parliament was dissolved and all perta cool parties were burned
Lambert already spray in the late 1950s Thailand became major ally of the United
States who sought to fortify the nation as a bulwark against the spread of
communism in exchange for hefty economic incentives the United States established
bases in Thailand during the Vietnam War number 34 apart from a brief period of
parliamentary democracy in the mid 70s the history of modern Thailand has been
marred by frequent coos student protests massacres and prolonged periods of
military rule since 2014 the country has been under the rule of a military hunter
and as of the time of making this video a general election held in March of 2019
remains contested amid allegations of corruption number 35 today Thailand
covers an area of roughly 190 8120 square miles making it slightly smaller
than Yemen and slightly larger than Spain as such Thailand is the 50th
largest country by total land area number 36 because of its unconventional
yet perfectly lovely shape Thailand’s border are a touch complicated the
country’s border to the west and northwest buy Burma Myanmar to the north
by Laos and to the east by Laos and Cambodia Thailand has a southern border
with Malaysia and the thin connection between its northern and southern lobes
which stretches down the craw isthmus of the Malay Peninsula borders the Gulf of
Thailand on its eastern side and Burma Myanmar the Andaman Sea and the Strait
of Malacca to the west good heavens you’re not making this easy
Thailand number 37 no come back Thailand generally experiences a hot and
humid climate meteorologically Thailand has three official seasons hot cool
and wet which is essentially everything I want to be in high school
alas I’m only one of those things it’s the last one number 38 Thailand is
composed of 76 provinces known as Chiang watts which are divided into eight
hundred seventy eight districts known as ampere which are further divided into
7255 sub districts known as Tam bond very neat and tidy
number 39 in addition to the uniquely shaped mainland of Thailand the country
also boasts roughly one thousand four hundred and thirty islands many of these
have been featured in well-known Hollywood films co-people a an island in
the epp archipelago and southern thailand Krabi province appeared in the
1999 film the beach starring leo d caps for example number 40 with in Thailand’s
own borders live approximately 69 million people nice the Thai population
is mostly rural concentrated in the rice growing areas of the central north
eastern and northern regions of the country where people can get all that
tasty tasty rice oh yes number 41 as such Thailand is the second most
populous buddhist country after China roughly 93 percent of people in Thailand
are Buddhists compared to only 18% in China but since China has way more
people like literally the most people China’s teeny little 18 percent
translates to around 244 million Buddhists well over three and a half
times Thailand’s entire population the meaning of life the flag of Thailand
known in the country as triangle meaning tricolour is an attractive array of five
horizontal stripes the top and bottom of red followed by white sharks further in
with a double width band of dark blue in the center nice adopted in 1917 and
standardized 100 years later in 2017 the current Thai flag replaced a previous
design which was largely the same except for the fact that the central band was
red like the outer stripes number 43 however Thailand changed the innermost
red to blue during the first world war in solidarity with its allies Britain
France Russia and the US countries which all have flags that reach a red white
and blue a very kind of Thailand number 44 another interpretation holds
that the colors of Thailand’s flag represent an important aspect of Thai
society and culture the red bands signify
the land and people of Thailand the white represents the Rivard Abood ISM
and the bluest Center stands for the nation’s monarchy number 45 the clarity
of Thailand is known as BART which is further subdivided into 100 satang Bart
has been used as the Thai name of the currency since the 19th century prior to
which Thailand utilized the highly complex monetary system called fort
Duong which used chunks of metal cast of various weights number 46 sir the
official calendar used in Thailand is based on the eastern version of the
Buddhist era which marks its beginning from the death of the Buddha 543 years
before the birth of Christ as a result the official calendar in
Thailand is always 543 years ahead of the Gregorian calendar used throughout
most of the world that means the current year there is 2,560 – number 47
Thailand’s capital and largest city is Bangkok which is both a special
administrative area and a fun thing you can yell before slapping someone right
between the Ghoulies no offense Thailand it’s just a funny word in English number
48 and yet these silly English connotations
about the name Bangkok is not even the most interesting thing about it though
the word Bangkok is the city’s official name in English it’s not generally used
by the Thais themselves who refer to the city as Krung Thep mahanakhon or simply
Krung Thep which literally translates to the City of Angels
Wow did America steal all its geographical nicknames from Thailand try
being original for once guys number 49 but we’re not done
the name crime Thep mahanakhon it itself a shortening of the city’s full
ceremonial name which is Krung Thep mahanakhon amman Rattanakosin my antara
attire mahadji look pop no power trap this on screen now this thing here
basically I tried are really trite meaning City of Angels great city of
immortal magnificent city of the nine gem seat of the King City borough
palaces home of God incarnate and rented by visvakarma NAT indras behest number
fifty despite the fact that Bangkok is the only major city in a country of tens
of thousands of small villages Thailand’s capital attracts almost
twenty-two million international tourists every year making it the most
visited city on the planet beating out huge Western cities like London Paris in
New York you go Bangkok number 51 at just over 1031 feet in height the king
power mahanakhon skyscraper in Bangkok is the tallest building in Thailand but
that’s not all the tallboy of Thailand has to offer aside from being pretty
tall and whatnot the king power mahanakhon skyscraper is also notable
for its unconventional appearance which features a geometric cube spiral cut
into the building’s exterior giving it the appearance of having been attacked
by a giant pixelated monster number 52 located in the CIAM tong district in
northern Thailand Zhuang my province Thailand’s highest mountain is joy in
turn on which turns at 8400 15 foot as part of the Himalayan mountain range the
area is prime yeti habitat so if you’re ever over there remember to leave them
some brandine mince pies number 53 in the last century roughly three-quarters
of Thailand’s forests have been lost to logging leading to a total ban on the
practice that’s thankfully still in effect today because we need our wood ah
I could have worded that so much better number 54 there are a total of five
UNESCO World Heritage Site in Thailand three of which are cultural and include
ban chiang archaeological sites the historic city of Ayutthaya and the
historic town of sukhothai Thailand’s two natural world heritage sites the
dong pyar yang kau a forest complex and the Tong giy kacang wildlife sanctuaries
number 55 hey if exotic flowers are your bag
doesn’t sound very secure no but seriously
a trip to Thailand could be what the botanist ordered roughly 1500 different
species of orchid can be found growing wild throughout Thailand’s forests
number 56 established on the 18th of September 1962 Cali I National Park was
the first official National Park established in Thailand Cayenne Krakken
National Park located on the border with Myanmar is the country’s largest park
and is home to an exciting array of elephants leopards and Gibbons in the
wild although they probably don’t get on with each other it’s like some crazy
sitcom over there number 57 Thailand is often known as the
Land of Smiles which began as a promotional slogan to attract tourists
to the country which both stunning landscapes cheap food and accommodation
and a reputation for friendliness and hospitality number 58 still the country
delightful nickname isn’t only a bid to attract more tourists the people of
Thailand have numerous names for different types of smiles used for
different purposes these include mgh on a controlled smile used to express pride
or admiration for someone year lasalle a sad smile used to hide one’s emotions
and yem hang an oddly specific smile which is apparently supposed to mean I
know I owe you money but I don’t have it right now number 59 in addition to the
usual how are you it’s common for people in Thailand to greet each other with
have you eaten yet if I ever run into any of our Thai fans
no need to ask me miss just assume that I haven’t number 60
speaking of eating Thai food is a well-known variety of Asian cuisine
that’s massively popular around the world defined by the rejection of
simplicity and celebration of complex recipes and flavors popular Thai food
includes massaman curry Thai green curry Tom Kirk I Cal Pat and of course Pad
Thai number 61 while it remains very uncommon or even tubu throughout the
West in many cultures throughout the world it’s perfectly normal to chow down
on insects a practice known as entomophagy Thailand is no exception to
this where many natives frequently enjoyed fried grasshoppers crickets and
wood worms number 62 in fact Thailand’s demand for edible insects is so high
they even have to import it from elsewhere every year Thailand ships in
almost 270 tons of silkworm papai from China and roughly 800 tons of other
edible insects from Cambodia Burma and Laos number 63 Thailand also boasts a
delectable array of desserts for you to try after you swore you can’t eat
another bite of your Pad Thai you’ve gluttonous retch made from flour sugar
and coconuts Taikan are more popular treats known for their fun shapes and
colors perhaps the most unique konami is a version
Lewin : which is so silky smooth it’s name literally means I forgot I
swallowed been there Nintendo 64 there’s a variety of coffee produced in Thailand
that’s known as black ivory coffee this luxurious brand is among the world’s
most expensive coffees selling for as much as 1,100 US dollars a kilo black
ivory coffees valued so highly because of the particular manner in which it’s
prepared which involves feeding the beans to elephants allowing their
digestive enzymes to break down the coffee’s protein and impart specific
flavors onto the products but how do they get the beans out of the elephant
so here you ask I think you already know the answer to that number 65
Red Bull the world’s most popular energy drink that says it gives you wings but I
tried to fly with them and it didn’t work or to end up with a broken leg
anyway it’s based on an existing tiny-g drink known as krating daeng which is
aimed at truck driver some workers dealing with long shifts over a decade
later the brand was adapted for Western tastes by Austrian entrepreneur diet
rick mutter shits and the rest is history
though the two brands look very similar using the same logo featuring two Red
Bulls charging at each other in front of yellow Sun they remain legally separate
my parents number 66 Thailand is well known around the world for its strict
allez majesty laws which strongly prohibit criticism of the royal family
reverence for the king in the monarchy is essential aspect of Thai culture and
those who have found guilty of disrespecting the world family are
harshly punished sometimes with long prison sentences
number 67 indeed in 2014 a Thai tour operator
named pong sang Sri boom Peng was convicted under these laws after making
six posts on Facebook in which he supposedly defamed the king the man was
sentenced to 10 years for each of his posts totaling 60 years in prison though
this sentence was hard 230 artery pleaded guilty number 68 by extension of
its laws against insult to the royal family it’s also illegal to step on
money in Thailand this is because the Kings fate is printed and engraved on
Thai notes and coins and to step on it would be like pressing the sole of your
gross muddy shoe right onto the Kings face even carrying money around in your
back pocket is frowned upon a sitting on it would be like pressing your backside
right into the Kings face which I wouldn’t recommend doing either unless
you get his consent first number 16 Bart baby but not only that the
well-known Hollywood movie The King and I while some remains banned in Thailand
Oh enjoy its depiction of King Mongkut which was considered to be derogatory
number seven day in fact the tradition of respect in deference to the monarchy
run so deep in Thai culture that it’s even led to the death of Thai Royals in
1880 the queen consort of Thailand soon–and Kumari Ratana was travelling
to the Royal Family’s Palace when her boat capsized now none of her subjects
dared touch her such an act was a capital offense and as a result of this
the Queen drowned along with her one-year-old daughter number 71 in 1985
the song one night in Bangkok from a concept done by Tim Rice Benny Andersson
and Bjorn Ulvaeus which was subsequently adapted into the celebrated musical
chess was banned in Thailand on the grounds that it could cause
misunderstanding about Thai society and showed disrespect towards Buddhism
number 72 not only that in August of 2014 the military hunter in Thailand
banned the video game Tropico five days on the belief that the game’s storyline
might affect peace and order in the country okay number 73 try people also
show a great deal of respect and admiration for their national anthem
known as flank chat die the tune is broadcast on TV twice daily at 8 a.m.
and 6 p.m. and is even played before movie screenings number 74 in Thailand
the sale of alcohol is prohibited during election time specifically alcohol
cannot be bought between 6 p.m. on the day prior to voting until 6 p.m. on the
day of voting itself number 75 under the playing cards act it’s illegal for
individuals in Thailand to own more than 120 playing cards the law is so strictly
enforced that in 2016 a group of elderly foreigners including 12 Britons were
arrested for this exact reason while playing bridge
number 76 it is illegal in Thailand to leave your house without wearing
underwear well that’s fact 76 over and done with
but if that makes me a criminal you better lock me up and throw away the key
number 77 it’s also illegal in Thailand to drive a car while shirtless why do I
feel these laws are all targeted at me I’m kidding
I can’t drive number 78 if Buddhist holy site to your thing Thailand has you
covered as the country boasts a pretty impressive
35,000 temples be aware however that generally speaking visitors are required
to wear modest clothing so make sure you look the part before you go number 79
there’s a temple in the Khun harm district of Thailand’s northeast and
sisaket province called watts per maja chedi chaya though it’s also known as
the temple of a million bottles as it turns out that’s a pretty inaccurate
name for the temple as it’s actually made up of 1.5 million empty beer
bottles created by a group of Buddhist monks seeking an environmentally
friendly way to reuse discarded glass bottles I would have just written 1.5
million messages and chuck them in the sea all of them saying like and
subscribe please her but I guess that’s good too
number 80 the temple of wat bang prayer in the nak on chai c district in
thailand central makan Pathan province attracts thousands of people every year
for the purpose of receiving the traditional sak Yant
tattoo which is believed to offer protection against danger and death and
bring the recipient luck courage and power dating back to the 9th century the
traditional method of sak Yant tattooing involves the use of a two-foot long
bamboo needle so make sure you’re okay with getting stabbed repeatedly by a
Buddhist monk with a pointy stick before making the trip number 81 the great
buddha rat island located in Gwaltney yang monastery in Thailand central anton
province is the country’s tallest statue made of concrete and painted bright gold
the statue was completed in 2008 after 19 years of construction and today
stands at an impressive 92 meters tall and 63 meters wide making it the ninth
tallest statue on this very earth number 82
however that isn’t the only impressive Buddha statue that Thailand has to offer
in the mid-1950s a fairly unremarkable Buddha statue in a fairly unremarkable
temple in Bangkok called what trimet was being moved to a different area of the
compound when the massive figure was dropped cracking its exterior when
workers examined the damage they noticed a bright golden surface underneath and
upon removing more of the outer material it was discovered that the unassuming
plastics terior covered an enormous solid gold Buddha statue which is
exactly what you’d want to find inside your enormous not solid gold but a
statue like a big kinder egg number 83 if you’ve ever wondered what Buddhist
hell is like wonder no more aunt Wang Sen sook hell garden near
Bangkok visit can take a leisurely stroll through a
garden of statues depicting the various levels of pain and torment in Naraka
which is often thought of as the rough equivalent of hell in Buddhism the
numerous statues depict gruesome scenes like people being stabbed eaten by
animals boiled alive sawed in half hacked with axes disemboweled
dismembered or having their tongues ripped out so there really is something
for everyone here number 84 despite Buddhism’s prevalence in the
country traditional beliefs in folklore have a prominent place in Thai culture
one of the most shocking practices is cumin tongue which essentially
translates to little golden boy and refers to a household divinity believed
to bring good luck while cumin Tong is often represented
with small plastic statues of figurines the traditional practice involves
roasting stillborn fetuses and covering the drive remains in gold leaf to create
a terrifying effigy that said to ward off evil spirits I mean that it’s
clearly not done anymore for obvious reasons and good good number 85
measuring in at 3 meters in height and weighing 5 and 1/2 metric tonnes the
golden statue at what Prime it is thought to have been constructed in the
stucco thai period before being covered in plaster in the latter half of the
18th century to prevent it from being stolen by Burmese invaders the statue
was somehow then forgotten about and as a result had stood unnoticed in Bangkok
for almost 200 years prior to its discovery number 86 Thailand’s national
sport is of course dressage just kidding it’s Thai boxing also known as mai tai a
notoriously brutal combat sport in which athletes use punches kicks elbows and
knees to beat the heck out of each other to win as a result it’s often referred
to as the art of eight limbs which I’m sure will inspire considerable protests
among the spiders and octopi who watch 101 facts
sorry guys don’t shoot the messenger number 87 another popular sport in
Thailand is elephant polo which as the name boldly suggests is a variant of
polo played while riding elephants the game is also played in Nepal Sri Lanka
and parts of India though apparently England and Scotland also regularly
field teams too which is news to me number 88 Thailand is home to possibly
the world’s smallest mammal known as kittis hog-nosed bat also found in
neighboring myanmar the adorable little critter weighs only 2 grams and is also
known as the bumblebee bat number 89 Siamese cat is a breed of cats native to
Thailand and is one of the first distinctly recognized breeds of Asian
cats known for its creamy coat accented with dark markings around the face and
feet the breed is known in Thailand as which she and Matt which roughly
translates to moon Dimond number 19 apparently it’s a gesture of good luck
and good fortune to gift a bride on her wedding day with a pair of kirat cats
another famous breed Oh Thai cat number 91 Thailand is also home to the summit
pecan crocodile farm which claims not only be the world’s first but also the
world’s largest crocodile farm in the world the facility houses approximately
100,000 Crocs which is enough Crocs for 50,000 people number 92
every year the people living near that prat prang sam yot temple puts on a huge
feast consisting mova two tons of meat fruit ice cream and other treats
although the feast is for roughly 600 local monkeys tonight fully known as the
monkey buffet the festival is held in thanks for the local monkey population
who bring thousands of tourists to the area number 93 in Thailand people
celebrate New Year with a state sponsored multiple day water fight known
as Songkran the festival is one of Thailand’s biggest celebrations and
attracts more than half a million tourists to join the water fights number
94 upon hearing the words vegetarian festival one would be forgiven and
presuming such an event would be likely fairly relaxed and subdued of course
you’d be dead wrong you know you’ve false in actuality the festival involves
copious amounts of ritualized self-mutilation performed in an attempt
to purify one’s soul this often includes the slashing and partial skinning of
one’s limbs chest and stomach or the pacing of cheeks with not only saw two
needles but they’re each other strange objects like guns number 95 Siamese
twins which is a fairly old-fashioned term the conjoined twins originates with
Chang and Eng bunker who were Siamese American conjoined twin brothers born in
the early 19th century as they traveled throughout the US and Europe the
curiosity that arose around the two brothers was so profound
the term Siamese twins became a synonym for contouring siblings in general
number 96 a sign from Chang and Eng banca other
well-known time Americans include model and TV personality Chrissy Teigen
professional skateboarder Eric Koston and world-famous golfer tiger
woods number 97 when socializing online or posting a hilariously relatable tweet
people in Thailand type 555 instead of law this is because in the Thai language
the number 5 is pronounced her so three times in a row translates to hahaha
number 98 Thailand actually has more 7-elevens than the US and his second
only to Japan in this regard the country had ten thousand three hundred stalls at
the beginning of 2018 and is expected to have thirteen thousand by 2021
number 99 for several years before opening its first store in Thailand the
Swedish furniture and home where store IKEA had Thai translators carefully
scrutinized their merchandise this is because the names of certain IKEA
products when translated literally into Thai have suggestive connotations
apparently Brad Alan and IKEA bed that’s named after a town in Norway sounds
similar to a Thai term for below-the-belt fondling what an innocent
plant pot named Jetta broth supposedly resembles a Thai slang term for naughty
business number a hundred oh yeah yeah there’s a bakery in Thailand which makes
bread that looks like realistic body parts including decapitated heads
dismembered torsos and severed limbs you know just in case you felt like giving
cannibalism ago but would rather not go to prison for it number 101 after the
release of the 1957 British American epic war film The Bridge on the River
Kwai tourists traveled to Thailand to see the bridge to smite the fact there
never was an actual bridge over the river kwai though there was and still is
APO W made bridge over Michael on river of which the choir is a tribute tree not
to disappoint their guests though the Thai authorities decided to rename the
portion of the mic long over which the bridge stands to cry meaning big cry and
the name of the old kwai river was modified to cry Noi meaning little qui
qui Houck wind of Thailand’s do that ah us the end of the video give me a break
right anyway that was 101 facts about Thailand everyone have we missed any out
and what else would you like to see us covering on 101 fact let me know in the
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right now they’re gonna make your whistle so wet it’s gonna be like a
flood okay anyway watch one of those and I’ll see you there probably goodbye

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  1. Great video, but when you mentioned the 50's, I thought you were going to put "Coming Soon" or something, that would have been awesome! Sooooooooo… maybe "101 Facts About the 1950's"? Please? c:>

  2. OI SAM… DUDE please warns about the spiders before you show them on screen next time. Cheese

  3. So, with 22 million visitors annually, Bangkok, is the most visited city in the world? . . . Huh. Imagine that. Disney World alone gets more 52 million annually. Disney World is located in Bay Lake, Florida. It receives more than TWICE the annual visitors that Bangkok receives. Disneyland, alone, receives more than 18 million visitors annually. Obviously the city of Anaheim, California, receives visitors who don't go to Disneyland, but it's probably in the range of 20 million visitors. . . MAYBE you should recheck your FACTS.

  4. Khum Man Thong isn't something to play about.

    Despite being a totally Buddhist country that's very religious, Thailand is still a land where witchcraft and Buddhism intertwined and asking a monk to cast a spell on someone is as easy as ABC and almost all these Thai Buddhas and gods are damn powerful and one of these gods are Khum Man Thong which as you said, are child stillborn that's lathered in gold and used as an effigy. However, that's not all. These often were then imparted with spirits inside it that was casted by these monks who then passed them to the new owners who wants these things to pray with. It is said that Khum Man Thong would give it's owners great luck, great wealth and security but in return it requires many offerings like sweets, toys, drinks, milk and such, much like how you take care of a kid.
    BUT here's the catch… It's actually VEEERY easy to enshrine Khum Man Thong into your business or home but it's hard to get rid of them once you lost faith in them. They'll linger around you and make your life as hellish as possible if they ever felt that they're unwanted or abandoned thus never… Never… NEVER touch Khum Man Thong unless you really have the dedication to "feed" it.

    Thai Buddhism isn't just popular in Thailand itself but it's quite famous across Asia and most people in the underworld ie: drug smugglers, arms smugglers, human traffickers and triad members all believe in Thai Buddhism and it's witchcrafty beliefs and Khum Man Thong is one of it. There are in fact more of these beliefs like Jarthukham which is said to prevent you from any form of harm be it by blades, guns or any accidents.

  5. I visited Thailand for 3 months back in 2005. Its a country I would love to visit again one day. Instead of staying close to the coast I'd like to visit more inland.

  6. Finally a video on Thailand. Good job in pronouncing some on the Thai names, however my wife is still laughing at some of the butchered attempts of the ridiculously long names. Well done anyway. Now I know how to Bangkok the right way. Mmmmm that sounded better in my head.

  7. Sa wat dee Khrup fellow Siamese …….this video just scrapes the surface. So much more going on here when you scratch below that surface

  8. The 101's on Geography are so good I can't decide if I prefer the 101's on movies more or the ones on geography

  9. Dear Sam, this Cole Halford. (A Mother-factor, I’m not entirely certain if there would be a – in between those two words) would you ever consider making merchandise that has 101 facts written on them?

  10. put your Thai thinking cap on
    No, please don't do that, you'll get things like powerlines always in your way and funny incorrect English sentence

  11. Hello 101 guys! I find your videos interesting, although the part about the history of Thailand was realy, realy not chicken nuggets… Would you consider making a video on Chernobyl, or about ships (cruise ships, military and transport ones, shipwrecks, gost ships, pirate ships, ship cannons, legends, recovered or non-recovered treasures); or maybe about planes (famous dog-fights, weird planes like the sproose goose, some unusual or funny facts about airports, things that airlines don't want you to know)

  12. Stop praising this country. It is not politically free. Political rights are deplorable. The place is under military, not civilian rule. So, knock off the funny tone and stop promoting one of the least free countries. Try to be responsible instead of a silly dork.

  13. As always, this 101Facts video was brilliant! You guys always have me laughing (and taking notes). Would love to see a middle eastern country like Turkey or Saudi Arabia?

  14. Do 101 facts about Ohio. Roughly 38% of US astronauts come from Ohio and I wanna know what it is about this state that makes people want to flee from earth.

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