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1890 Constitution | A Thread Through Time | MPB

November 15, 2019

This week in 1890, our state
adopted a new constitution that would change the
course of our history. The previous summer,
delegates had met in Jackson to draw up
the new constitution. Topics included the
regulation of railroads and levee construction. But the major issues
were segregation and voting rights. The 1890 Constitution
outlawed interracial marriage, and required a segregated
public school system. It also introduced poll taxes
and literacy tests for voters designed to suppress
the African-American vote. Black voters essentially
lost their voting rights, and with it, lost their voice
in Mississippi politics until the federal
Voting Rights Act of 1965. Now 127 years old,
our State Constitution has been amended
so many times it barely resembles
the 1890 original. And for that
we can be thankful. This has been Mississippi:
A Thread through Time.

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