5+1 Tips for better Image Composition – BTC Lab #7
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5+1 Tips for better Image Composition – BTC Lab #7

September 22, 2019

Welcome to one more BTC Lab. In this episode we will examine some tricks
that can make your frame composition more appealing to the audience. Isn’t that what we really want to achieve
at the end when we make a video?” Throughout this video we will examine 5 +
1 tips that by paying attention to them you will increase the influence of the story you
choose for a video or a photo Composition is about making a frame to tell
a visual story, to deliver a message to our audience. Therefore it starts from a simple frame or
else a picture that later develops to a shot which is multiple frames. Ok, let’s go now straight to these 5+1 tips. Tip number 1: Center of attention.
Each image should have only one center of attention. By center of attention we mean that if someone
sees a your photo or your shot will be able to say “this is a shot of a guy playing guitar” or “this is a shot of a beer” Unlike these images, you cannot really say
what these images or shots are But more likely a photo of many things together Conclusion. Taking care successfully of the center of
attention in every frame supports us to answer the question:
“What I want to show to this scene is..” and it conveys easier our message to the audience. Tip number 2: Rule of thirds or golden section
This rule, or better, let’s call it tip, is all about these lines you might have seen
when you hand a camera. Like these lines. We suggest to place your center of attention;
in one of the 4 junctions of the lines. Also you can use the lines to place the horizon
or other lines available in the frame. Using these lines or junctions you get an
add on on your frame. This is happening because the eye reads pictures
following this Z direction. Lets have a look on some examples: Here the subject is in the middle of the frame. It is a nice shot, still there is some unused
space behind her Here is the person on the right side of the
frame. Now the unused space is eliminated and she
is filling the whole space in front of her. Somehow there is a depth in this conversation
filled by her eyesight and her voice. “Of course placing her on the left line will
only lead to one question: What is all this space behind her?
And that there is more happening on her left side that we cannot see. Most of the interviews follow this rule by putting the person in the left or right line depending on where the person is looking.. Now, when it gets to horizon, make a clear choice: Do you want to emphasize on the sky or the land Also do not cut the subject if it is an actor
on the neck, waist
or knees. It is like seeing this.. Imagine now how we can improve the quality
of our typical holiday photos by putting our favorite family members or friends on the
line and not in the middle So.. search your camera settings and enable
the grid mode, believe me it is not there to annoy you,
it is there to assist you. And if your camera doesn’t have… make sure you fix one for yourself with some tape, a transparent layer
for the smartphone and a marker. Tip number 3: Color and mass balance And.. yes.. life is all about balance. Do you think that filmmaking
wouldn’t be affected by that? While framing your shot or image you should
seek for balance, for visual balance. Each element you choose to add on your shoot
has a visual weight. this is not necessarily similar with the physical weight it also depends from the color or the mass or the distance that it has from the camera When it gets to colors the brighter the color
the more visual weight our element has. Or the opposite See? Getting color balance is
basically a mathematical equation, but let’s don’t go there. When it gets to mass,
things are way easier because you cannot hide the mass and the more percentage of the frame your element is taking the greater the mass. But how to work practically and fix the balance? Let’s think that there is a seesaw under the
frame that you shoot. Is it now balanced? Bright colors outstand. How about now? Here… is it now balanced? Bigger mass outstands. Lets play… with the distance …How about now? or even now Now lets get a complicated example.. It is obviously not balanced right? How about playing with distance to make the
color lighter.. Or… even this. Tip number 4: Leading lines Have you ever thought how important
lines can be when you compose an image? Most likely in every composition you have
elements that create lines. These elements can be the horizon,
building lines, roads even the landscape itself or imaginary lines created from the elements of your composition. Now the good thing is that you can
play with these lines.. And we don’t mean you can bend a building,
but you can choose the angle you will shot it As we saw in a previous lab by changing the
angle you can make things look more dominant or less important. The same with the lines. If you want to have a look on the previous
episode click up here. As a general rule keep in mind that vertical
lines represent usually: dignity, sovereignty, respect, power, upliftment, if they are also symmetric they represent stability, loneliness,
even depression. Horizontal lines represent: peace, tranquility,
confidence When the lines are diagonal as we saw in a
previous video they represent motion, action, conflict and restlessness Tip number 5: Multiple elements And it is basically when we take a shot with
a frame within a frame or we choose to play with multiple elements as we play with the
focal length This is my favorite tip; because since I remember
taking photos, I always liked to combine 2 different ones, This tip gives a stylistic feature that gives
an add on for your shots by combining 2 different elements in one. This composition technique gives depth, dimension
and it creates two or more viewing places within a shot. You can always find several ways to play with the “frame within a frame” technique
and create many results by transforming possible space limitations to opportunities. For example these… branches were an obstacle,
now we use them to give depth to this shot. Tip number 6: Forget all the previous tips! There are no tips is it feels good,
it’s good! If for any communication need, you cannot
or you do not want follow these 5 secrets, just do not do it! I mean it, do not do it. Just make sure that you know the reasons that
you broke the previous tips. Don’t worry I am not gonna leave you like
this. I will also give you some good excuses to
break the previous rules: Excuse number 1 Aesthetics: When the image is beautiful because
of composition, light, etc. No grid, no center of attention, no balance.. Nothing here. Excuse number 2 Information: When the image gives information
about something or someone. for example signs, roadmaps, banners…
information in general Excuse number 3 Emotions: When the figure shows strong and
universal emotions like anger, fear, happiness, sadness, surprise, disgust. Feelings anyhow overrule guidelines. Aren’t they? Excuse number 4 Symbolic: Where an image uses symbols to show something else like religious symbols, logos,
or symbolic even landmarks. Well, these were the 5+1 tips for better image
composition. Keep in mind that if your shot is for a movie
there are many more elements that can manipulate the viewer’s eye for your favor. You can use transitions.. you can use music.. pace and other things can influence the result. To conclude if you search further more or
if you already know you will realise that there are numerous more aspects to look through
when you compose an image that are coming from all sort of sciences or even not. From the Fibonacci sequence till Socrates
philosophical questionings about life We don’t go there… What we want with this video and with BTC
Labs in general is that you grab a camera, or even your phone, stand up from your couch (break it
preferably) and go out and start filming This is also what we did 7 months
ago and we started with these series and since then every month we deliver a new media video. Thank you for watching one more BTClab You can see the previous BTC Labs here. If you like this video, click like. If you dislike it click dislike. If you feel neither of these leave a comment
below. Don’t forget to subscribe on our Youtube channel,
we would highly appreciate that… and see you in the next BTC Lab. Bye.. Oops sorry, I am preparing the next one, it is about lighting. If you dislike it press dislike. If you have any further things comment and… we go… home cut it

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