1689 Bill of Rights by Ross Sinclair
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1689 Bill of Rights by Ross Sinclair

August 27, 2019

Voice Over – 1689 Bill of Rights by Ross Sinclair
Ross Sinclair – Well this banner for me represents some of complexities of the Acts
of Parliament, in this one we get something that seems quite positive and good in the
Bill of Rights but it comes out of this really complex situation in the Glorious Revolution
where basically James II has a Catholic son and everyone freaks out and they boot
him out to France, William and Mary come over from the Netherlands and they become King
and Queen if they sign the Bill of Rights. So that defines a new relationship between
Parliament and the Monarch so we end up with something quite good but again it seems to
me to come out of a quite Machiavellian sort of planning and plotting so again this sort
of history of Parliament, I mean looking into it is fascinating and extremely dynamic and
nothing’s perfect and things become part of a journey if you like and with the banner
again I just want it to look like we’re still on that journey and you look at it and
it looks quite current, visually it’s quite dynamic, it’s quite graphicy, it hopefully
makes you feel like you could be part of that and you know you could be part of that chance
to change sort of thing. For me politics and democracy and the constitutional situation
as a Scotsman is far from dull and in this banner it specifically relates to that because
we have James II exiled to France and his son is Bonnie Prince Charlie who comes
back and mounts the Jacobite rebellion which we’re still singing about in Scotland so
in terms of the referendum it’s all kind of tied up so for me looking back at the Bill
of Rights and the Glorious Revolution has a really specific link to the political and
constitutional situation at the moment. I mean I think the one thing in this banner
that I’d like them to reflect on is the part at the bottom where it says constitutional
anarchy now and I think that it seems at the time of the Glorious Revolution and the Bill
of Rights it was an extremely complex and anarchic situation out of which came something
quite positive and I think often in democracy and politics it seems like there’s a constitutional
anarchy going on and perhaps at the moment it feels a bit like that but perhaps if people
come to see the banner they could imagine that out of that situation something more
positive will arise in the future.

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