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November 12, 2019

We live in a world today where there are several hundred million people starving to death. They’re starving to death right now. All over this country today, there is a certain demoralization and the demoralization is that some people believe that what goes on in the White House and what goes on in the Congress reflects the will of the American people. And by assembling here today as the Rainbow Coalition and as other groups from 46 states in America, what we are saying very loud and clear is that Ronald Reagan and his billionaire friends do not represent America, but we do. In some of the largest cities in America, 50 percent of the kids are not graduating high school. The cost cost of college education in this county is zooming up so you have to be a wealthy person to send your kid to college. There was once a dream that my parents had, and many people’s parents had, that if you work hard and go to school you can get a college education. …but what people like this gentlemen do not know, for example, that in Scandinavia, in Sweden, you have had socialist governments for decades, that in fact that country is probably in most regards more democratic than the United States. They have 80 or 90 percent of the people voting. They have strong labor unions. They have a more open media. They have a healthcare system guaranteeing healthcare to all of the people. Not to say that’s a utopia. But at a time when the wealthiest people of this country have seen a tremendous increase in their income, while at the same time the standard of living of working people and poor people has declined, I will be damned if I will vote for a proposal which will stick it to the middle class and the working people. …and Mr. Speaker, I’ve got a problem, I’ve got a problem with a president and a congress which allows 5 million children to go hungry, 2 million people to sleep out on the streets, cities to become breeding grounds for drugs and violence. And they say we’re getting tough on crime. If you want to get tough on crime, let’s deal with the causes of crime. Let’s demand that every man, woman and child in this country have a decent opportunity and a decent standard of living. Let’s not keep putting poor people into jail, and disproportionately punishing blacks. …while our children go hungry and sleep out on the streets, lack adequate healthcare or educational opportunity, the wealthiest people in this country have grown far richer while their tax burden has declined. We have an approach to campaign financing which, to a very large degree, allows wealthy people and major corporations to buy and sell politicians. The rich get richer. The poor get poorer. And ordinary Americans are shut out of the political system. The United States today is one of two nations in the industrialized world that does not have a national health care system. That has to do with campaign finance reform. The United States today, the chief executive officers are seeing their salaries soar, and the gap between the rich and the poor grows wider. 10 million Americans are unemployed. That has to do with campaign finance reform. The system, by and large, is owned and controlled by big money interests and the president of the United States, and much of the Congress does the work of protecting the big corporations and the wealthy people who control the economic and political life of this nation. This country, this great country, this democracy is evolving into an oligarchy. And an oligarchy is a country in which a few people have tremendous wealth and tremendous power and exercise that wealth and that power over all. We have seen a situation where we give huge tax breaks to the wealthy and you have 2 million people sleeping out on the street. Billions of dollars into all kinds of obsolete weapon systems and you have 5 million children who are hungry. Let us give hope to people in America today who have lost hope. Let us provide jobs for the jobless. Housing for the homeless. Food for the hungry. Workers in the United States today are working longer hours, significantly longer hours, taking less vacation time than they used to take. And is there any wonder so many millions of Americans feel stressed out? They need to work longer hours, they need to work overtime in order to compensate for the real decline in their wages. Let’s talk about welfare for the rich and the powerful. Now we start out from a proposition that the wealthiest 1 percent of the population in this country owns more wealth than the bottom 90 percent. When we talk about the growth of the economy, what we should ask ourselves is who is gaining that income? And what is clearly going on is the lion’s share, the overwhelming amount of the growth in income is going to the very very wealthiest people, while the vast majority of the people are seeing a decline in their real incomes. I find it ironic that it is the taxpayers of this countrywhot are going to have to bail out banks that have made billions and billions of dollars investing in Asia. Is it morally right that CEOs of large corporations now make over 500 times what their workers make and seem to make more money to the degree that they lay off American workers. Walmart has replaced General Motors as the major employer in America, paying people starvation wages rather than living wages. We can fight terrorism, protect the American people without undermining the basic constitutional rights which make us a free country. They understand that our trade policies are failing when they note that our trade deficit is huge and growing larger every single year and it seems to me Madam President that before we go forward again in pursuit of a failing trade agenda, we might want to sit back, take a moratorium, understand why our trade policies are failing, and then put together trade agreements that work for working people and the middle class of this country, rather than just the CEOs of large multinational corporations. The wealthiest one tenth of one percent, one tenth of one percent 300 thousand men, women and children now earn more income than do the bottom 150 million Americans. No matter how many children live in poverty, no matter how high the unemployment numbers are, they want more and more and more. And I say, enough is enough. And you want to know why American people are cynical about what goes on in Washington? You want to know why the Congress of the United States has an extremely low level of support, of favorability? It is because the American people know they are getting ripped off. You got millions of people today who are working longer hours and their income is going down. Their wages are going down. This grotesque of inequality is immoral, it is bad economics, it is unsustainable. This type of rigged economy is not what America is supposed to be about. This has got to change. And as your president, together we are going to change it. When we stand together… there is nothing that we cannot accomplish. And I pledge to you that every day I will fight for the public interest, not the corporate interest. I will not abandon any segment of American society,
And I pledge to you that every day I will fight for the public interest, not the corporate interest. I will not abandon any segment of American society, whether you’re gay, or black, or latino, poor, working class, just because it is politically expedient at a given time. So let us go forward together. And let us tell the Republicans that their reaction, their agenda may work for the billionaires, but not for ordinary Americans. And we are going to defeat them. Thank you all, very much.

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  1. Here's a true leader. Bernie genuinely cares about the American people's problems and focuses on uniting people, instead of dividing us. Our founding forefathers would be proud to have him as our president. We can only be so lucky..

  2. And, you'd think that neo-liberalism has only affected Latin America. No, it is right here too and this man has said over and over again for 30 years.

  3. I agree with everything Bernie is saying and that is why I supported him in 2016. I showed up in Philadelphia to fight side-by-side with him to take on the corrupt Democratic Party. I can no longer support this man who decided that instead of fighting the corruption in the Democratic Party it was a good idea to endorse and campaign with a war criminal. Does it really matter who wins the election when the choice is between a war criminal and a narcissist?

  4. Bernie has been waiting for the tipping point to come where enough people awaken to the realization that they've been "HAD". Well Mr. Sanders, you don't need to wait any longer. We see you and we thank you for what you have done your entire career for the American people.

  5. The saddest thing about this video is watching year after year and not much has changed. Elect this man America and hopefully they will.

  6. WOW. I’ve lived in 8 countries and never saw a politician with this consistency and passion.
    America, do the right thing amd vote Bernie!

  7. That really sucks that Shillary and the Clinton war machine cockblocked him last time for the sake of their buddy and long time donor trump

  8. Boomers for Bernie 2020

    "You say you want a revolution
    Well, you know
    We all want to change the world” — The Beatles

  9. We need to enforce socialism in every America house hold by any means necessary that includes physical violence.

  10. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate worth fighting for because he is the only one who has spent his ENTIRE CAREER fighting for all of us.
    I will not vote for anyone else. Whats the point?

  11. All these years and thig guy was being true while being completely ignored. I Hope to see him do it this time around.

  12. very idealistic person… Unfortunately even if we manage to elect him most of the things he wants to do, he wont be able to do them. The senate is so corrupt and so bought off that no big idea will pass for years. It is sad to say bad most of the country is stupid AF and elect idiots and corporate puppets instead of people like Bernie.

  13. Thank you, Senator and FUTURE President Bernie Sanders. You are a true champion of the people. Thank you for your decades of service in exposing and fighting against the greed, prejudice and corruption that cripples this great nation. I am more than happy to do my job as an American citizen and cast my vote for the one candidate who truly gives a damn about the rest of us.

  14. Bernie: have you seen the 8 min film of JFK speaking in 1962 about
    med4all??? wow. I saw it on YouTube: JFK Explains Why US Needs
    Med4All in 1962 on The Political Vigilante.

  15. Bernie: have you seen the 8 min film of JFK speaking in 1962 about
    med4all??? wow. I saw it on YouTube: JFK Explains Why US Needs
    Med4All in 1962 on The Political Vigilante.

  16. Bernie: have you seen the 8 min film of JFK speaking in 1962 about
    med4all??? wow. I saw it on YouTube: JFK Explains Why US Needs
    Med4All in 1962 on The Political Vigilante.

  17. A voice of reason largely ignored for decades in Congress is finally being recognized as offering a true vision for the direction of this country, and it's about damn time. Bernie is a true inspiration.

  18. This guy has been fighting for everyone BEFORE I WAS EVEN BORN! Politicians like him come once in a life time… time to go donate to his campaign!

  19. Imagine a Congress with 500 progressives like Bernie and 35 corporate tools instead of 500 corporate tools and 35 progressives like Bernie.

  20. I ran across this comment somewhere:
    "For every horrendous political mistake the US has made during past three decades, there is a video of Bernie Sanders warning against it."
    It's very close to true.

  21. Why don't I see this video on MSM? Maybe pay for some ad time on Those platforms not just run them here..Seems like a no-brainer.

  22. Is frustrating to see Bernie telling the truth, fighting for the average American, against senseless wars but the politicians people elect to represent them always mocked him are pro war, give huge tax cuts to the few top earners… but they always ignore Bernie. I hope he wins, it'd be sad to see the only politicians in recent history who has fought for the people ignore again. The only way mainstream media might talk about him is to talk trash about him…

  23. We still have homeless people will live under a tree or on the sidewalk on Los Angeles gives tents to the homeless.

  24. I’ve watched this 10 times and it still gets me emotional every time… Bernie 2020…
    And by 10 times, i mean 20. Lol

  25. When the union's inspiration through the workers' blood shall run,

    There can be no power greater anywhere beneath the sun;

    Yet what force on earth is weaker than the feeble strength of one,

    But the union makes us strong!

    Is there aught we hold in common with the greedy parasite,

    Who would lash us into serfdom and would crush us with his might?

    Is there anything left to us but to organize and fight?

    For the union makes us strong!

    It is we who plowed the prairies; built the cities where they trade;

    Dug the mines and built the workshops, endless miles of railroad laid;

    Now we stand outcast and starving midst the wonders we have made;

    But the union makes us strong!

    All the world that's owned by idle drones is ours and ours alone.

    We have laid the wide foundations; built it skyward stone by stone.

    It is ours, not to slave in, but to master and to own.

    While the union makes us strong!

    They have taken untold millions that they never toiled to earn,

    But without our brain and muscle not a single wheel can turn.

    We can break their haughty power, gain our freedom when we learn

    That the union makes us strong!

    They divide us by our color; they divide us by our tongue,

    They divide us men and women; they divide us old and young,

    But they'll tremble at our voices, when they hear these verses sung,

    For the Union makes us strong!

    They say our day is over; they say our time is through,

    They say you need no union if your collar isn't blue,

    Well that is just another lie the boss is telling you,

    For the Union makes us strong!

    In our hands is placed a power greater than their hoarded gold,
    Greater than the might of armies, multiplied a thousand-fold.
    We can bring to birth a new world from the ashes of the old

    For the union makes us strong!

    Solidarity forever,

    Solidarity forever,

    Solidarity forever,

    For the union makes us strong!

  26. No sanders You do not represent America, you are by definition anti America, you are a racist, race baiting,fear mongering, low life socialist ….oh wait you don't have a prayer of becoming president, so I don't have to go on about who you are you are irrelevant….yes you are an irrelevant piece of obama……HAHAHAHAHA…….

  27. This keeps popping up on my auto play and I just listen through again. Just proves the receipts that he’s been fighting for us for decades. This is what our country should have strived to achieve. Just imagine what our country could have been if our gov actually did something to work together to help the people vs special interests. It had to take 30 years of Bernie fighting for us to get to this point. It’s now or never. Enough is Enough. Bernie 2020

  28. Bernie has been saying the same shit for decades, which means the shit he's talking about has remained unchanged for decades. Maybe if he gets into the White House, shit will actually change.

  29. I truly believe this man has the american people's best interests in heart, but I do not support his methods. Therefore I will be voting for andrew yang in 2020, even though he has a significantly lower shot at winning the primary.

  30. #BernieforPresident. He has been leading the fight against inequality in America for decades. He fights for us & is inclusive of everyone. Regardless of who you are, you have a right to be heard! @BernieSanders hears us!

  31. I bet a video of Warren's comments over the same time frame would look awful. Flipping on issue after issue, misrepresenting her past, etc.

  32. Bernie gives me hope. but I feel like our system is too rigged to get him elected even tho he's the most popular politician in america.

  33. a Vote for anyone else but this man is cutting off your noses to spite your face .. a Vote for Bernie Sanders is a Vote for "We The People" … a Vote for Bernie Sanders is a Vote for this our Planet… a Vote for Bernie Sanders is a Vote for a clean safe future for our Children's, Children's, Children … Please America Wake Up and redeem your country from the corrupt cesspool it has become

  34. Imagine what America would be now if not for this one lone voice screaming at the injustice the inequality and the human rights of everyday ordinary people … Thank You Bernie Sanders… win or lose your name will be mentioned right alongside the Great Men of History. John and Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandella, and Bernie Sanders

  35. Es hora que los estadounidenses escuchen a Sanders con suma atención, necesitamos ser mejores humanos y realmente atender a los jóvenes. Ya llegó el tiempo.

  36. This whole comment section just proves that people are incapable of Democracy. Voting for feelings and promises over sustainable solutions.

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