3 – Blender Video Editing (Move Around Sequencer / Render Frame Range)
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3 – Blender Video Editing (Move Around Sequencer / Render Frame Range)

October 16, 2019

Hello YouTube. Mikeycal here. And this
is video number 3 in my series on utilizing blender as a
video editor. Now, in my previous video I showed you how to correctly import a video
file into sequencer I just want to remind you have the most
important lesson from that video. And that’s that you need to always double-check that the resolution and frame rate
settings in your Properties window are configured to match the resolution
and frame rate of the video that you are importing Now, in today’s video, I’m gonna show you
how to maneuver around the sequencer so you can see all the different parts
at the strips; and I’m also going to do our first rendering today. We’re gonna, in a sense,
do an edit. – the simplest type of edit. We’re going to
select a range of frames and we’re going to output them to a
video file. So let’s get started by going down to the ADD menu and selecting movie. And today
we’re gonna select this movie called Big Buck Bunny, which is a blender foundation project. And select a random
frame to look at that one will do perfectly. Now in a
previous video, I told you that whenever you import a video into the sequencer, it breaks into two strips: an audio
strip and a video strip. And it places them on
separate channels what I didn’t tell you was, that every
strip has a handle at the beginning and the end; so we can see the beginning handles for the
strips but where are the ending handles? Well
we’re too zoomed in. So we need to maneuver around the sequence so we
can see the rest strips. One way to do that is to click your middle mouse wheel button on
the sequencer and you drag it around with your mouse you can see that different parts of
the sequencer now. Let’s pull it to the left and that will
reveal the end of our strips and we could see the handles here now what’s odd about this? Well,
anybody who saw my previous video would have noticed that when I imported
these strips that the numbers don’t match; and what does
that mean? It means the frame rate is set incorrectly. Well, I wanted to show
you guys that when these numbers don’t match it also means that visually the strips
will be of a different length. So that’s another way to
tell that you’re using the wrong frame rate. So let’s fix
that let’s go up to it the frame rate drop down box and switch it to 24 frames
per second – which is correct. And you can see the numbers match now and
they end on the same frame. Let’s also fix the video strip. It is
actually 1280 by 720 resolution and I have my residence at a 1080 P. The quickest way to fix this is to click
on a strip menu and select Set render size. There we go, all fixed. Now, we can click our middle mouse wheel
button and drag back to the beginning our strips and let me show you another way that we
can actually see are strips on the sequencer. You can
use your mouse wheel by scrolling up and down you can zoom in
and out. let’s try that, lets scroll up. Look at that I’m zooming in and scrolling down and I’m zooming out. Now there’s actually one more way and
it’s my favorite way to see all of the strips on the sequencer and it will also show us the beginning and
ending of all strips and that is to use the shortcut key on a
keyboard – the home key So, hold your mouse over the sequencer
and hit home and now you can see we have the handle at the beginning and the handle at the end and
it showing everything all with one button click. Now there’s a little
secret you can use the home button on all these windows it will do the exact
same thing. If I click it here it will actually bring this to full
screen as well. Now that I’ve shown you guys how to maneuver around the
sequencer I thought it might be a good idea for me
to show you how to do our first render and we’re gonna do a really simple edit by using our frame range. Now let me click on the sequencer with our
middle mouse button drag it over so we can see these two black lines. now these black lines represent the
start frame and the and frame that will be rendered
to the final video. So anything that’s not between these two
lines, when we click this animation button, it will be left out. So let’s select a range. A short-range of this
video. Because I wanna take out a small segment of it
and output it to a video file so let’s do that by clicking our left
mouse button somewhere and I’m going to set the beginning I
of our frame range that we want to render, by
going down to this menu down here called frame And you’ll see that are two options in there:
set start frame and set END frames. So, we’re gonna set
the start frame to there. And you see it is grayed out a little
bit. And it now let’s select a different frame with our left
mouse button and go back down to frame menu and select set end frame. Now this means
that this range will be rendered when we
click the animation button so let’s render that out. And what I need
you guys to do first is make sure that you have the output folder set to somewhere that you know. Because it’s
going to put the final rendered video into the folder that
is listed here so let’s go back up and we’re gonna
click this animation button. and it’s going to render that out. You
can see the actual status up the render. And in a moment I’m gonna show you what that render
looks like So let’s see what it looks like. Pretty cool. So you can take any segment
of any video out that quickly. I will see you guys in the
next video

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  1. Here is where I am stuck.  I used VLC to find out that my video was 14.9 (something) fps, but when I go to change it I have to choose "custom" because that option is too low and not available.  But then a second option below appears.  When I change it to 15, the strips still don't line up.

  2. so I rendered a piece of my video when I tried to view the video in window media player it says it encountered a problem it can't be the original video cause it plays all of my videos but the one I just rendered someone please help!!!!!!!!!!! what am I doing wrong will it have something to do with xvid? please help I'm trying to get my YouTube Channel started up soon but I'm now stuck-_- ugh!!!!!

  3. hi regarding the home function you mentioned it seems it didn't work with mine. is the home function you mentioned falls under "view all" ? when i clicked "Home" it comes out a cross thing alignment : any ideas?

  4. Hi,
    You've post your video Sep 4, 2014 and i'm on 2.7.4 and there is no way to play the moviein Blender, I can import any file and it displays the first image but no more???. I tried several formats (H264, mp4, Mov, AVI…) but may be I'm confusing with the format of the movie and the codec which was used to make it, for instance, I'm using a SonyErricson android to shoot and the image is 1280*720 but the frame rate seams to be "bizarre" : 120,15 ??? so I'm really disappointed because I've a lot of video of my daughter and I thought you could do something for me to help.
    Anyway, you do a nice job.
    Thank you


  5. Hey! Your videos have been really helpful so far but I've come across a problem.
    I have just rendered a section (multiple sections at different times) of video and when I play it in windows media player I only get the audio. Do you have any suggestions?

  6. Thanks again for these videos.  Forgive me if I missed it somewhere but when adding clips to the sequencer is there a way to select multiple clips without clicking each one?   The usual way in a file explorer is to hit shift and click a clip on each end but that does not work in Blender.    Thanks again!

  7. Thank you very much, for the videos. They are awesome. I did a lot of tutorials by my self, some time ago and your videos are amazing. Very easy to follow and just great overall!!

  8. i got a question today ive been searching for 4 hours how do we render the video with the sound and the videos because im making an intro for my youtube channel?

  9. Nice tutorials Mikeycal! Got a problem I encountered that I haven't been able to solve.
    When I set the Start/End frame in the Timeline, the Start/End Frame in the properties window does not update.
    I'm wondering if there is some setting I need to set that ensures the timeline and properties are in sync?

  10. I do love your tutorials. what i don't enjoy is having to take out a magnifying glass to read the text. Why did you use a full screen size instead of zooming in to the important or current parts or using a smaller windowed size. I see this stupid problem a lot. I wish people would stop recording the whole screen.

  11. I'm a new user learning from your videos only and this is as far as I got. How LONG can the videos be on these? I'm using for family home videos which (before I switched to Windows 10 and lost my movie maker) used to be 15 minutes long each. Can I do that with Blender? Is there a video of yours that addresses that?

  12. I'm having the same problem as a couple of other guys. Haven't seen your answer. Could you please address this one? We only show a white rectangle in the preview window. Thanks.

  13. Ive got a queston. when i try to render something it never renders fully. and im trying to render hour long video because of my streams. Basically what happens is i start rendering something but then always stops and i only render 8 seconds what do i do?

  14. I hope you can back to me soon, but whenever I render out all the frames of a video it comes out all pixelated. I changed everything and tried to look up solutions but to no avail. Do you have a solution? (it is set to 1080p)

  15. Hello, great video!
    But I´ve got the problem that when I click ´Animation´, the rendered files don´t show up in Windows.
    However, I can see and add them in Blender just fine. This happens with .avi and .mp4 as well as with .blend files.
    Changing Output doesn´t help it.

    It would be greatly appreciated if you could help me out with that, seeing as I´m inconclusively searching for a solution for a month now^^


  16. Hi Mikey, thank you very much for this series! Finally someone could explain Blender video editing to me!! But when I try the import the FPS does not exactly work like you explain.

    I've had recorded a video with a Canon G12 camera. I imported the video and change the FPS to 24, but the video and sound on sequencer does not get the same size: with 24 FPS the video track has 40902 and the sound track has 40942, a 40 FPS difference.

    Then I try the 23.98 FPS on Blender and the things improved a lot, but still a 1 FPS difference: the video track now has 40902 and the sound track has 40901.

    I then opened the file with VLC: the FPS informed was 23.976024.

    What FPS must I use in Blender? The 23.98 FPS with a difference of 1 FPS between tracks is OK?

    Thanks very much!

  17. Hi Mike, great vids! i have a problem with a you tube video. it is a 15 fps, the audio and vid strips in blender are of different lenght and there is no way i can change this with the material you explained. is there any other hack? I have tried the custom option and set it to 15,but with no results. Thanks.

  18. Mike, Im have been using your tutorials here on Youtube and they have been great to say the least! I have been experiencing one issue lately that I cannot seem to fix. I will be in the middle of working on an edit when, out of the blue, my middle mouse wheel button stops working correctly. I can no longer "click and drag" the time line anymore. It will still "zoom in and out" with the wheel, but not click and drag. I cannot seem to find an answer around various forums. Have you ever had this problem and if so how do I fix it? Thanks again for all the hard work you've put into these tutorials !

  19. hello, thanks for the video!

    I struggle with something. I want to set up the time in minutes instead of 0 +10 0 +11 in the scrolling bar of the video sequence editor.
    In your precedent video you have that time of "time" but in this video it"s the way I prefer it…

  20. Do I have to do anything with aspect ratio? Mine seems to have a default of x40/y33. Is there a "maintain aspect ratio" button so if you change x, y changes automatically?

  21. umm…why does it continuously change the video to a .blend file? I can't access it and I don't know how to make it into a .mp4 file

  22. Any idea why Blender import videos starting from 30 or 50 something frame? (the green line is set to 1 perior to importing). Its easy to fix manually, just annoying….

  23. Does it matter if you set end frame before start frame? (the correct ones for starting and ending, just setting the ending first). I get error when rendering and I don't know why (error doesn't say much….)

  24. Uh oh…went thru videos 1, 2 and 3. And when I play my first rendered video, it seems to be playing at 2x speed (kind of looks like an old fashioned move). WHAT could I have done wrong? I think I hit all the presets that Mikey runs through in the videos…

  25. This video, among a few other sources helped me figure out how to get past Blender's confusing interface and not ragequit out of a very simple task, so thank you.

  26. Any suggestions to use the home key on a windows laptop, I get a white x,y graph when I hit the home key?

  27. is there a way to "animate" a video inside Blender without having to save it externally on the hard drive? because I would like to do that until I see the video fit for release then I would save it.

  28. So basically, my raw video works perfectly but when I put it into Blender I have to shit on the framerate to get the audio and video to match up? How does that work?

  29. I have a problem. For some reason, when I import a video at 29.97fps, it automatically sets it to 59.94fps, even though my video was shot at 29.97fps. At 59.94fps, the video and audio are at the same duration, but when I export it the video and audio are out of sync. When I set it to 29.97fps, the audio is about half as long as the video, but is in sync when I export it, but the issue is that this could screw things up when I'm editing. Does anyone know what to do?

  30. Hi Mikey, first of all thanks for your videos are very useful, you are a wonderful teacher :D, the second point is I have an issue with a video that I recorded with Nvidia Shadowplay app, when I import the video to Blender the strips have a difference that does not disappear setting 60 FPS that supposedly I recorded that video, even by default Blender set the FPS 59.94. The weird thing here is that despite I play a bit with the configurations, the last part of the video is not recognized by Blender, the audio is complete but the video no. If you play the original video in any video player is complete but in Blender no and I don't know why.

    I really appreciate your help and advises.

  31. So despite the fps being set correctly my audio does not seem to be synced with my video, is there something I am missing? O r is it just lagging and will work properly once rendered?

  32. Whenever I import a video. The audio and video numbers are always off by 1. idk how to fix it. During playback the frame rate is constantly bouncing around. Any body have any suggestions? Also some times when I inport video it doesnt split it into audio and video its just one row.

  33. Very useful tutorials, Mike. One thing, Blender version 2.78 does not have the "set render size" in the "strip" menu 2:37. It's easy enough to use VLC to discover the info, though, as you mentioned.

  34. okay, so this is frustrating, the framerate on my video (even though I set it at 30 but meh) is 29.84 and it never can sync right. did I miss something somewhere? (not sure if it was answered earlier or not, either way, I'm frustrated, lol)

  35. What are your computer specs? Because in your video you rendered your video out way faster than mine did and I have a pretty good computer. I'm a bit confused.

  36. Somehow, for me the home button does not work, even when I try to make sure numlock is not on or something… I have a Windows 10 computer and use Blender v2.78. Anyone any tips on how to fit the video and sequencer in another way?

  37. This video is exactly what I was looking for. Was having a helluva time finding something this concise. Looking forward to watching the whole series

  38. When I rendered it it only did the video, no audio. I tried several times and made sure both channels were selected.

  39. I have been watching all of your tutorial videos, extremely helpful, thank you. I am having a problem rendering and wondered if you could help me figure out what I"m doing wrong. Every time i try to render it gives me an progress bar for a split second and then an error of " cannot open or start AVI movie file."

  40. I've followed the settings when I render the video it has no sound. Is there a possible reason for this? Many thanks

  41. Hello Mike, Iove your videos. Question tho, I did the animation and once it was complete I tried playing the preview and it was lagging. The video worked and synced with auto just freezes thru the whole thing. Curious what's going on. I am using v2.79. Not sure if its the sequencer editor. I only seen memory cache only and I put it at 3000. Thanks in advance.

  42. Hi Mike! I'm using Blender 2.71 on Linux Mint. I have my output format set to Xvid. My render is coming out to .AVI though. Is there something additional I need to do to make it render to Xvid (some software I need to install to make that possible or anything?) It's also a little confusing because I saw that your render is .mov, rather than Xvid, which I thought you had your presets configured for for the output. Thanks!

  43. I just did my first video with blender and things did…not go too well. you can actually see exactly what went wrong in the short video 3 TURN POWDER SNOW
    . The audio desynced.

    I've spent the past two hours trying to figure out what went wrong. Near as I can tell, it is the frame rate as you pointed out in this video. (or maybe the previous one.) I recorded a gameplay video on my note 8 using the default game recorder. Video actually came out excellently in the original file, but because the Note 8 is 2220 x 1080 there were ugly black bars to either side of the video, which made me not want to upload it raw like that. I used blender to crop the video which worked fine. bit of quality loss but I'm pretty sure youtube would be doing that anyway during upload. I uploaded it, and afterwards noticed that it desynced. Annoying.

    Since then, I've tried multiple different renders and all of them are desyncing in some manner. AAC, MP3, H.264 (on audio codec and regular codec), I've played with a bunch of settings and all of them are doing it. (On a side note: Codec MPEG-4(Divx) straight up did not work. Would not render.) Using VLC to check the original frame-rate got me 26.480954. The custom framerate that blender is using is 26.48. Is that really enough to cause that huge of a screw up?

  44. Today I learned: If I hit the Home button when my youtube window is focused, I'll get to watch the video from the beginning again.

  45. If I'm importing 4k video (3840 x 2160) into a project that is 1920×1080, should I A). alter the project to match the incoming video, or B). apply a transform strip to the incoming video to constrain it down to fit? I may be importing video from multiple sources some 4k others not.

  46. Ok, there's something I'm missing… I've double-checked framerate and resolution, but the final result is a video with a way worse quality than the original source, in terms of resolution.

  47. ok the video and audio are synced but the frames per second are extremely bad in the preview did i do something wrong? it works fine then suddenly drops the frames im using the 2.7 version
    edit: never mind i
    changed the keyframe interval and it fixed it to working

  48. Mickey, is there a video where you show how to combine 5 video clips (from GoPro) in to one video and using a different audio file? Thanks

  49. hello there , i really found your videos very helpful but can you please help me with something i can not get it . now the videos i took with my camera show up about 59 frames per second , and when i played in blender it plays so slow and not all of clip? what can i do?

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