2019-20 Psychic Predictions ~ Impeachment? More Whistleblowers, Surprises, Constitution Prevails
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2019-20 Psychic Predictions ~ Impeachment? More Whistleblowers, Surprises, Constitution Prevails

October 13, 2019

[mystical music] Happy October, everyone. This is Karma Palmo with an October 2019 psychic predictions update for you. I felt it was
time to talk about the convoluted nightmare which is the United States
government at the moment. In the readings I did earlier this year, the Guides said
that there would be a “reckoning” in Washington, and that reckoning has begun.
And the thick heavy tar, that I saw many players in Washington being stuck in,
that is becoming apparent. Many people have been, or will be, implicated in this
scandal. So, people are mainly talking about the big players now. But there are
many others who knew about illegal activity who didn’t step forward, and
they too are going to be questioned and possibly prosecuted, in time. So the
Guides have shared with me that Donald Trump”is and isn’t” who he says he is.
Donald Trump doesn’t know everything that’s going on. He is in the dark
regarding covert actions in other areas of the government, possibly the military.
There are things going on that are kind of above him, or are being kept from him.
I feel that he has been manipulated. Trump is a puppet, and he’s an easy
puppet in a sense, for a powerful man. He can easily be tempted by money. He’s
really in for a wake up call. His friends and his co-workers are likely going to
turn on him, in a sense, because they don’t want to go to jail. And this is not
going to be pretty when it happens. So when I looked at this his friends coming
forward and testifying, the word “unhinged” came to me. And if you listen to my
prediction videos you know that the Guides have said, basically,
something is going to suddenly befall Trump, and I’m not sure what that means
exactly, as things are kind of in motion right now, so it’s hard to read exactly
when this is, or could happen, when Trump will be removed from office, somehow. It
feels like it’s going to happen within the next few months and possibly
a year, but it feels like a shorter time than that. And people have
asked me if he will be impeached. Now, while this seems very likely, I have
seen something else, something unexpected, like someone leaping in front of an
out-of-control train. Not that he’s going to literally do that, but it’s something
that will happen that’s totally unexpected, and it won’t be pleasant. But
in a way, it will help Trump to “save face,” and I see that as being very possible.
Trump’s team in the White House, including the highest officials, and
those lower down in command and power, will be called into question. And right
now lawyers all around Washington are strategizing for clients who work with
Trump or have worked with him. So, there’s going to be more whistleblowers and more
people trying to save themselves from going to prison.
I see prison for some, especially the men and women who are in powerful positions
and work closely with the president. I would say by the end of the year there
will be some pretty clear answers, but still, it will drag out and have some
glitches, and batting back-and-forth, and delays. While Trump may be impeached, I
still see him wiggling out of this somehow.
And it could be that he’s taken out of office for health reasons. I’ve felt this
in the past, and I think it’s possible, and his
defense in all of this could be health issues that clouded his judgment. Or it
could be something more serious that takes him out of office. So I see many
people being implicated and questioned, and meanwhile, until this is all settled,
which will take months and months and possibly years, things are going to be a
little bit in limbo and unsettled. So we just need to prepare ourselves for that.
And when I look at Trump, I see someone who is very fragile in a way. His ego is
very fragile, even though outwardly he seems to have a
very huge ego. I think that when his people, his inner circle, turn on him that
is going to really rattle Donald Trump and really mess with his mind, really. I
see that his staff, and the people who are afraid right now that they’re going
to be implicated for collusion, that they are unsure what to do and hiring lawyers
and looking for a way out of this mess. So when those people do turn on him, he
will feel betrayed. I think that even in the 11th hour, so to speak, he will not
admit his guilt and any wrongdoing. This is doubtful because of his personality.
You know, this might seem like great news to liberals in the U.S., it may not have
the desired outcome, at least for a while. The change you want may come slowly. [spooky sound effect] Fasten your seat belts, and get ready for a bumpy ride. And question what you’re
seeing, because even the truths that come out of the lies may be half-truths, or,
truths that have been manufactured and planned months or even years ago by
powerful people who want to control the money
and the people. Because if they control the people, they can control the money. So
I’m getting the message to always question who is running the show,
and what can you really believe. And that’s just something to keep in mind.
But I do feel that the good news here, for liberals at least, is that we can all
breathe a little bit easier knowing that we’re not losing our minds — that what
we’ve been witnessing and how wrong so many things about our current
administration have been — all of these things are not a figment of our
imaginations. We have not been imagining this. Things have been crazy. I think
there’s going to be a lot of people who are held accountable. So lastly, I’d like
to just say, please remember that this is a drama.Now this is something that the
Guides always point out to me. This is a drama. A human drama that is made up by
our human minds that are living in a sort of dream. I see this dream as being
sort of unconsciousness. This dream that’s playing out right now in
Washington, with greedy people and people who are acting from an ego-mind place,
it’s a completely unnecessary dream. It’s caused by people who are not in touch
with their higher selves. So remember who you are. Remember who your friends are.
Be kind to each other. And like they said in the ’60s, question authority. Thank you
everyone for listening. This is psychic channel, Karma Palmo, signing out.

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