1st Amendment Audit, Social Security Building Virginia Beach, VA. NO RIGHTS HERE, Court Date Jan.
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1st Amendment Audit, Social Security Building Virginia Beach, VA. NO RIGHTS HERE, Court Date Jan.

October 25, 2019

THIS IS OFF THE HOOK! I’m unlawfully kicked out, detained, almost arrested Almost arrested again, forced to ID under the threat of arrest Given two violation tickets for “Filming” 41 CRF 102-74 420 And “Disturbance” 41 CRF 102-74 390 No signs about filming are on the door I’m asking for someone’s help here please. Is this filming law outdated? Not lawful any more? 41 CRF 102-74 420 Violation for filming I received. I’m thinking this is from 2005 If anyone Knows about this law and can help, please comment. Do we really have no rights here? And here we go “He is going to escort me out” Look…. He has to go and get it No federal law on this paper I think a nice preschooler made this “I have to ask everyone if they want to be filmed” Look… I’m back in Here comes dude after being on the phone. Thinks he knows something now. He decides to grab my camera Listen… They have their lights and sirens on! That’s how I knew they were here And he had his lights and siren on ok….ok….ok.. Is this true? I’m betting it’s not I get a court date for that. 41 CRF 102-74 420 OK.. For some reason this video was split into 2 parts. Maybe because of it’s size? I have to figure out how to combine the two or post a part 2, where he sites me with 2 violations and almost arrests me. Forces me to ID, almost arrests me again.

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  1. Here we go again with the issue of recording in a public space vs privacy of those seeking assistance. This can be solved by bringing privacy issues out of the public arena. Until then, a public space is a public space and recording is legal. That piece of paper stating fed law and policy has no cites of law.

  2. you can sue then for 80k that fast 80k you be getting that just from the guy and then you sue the state to that 80k if not more there in all you get about 150k are 200k

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