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3D Display Frame by Z-Access

November 6, 2019

We don’t live life
in two dimensions, so why should we settle for
only having flat keepsakes? The Z-Access
Display Frame allows you to showcase your favorite
memories and memorabilia even when they’re unusually shaped. Until now, there’s never
been a really great way to display important tokens. You can keep them in a
box, where they’ll never be seen, or leave them out where
they’ll grow dusty and possibly break. The Z-Access Display Frame
is a revolutionary way to showcase your favorite
items while protecting them from dust, moisture,
and fingerprints. The display frame’s transparent
flexible film inserts hug your mementos,
gently suspending them for viewing in the round. Inserting an object is a cinch. Just place your
object in the frame, close it, and secure it
with the included clips. The detachable stand allows
you to orient the frame both horizontally
and vertically. The display frame is
proudly made in the USA. Whether you want to
remember your favorite trip or you want to protect
your collectibles– Oh dear, they’ve encased
him in carbonite. Bum ba dum. The Z-Access Display
Frame is the perfect way to show them off. Buy it now at vat19.com. vat19.com

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  1. “Oh dear, they encased him in carbonite.” ……can you stop with the act? We all know that’s not “carbonite”

  2. If it's flexible and u like wanna put another thing, will it be like plastic? Like it's going to be very thin and break

  3. got to say that cant com it haddy
    i travel 26 contry and im ternig 20
    in 8/19/2019 cant wait to to japan
    my flate is 18 il will buy it

  4. Plastic prodect for $18?
    Don't call me cheap but I can get 40 Ziploc Plastic Bags and would steal have enough money for 3 Mcdoubles

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