3.4.3 Global Patterns of Governance
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3.4.3 Global Patterns of Governance

November 6, 2019

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  1. You have a skewed idea of the scale of politics.
    Far left= total government
    Far right= anarchy
    Jefferson said that democracy is two wolves and a lamb discussing what will be for dinner.
    America became prosperous because of the economic freedom and lack of government intervention.
    The recent crisis can be explained by the regression of this.

  2. There are a few inaccuracies in the breakdown of governments map you showed- Canada, Australia and New Zealand are Constitutional Monarchies (the map suggests otherwise- listing them as Democratic governments). Also- the term Democratic Government could be applied to most, or all, of the constitutional monarchies on that map (including the aforementioned monarchies)- so I'm assuming that by Democratic government, they mean a Republic?

  3. This video is highly problematic. The Cold War was not a conflict between communism and democracy per se, it was a conflict between communism and capitalism. The powerful capitalist states had elections to determine which party would win, of course, but these were parties that operated within the capitalist system (ie. of wage labour where workers had no control over the means of production, and private profit where the surplus value of production is not necessarily re-invested into industry but pocketed by those with power). 

    To add to the confusion, China is run by the so-named 'Communist' party, but this Communist party undertook capitalist reforms in 1978 to open it up to the world market, while still retaining a strong role for the state in directing economic development. 

    Communism did NOT come about in opposition to monarchy (capitalism did). Capitalism gradually replaced monarchy from the 16th century onwards, culminating in the American Revolution, and all those revolutions that were modeled after it. Communism was a theoretical state of government proposed by Karl Marx in the mid-19th century in response to the contradictions of capitalism. 

    I must stress this again: being opposed to capitalism does NOT mean being opposed to democracy. 

    The fact that even the word 'capitalism' is avoided by intelligent professors, when this is the very phenomenon that they are basically describing, is highly problematic indeed. 

  4. Sir, your info is outdated, 4:02 for example. Taiwan is de facto democracy of multiple parties. Myanmar is out of militia regime. Pakistan is under imposing Military rule. Yemen is in chaos, Syria as well.

    Student from 2019

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