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  1. God save the Queen is the national anthem of the United Kingdom and the commonwealth realms. England is a home nation not a national state

  2. I'll go to my own Philippines and France, peace!…LDD thank's for uploading our national anthem here… greetings from Philippines your statement was true our Philippines anthem was written by Julian Felipe and yah it was inspired during the world war 1 under the regime of Spain..

  3. Meh, Its actually called the Union Flag, we still beat any other country (including Japan) at comedy, besides you have to laugh, everyone laughs….. at something or other.

  4. I think the French and Philippine Anthems sound noble and lively. It doesn't sound drab and depressing unlike the national Anthems of England and Japan.

  5. What I love about the Philippine National Anthem is that it talks about the people's struggle for freedom from tyranny.

  6. Enland and Japan, what a terrible match. National cuisine: They eat fish and chips with chopsticks, and the fish is eaten raw and not deep-friend.

  7. There's no such thing as a national cuisine. The Japanese don't need any "national symbol" since they, generally speaking have one ethnicity, one language, and one culture.

  8. you can feel in the Philippines National Anthem the sadness and struggle for freedom and the victory! just packed into into 1. ASTIG!

  9. do u know.. solemn anthem doesnt always represent a bad nation and anthem… sometimes it's good on their own way

    however.. (cont'd)

  10. after hearing many of anthems i can conclude:

    1. Monarchies tend to have solemn and slow anthem, if not they are usually done majestically (to show off power or the greatness)

    2. Republics tend to have triumphant &marching anthem.. solemn part sometimes serves as bridge (in the middle, before refrain) & followed by a marching tone (some exmples of this: USA, Indonesia and Phillipines – they're
    triumphant – solemn – marching tone)

    3. The communist, strong marching tone is prominent (eg China)

  11. however, the list before doesnt fit all cases, the main influence of the anthem characteristics is the history of the nation
    Germany's National Anthem
    before and during the nazi era the anthem is played in march alike tone
    but after the WW II and the reunification the same anthem (and the same tone since german before the nazi era) tends to be and usually played more solemnly than before (this is maybe because their intention to change the face of the anthem)

    so which one do u like??

  12. yes..

    current german anthem (einigkeit und recht und freiheit) is the third stanza of deutschlandlied (deutschland uber alles is the first stanza) and they have the same musical score (melody).
    However the way (tempo, dynamic) of the anthem has changed (unofficially, coz this is just tendency) from marching tone to the more reverent one… (after WW II)

  13. I ain't a citizen of those Nations so my pick is non-bias.
    There winner is—-1,England 2,Japan France and Philippines is equally match.

  14. I quite like them all in their own way but Japan/England is the most serene while France/Philippines are full of bluster.

  15. mabuhay ang pilipinas. kakaiba talaga ! im proud being filipina. what a nice anthem. not just the tune but also its meaning 🙂

  16. mas may magandang tunog ng lupang hinrang..maganda ung beat.. malay ko nga lng kung san makikita kse sa eskwela kinakanta nmen ito e…

  17. Japan's is amazing~ 8D so deep!
    Ours( Britain ) is.. very proud XD
    Not sure what to think of the Philippines xP
    France's sounds war obsessed lol
    Just my opinon 8D
    I like the sound of France's and Japan's and I GUESS Britain aswell XD

  18. i love the Philippine anthem, our country's people suffered for a very long time and this anthem gives me the sense of joy our heroes must have felt the first time they heard this on independence day.. 🙂

  19. the french and philippine anthems lyrics speak about defending their land against tyrants, since both songs were composed during their respective revolutions

  20. i do understand that countries with royalties take pride in their anthem with praises to their royals since in the early days kings rule their lands with almost absolute power and the king represents the country, but i love anthems which takes pride in their country itself and not the leaders coz people might hate their "country" coz of corruption, poverty and every bad thing there is but in the end you just realize how wonderful the nation itself is no matter what…

  21. I like the philippine hym. the lyrics and the tune. UNIQUE. I would not suprised why it won no. 1. Yeheeey Long live the Philippnes.

  22. @yalguunburen dUH FRANCE AND PHILIPPINES had some resmblnce on their anthems! so u meant to say is france also has an ordinary anthem?:)?

  23. guys!!!i go to philippines and france,,,their anthems are lively and so meaningful,,,im a proud thai who never loved singin our natl anthem,,,hell!!!

  24. God save the queen
    We mean it mannn
    We love our queen
    God saves

    God save the queen
    'Cause tourists are money
    And our figurehead
    Is not what she seems

  25. 組み合わせが謎ですが、荘厳だったり、勇壮だったり 国歌って面白いですね。個人的にはハイドン作曲のドイツ国歌がメロディーが美しいと思います。

  26. England anthem is a former french song at the glory of Louis XIV ( "Grand Dieu Sauve le Roi" –> God save the King ) stolen by Haendel, in passing in Versailles and bringing it in London in 1714.
    To put France and Philippines anthems together wasn't a bad choice. When I hear Philippines one, I feel I'm listening to some french marche of the french monarchy Era..
    As for Japan, I was looking for a giant TV set, I was still undecided ( Panasonic or Samsung ), I'll choose the Pana' one. For Japan.

  27. @philippines1998 well, i think england and france will fight each other, but i also like that, land of the rising sun and pearl of the orient (is it right??pearl of the orient??lol, even though imma filipina)

  28. @philippines1998 well, i think england and france will fight each other but, i also like that, land of the rising
    sun and pearl of the orient (is it right??pearl of the orient??lol, even though i'm a filipina)

  29. the anthem goes like this England japane philippines and france

    both france and philippine anthem are more like when you are going in the american civil war, the one that plays in order to encourage troop moral

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