30 vs 60 Frames per Second – Comparison Video (Watch on PC in HD)
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30 vs 60 Frames per Second – Comparison Video (Watch on PC in HD)

October 15, 2019

It’s a hundred leads or more to Havana. Will you walk that distance? *Grunt* *Grunt* *Grunt* *Rustle* Poth kid, Where’s he running to? *Muffled* Follow and I’ll kill you! *Heavy Breathing* C’mon guys! *Nervous/Heavy Breathing* *Paintball Gun firing* *Talking* Uh, what? Stay here! Cover that window. *Breathing* *Paintball shot fired* Got em’! Bring it up! *Muffled Talking* *Heavy Breathing* *Breathing* Alright guys, I’m going this way. Bring it up! *Breathing* *Breathing* Alright guys, I’m going this way. Bring it up. *Breathing* *Breathing* Alright guys, I’m going this way. *Power down affect* *Sci-fi bleeping* *Thruster throttle up* *Structure Creaking* *Thruster throttle up* *Structure Creaking *WHAM* *Soothing music plays*

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  1. Here are other reasons to switch to PC (a better frame rate isn't the only reason of course)

    1. More peripherals supported (including 3rd party peripherals)
    2. Higher resolutions
    3. MODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4. Upgradeable hardware (your not upgrading the xbox or playstations already old hardware anyone to see).
    5. Cheap Cheap games
    More than just one online service (which is pretty much like slavery on
    the consoles; why would you pay $60 a year just to utilize a product
    you already bought
    7. PCs last a long time. Red ring of death anyone?
    8. So many free games
    9. You can play Wii, Playstation, GameCube. Nin64, Sega
    10. Thousands of exclusive titles

  2. Most movies are filmed in 24 fps because it mirrors the natural perception time in humans. Anything more than 30 is excessive and isn't worth the extra system resources needed to maintain it.

  3. 60fps its faster it is obvious,but its enough everything more than 20 fps,especially 25-30,most of kids on youtube was drinking a milk when they was baby when i was playing Sega Mega and Nitendo 1995-1998,when I brought Playstation PS One 2000 year,then pc at 2004,it was enough for us at that days to play game on 15 fps,because hardware was expencive for games like Quake and Doom… Kids brainwashed their brain with 60 fps propaganda,but that doesnt matter as quality of the game,graphics story and gameplay… If the game is booring as Crysis to me,and 60 fps and stunishing graphics can changhe the fact that i am bored…

  4. u are stupid as fuck… if u watching in hd and 60 fps ( yt option) whole movie will be in 60 fps…… u cant change 30/60 if u wathing in 60 fps lol

  5. In the video games, it was much more noticeable. I saw a slight difference in the paintball clips, but no where near as much as I saw in the games, especially Assassins Creed.

  6. I've PC gamed my entire life and I can't tell any difference between 60 fps and 30 fps I think those elitist are having the placebo affect thinking they are seeing a difference. And before you trolls even start yes my monitor can support up to 60 fps.

  7. WOW, thanks you for posting this video. You really see the difference. I guess the simplest way I could put it is that the 30FPS looked a bit more 'choppy' I guess whereas the 60FPS looked a lot cleaner and smoother. My whole reason for looking up this video is that I just started playing SMITE and saw articles on it being locked at 30FPS, so I had to see for myself some sort of comparison between the two frame rates. Thanks again.

  8. If you play multiplayer games, 30fps to 60fps is an incredible difference. A difference so big enough that it will make you rage quit.. You can see obvious input lag and stuttering at 30 fps.

  9. How do you render a video with varying FPS? Afaik the only way to get a video to even show 60FPS is to render it at 60FPS but that would make the other side 60 as well. I've tried this over and over trying to make a FPS comparson video but its not working, The 30FPS side just keeps coming out at 60.

  10. when you look on 60fps than on 30 its soooo laggy thats why i play only cs go 140fps when i look on lower fps than 80i think i cheave about 23 haha cs kills my eyes

  11. Huh, I can see the difference in the video but it is a lot more noticeable when actually playing a game. Setting my fps cap to 30 on some games, while still playable, made it really choppy feeling.

  12. it is not that the human eye can't see more than 30 fps it is because
    30fps and 60fps are same if you compare like 30fps with 120 fps you will
    see difference or 10fps with 30fps
    but not 30 vs 60 fps
    everytime i asked someone what is the difference between 30 and 60fps they answered i can't see the difference but i feel it

  13. I know the difference between a low frame rate and a high frame rate. I've seen it & experienced it. This video didn't show it.

  14. For people saying there's a difference THERE IS I used to think the same thing till I switched to PC now whenever I play a game with frame issues I can definitely see a difference and it hurts my eyes

  15. Difference is huge. If you arent used to 60 FPS you probably cant see a huge difference but trust me its a big difference. I refuse to play consoles at 30FPS after playing on PC.

  16. Our eyes do not see at "30 fps". The eye is alive, not a camera. Our eyes ARE able to distinguish between 30 and 60fps, even between 120 and 144fps, but keep in mind you would need a computer monitor that refreshes at this rate to notice the difference.

  17. my head hurts at 30 frames a second. i hate my self. i relly dont see why people can argue that 30fps is better than 60fps.

  18. to clearly understand the difference goto 1:57. in 30fps it feels like the camera is shaking n in 60fps it looks a bit more smooth.

  19. let's just say it's not crazy different like the difference between PC gaming and well the other guys cough PS n Xbox.

  20. 60 fps brings motion sickness to many people because it does NOT reflect real life. 30 fps is awesome and we watch our movies at 25 fps? Deal Breaker?
    NO !!!

  21. Im watching from my 5k iMac in full HD. Their is a difference in the 60 frame. Its more detailed in 60 but its not huge. I could live with 30 any day.

  22. i see no difference and i hear all my friends complaining like their going to die with 30 frames, as if this effects their damn gameplay

  23. It really irritates me when people say they can't see a difference, but it's even worse when they say they can't FEEL the difference, as in when they're actually playing the game. There is a very significant difference in the feel and look of a game when played at 60fps, and because I'm a console peasant who doesn't have the willpower to build a cheap but decent PC, I'm stuck with 30fps because PS4 and Xbox One hardware is trash. Also, "it keeps that cinematic vibe we want with our games". -_-

  24. Best way to tell is watch a 480p video and a 720 60 fps. It's way smoother and does make a difference in online fps games but mostly any other game is pretty manageable.

  25. I don't Care about frame rate i juust lower down the settings and pray my PC can handle the game

  26. Most of the time, it's very hard for me to tell the difference by just watching a comparison. It's definitely more apparent when you're the one playing the game. Things just get smoothed out and are not so jerky when in 60fps.

  27. I feel sorry for people who didn't see the difference. I for one own a shitty laptop that could run games at 20 to 25 fps, but I can clearly see the difference between 60 and 30 fps. and I even tried to cover the top mid screen and guess when it is 30 or 60 and I got all of em.

  28. As a mainly PS4 player, I see little reason to buy games over FPS. Sure, 60 FPS shows less "blur" in motion, and you can get barely noticeably reaction times. However, this effects gameplay little to none. As long as you can stand a little blur in fast motions, you should take better graphics over FPS any day. Destiny 2 is a perfect example of this…

  29. stop living in denial. play any shooter at 60 frames for 1 hour and try to not cry when it drops to 30… I play overwatch at 100 fps and you can be damn sure i notice it when it drops to 50 for a split second. get pcs you plebs come and join the master race!

  30. ingame 30fps is crap but when you watch it it's the same as 60 why 🙁 I wish I only need 30fps to play smooth

  31. I don't see a massive difference, but I see something. I don't think it's as big a deal as many people make it out to be, but it seems like a better use of resources than 4K imo

  32. I just think the people who say they see such a huge difference are in denial that they can see the money they spent on ridiculous priced gaming systems really didn't make a huge difference lol

  33. I don't care for FPS over 30. I mean, I like 60 FPS. It's a bonus for me. I'm not a casual gamer either. I just list other graphical things in priority, not the speed in which it's delivered. 30FPS in ample for me. If I was used to 60 FPS and then downgraded to 30FPS then it would be a problem. Thing is, your brain get's used to these things over time. 60FPS and graphical upgrades look sweet, for a time then your mind gets very used to them. Anything below or before it then may look sub-par. I can play GTA: San Andreas. At first the graphics don't look to good but my eye retrains. After a little while my brain fills in the gaps and I start to appreciate the graphics.

    Also, to give you some background on me. It's not like I'm not a visual person. I'm photographer for over 10 years. I'm a filmmaker too. I understand light and colour. However in gaming 30 fps is the minimum where I stop caring then. Everything after that is gravy.

    Well as others put it film was mostly 24 fps but yeah some is shot in 30 fps and other speeds. I think because one is showing animation and CGI there's an element of wanting more fps and one is real life so it works. Although some games at high fps rates don't look realistic to me. Something looks off, the cinematic look goes and then it's just fancy graphics gaming. I like getting cinematic look in games. I think the standard framerate of animation used to be 12 now modern times it's 30 fps. I see videogames closer to animation than I do real life/movies.

    I don't want to burn out my brain yet. playing 60 fps games will only teach your brain to expect those framerates and anything less will be noticeable. But for years we watched 12 fps and 30 fps animation or even movies and our brain fills in the gaps.

    I'm not sure why the poster included video footage because I'm getting he didn't set the shutter speed which is directly linked to fps in video recording. Comparing fps in video to video-gaming might be a little more complex than that seeing as most films are shot at 24 fps in USA and 25fps in Europe.


  34. if your staring at the character in the middle of the screen you wont notice the difference, you have to focus on the environment as the character makes fast movements such and turning, jumping, climbing, aiming ect. The 60fps is noticeably better as it renders the speed more smoothly and realistically.

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