2019 GCSE Music Brief Composition 30/30 Grade 9 + score | The Stray Man
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2019 GCSE Music Brief Composition 30/30 Grade 9 + score | The Stray Man

October 20, 2019

Solo piano intro giving an isolated characteristic Man’s leitmotif enters on the flute giving a lonely but peaceful environment Brief pause showing the man’s wariness The dynamics increase which creates a tense feeling while the voices conflict with a more heavenly atmosphere for hope The main melody now develops but the accompaniment remains the same showing the lack of process and loss of direction Timpani and cymbals are added to intensify the scene and provide the sense of impending danger Timpani doubles to raise the tension The dynamics increase again while the piano melody clashes with the flute melody to show the conflict between the man and monsters Timpani’s pace also becomes quicker and more regular emphasizing the danger and conflict The man’s melody is lost and the monsters take over as heard by the piano Semi quavers were used to quicken the pace, giving a more intense scene and portraying the monster’s speed This section is slowed down to show how the man is tired but very wary and frightened The contrast between fast and slow notes also show the conflict between the man and the monster This bar is a transition into another key The modulation creates new tension and the feeling of a new enviroment Semi quavers return showing the monsters return, quickening the pace and reigniting the chase Quavers are now used and the dynamics decrease showing the evasion and escape from the monsters The slow repeating notes signify the confusion of the man Modulation back to the original key shows the man’s relief and escape This section is just an interlude allowing the man to rest after the long chase, it also provides contrast to the fast section repetition of the section reemphasizes how grueling and horrific the chase was as well as providing a sense of no progress A short slow section to transition back into the original melody A variation of the man’s leitmotif returns to allow the sense of progress while still being lost The dynamics also quieten to show the man’s isolation but a crescendo is also used to show him nearing the finish A diminuendo is used to show the draining of the man’s energy and motivation The piece then ends on a perfect cadence showing he has finally reached home Thank you for watching Like and subscribe

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