3 ways lines can make great photos – Composition techniques for beginner photographers
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3 ways lines can make great photos – Composition techniques for beginner photographers

August 27, 2019

Composing your photos doesn’t have to be hard.
If you learn creative tools for composition you can take great photos every time. Today
we’re going to learn three, really awesome tricks for using line in your photography. Hi Photographers! Welcome to Easy Camera Lessons.
Photographs have the ability to evoke emotion and tell stories and we want to help you get
out there and tell your story with your camera. So every week we share our photographs in
our Facebook group called Photoshare, the link is in the description below. You can
come and join us and talk about your results with other photographers. The first type of lines we’re going to look
at are converging lines. And converging lines are a really strong visual tool because they
draw the viewers eye into a point in the photograph. To create really strong converging lines it
can be really good to put the start of the line near the top of the photo and point it
down into the photo at something, at your subject, like this. So like we’ve done here, we’ve gotten lower
to create a stronger ‘V’. You can get lower or higher to work out how to get really strong
lines in your photo. The next use of lines is intersection. The
cross is sometimes seen as the strongest visual symbol because the eye’s drawn from every
angle into the point where it intersects. One example is with portraiture. If you have
a line behind a person it’s a strong visual tool to connect the line through the person’s
face rather than through other parts of their body because where the line intersects, that’s
where the attention is going to be drawn. Our last technique is a super-elite technique
and it’s creating an ‘S’ line in our photo. The ‘S’ line sweeps through our photograph
creating rhythm and movement. Straight away our mind conjures up images of sweeping highways
in the mountains or long fence lines in the countryside. But this week let’s try and look
out for some ‘S’ lines in our everyday lives. We hope we’ve given you some seriously creative
ideas that you can get out and try this week with your camera. Make sure you practice these
three techniques more than once and post all your best work to our group. Also, don’t hesitate
to ask for help or feedback. See you next week!

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