6 C’s of Video Series – #3 Composition by Kyle Whissel
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6 C’s of Video Series – #3 Composition by Kyle Whissel

November 14, 2019

Welcome back guys! In this video, we’re going to
talk all about composition, or what really goes into putting one of these videos together. This one of the most commonly
asked questions that we get. People are constantly
asking us, “What camera? “What lens? “What microphone?” all of that stuff. So first and foremost, what
I want to tell you guys, this little device right here, whether you got an iPhone or an Android, like, this is all that
you guys really need to get started when it comes to video. I don’t want you guys to obsess over what camera, what
lens, what lighting, what editing software, like, you are literally holding
it in the palm of your hand. You might be watching this video, while holding the one and only
device that you guys need, to put good quality videos out there. But let’s assume you’ve
already done that, right? You’ve already started
shooting some videos. So I want to give you guys
some tips to really make your composition stand out from the crowd. Like we said, there’s 8 billion videos on Facebook being viewed on a daily basis. It’s insane! So I want to make sure
that your videos stand out. And, so some of the things
that you guys can do that are important is really think about where you’re shooting your video. Think about the setting, okay? “Where am I standing? “What’s going to be around me? “What do I want people
to see in the background? “What kind of noise is
there going to be around me? “What can I do to change things?” Maybe if I stand, I’m
talking at a street corner, and this is a very busy street and this is a very quiet street. Well, let’s not stand on the busy street. Let’s stand over on the quiet street. Like, simple little things like that can really make a big difference. So always think audio first. I think audio is one of
the most important things because people have
actually found that videos that have good quality audio, the perception is that
they’re higher quality videos. Even if the actual video
itself is not great, as long as it’s got good
audio, very, very important, so definitely be conscious of the audio. Try to minimize any distractions, any other background noise,
that’s happening around you. And, then second, when it
comes to the video side of it, if you’re not using any
supplementary lighting or anything like that,
the most important thing to remember is always look at the light. So if you’re indoors, I want
you looking at the window. I don’t want the window behind you. If you’re outdoors, I want
you looking at the sun. I don’t want the sun behind you. Just simple, simple little things. Just always remember, you should
be looking into the light. If you got to squint
a little, that’s good. That’s not a bad thing. You should have to squint a little. We want that light in your
face, we want to light you up! We want you to be the
focus of those videos. Couple of other little things that you can do with the videos. There’s something that are called thirds. So when look at your video screen, think of three vertical thirds,
and three horizontal thirds. You typically don’t always want to be centered in your video. Sometimes it’s better to
be over on the left third or the right third because
what that’ll allow you to do in certain types of videos, is you can drop images in,
and drop text and stuff in, next to your face. Where if you were centered,
there’s not necessarily room to drop stuff like that in. So whether it’s photography, videography, the rule of thirds is something that you should definitely
learn a little bit more about. But just think, when
you’re looking at an image, there’s really three vertical thirds, three horizontal thirds. Think about what third you guys want to be focusing on in those videos, ’cause it’s not always centered. Also think about the
angles, so think about if you want to be shooting straight on which is actually not recommended. A lot of times its better to
be shooting at a little bit of an angle, so that there is some depth to what’s happenings, so those
are a couple of little tips. But lets talk real quick,
camera, lighting, and audio three of the most commonly
asked questions that we get. When it comes to cameras once
you graduate from a phone again this is it, this is
your camera, your lighting, and your audio. But as you
start to put some content out there, don’t go buy a bunch
of crap until you started shooting with this. Once you
started shooting with this and your ready to step it
up. When it comes to cameras we’re big fans of using DSLR cameras. Believe it or not those little
video cameras that you kind of hold up here, those are
out. DSLR’s are going to accomplish everything that you need. It’s a lot of different brands
out there do you research figure out which one is
going to be best for you. But what your watching
right now was shot on DSLR’s and virtually everything
that we put out there we even do some TV work.
Everything that shoot for TV is even being shot on DSLR’s
now so, camera wise DSLR’s do some research on the
different types of lenses cause sometimes your going to
want lenses that are going to have bigger zooms or less zooms
and there’s a lot of different things that goes into lenses,
I mean you’ll find you can get lenses for a hundred
bucks and there lenses for a hundred thousand bucks. So
if you want to dive into that stuff a little bit more I
encourage you to but don’t over think it, alright. It’s
a thousand dollar lens a hundred thousand dollar
lens is not going to make more people watch your videos.
You got to have good content which is something that we are
going to talk about in one of the videos in this series. Lighting, so again when
it comes to lighting if you don’t have any
supplementary lighting make sure that the light is in your face. Face the window, face the
sun, don’t have that stuff behind you. Cause what will
happen is its going to block you out and it will be a
bunch of light behind you or it will be reverse where
you’ll be able to see it and it will be just this
black blur behind you. So be cautious of that if you
need to use some supplementary lighting there’s two
primary types of lighting soft boxes which are very expensive usually just have a
normal light bulb in it with a big box around it.
Super super inexpensive way to get some supplementary lighting
or if you want to step it up a little bit spend
a little bit more money you can go to LED lighting and
the benefit of LED is there much smaller. Still relatively
affordable, little bit more expensive than soft box
lighting but LED lighting can be really beneficial and its
still not crazy expensive. But then you can have, so
there’s different types of lightnings but a lot
of time your going to have a key light in front of you,
a fill light on the side of you, a back light coming
in or even a background light. You can go crazy with it
or just a single light just to kind of fill in where you lack some of that natural lighting.
And then lastly is just to talk about audio. So again
be cautious when you shooting videos. Think about the
surroundings around you minimize as much background noise as you can. And then think about what
can I do as far as getting the microphone closer to my mouth. The closer the mic is to
my mouth the less noise I’m going to pick up around
me, so. I’m wearing a lav mic or a lavalier mic right
now, huge fans of lav mics. And the way that we shoot a
lot of our videos is we use a lav mic it’s connected, I
got a little recorder in my pocket, it’s going to
record it as a MP3 file. And then we can take
that when we’re editing and sync up the video with the audio and it comes out amazing
and MP3 recorders are very very inexpensive. If you
want to get a full wireless set up where everything is
synced together in the camera you can do that. It’s a lot
of money, I don’t honestly think it’s necessary,
just stick to the basics and stick to the content which
is what we are going to cover in one of the other videos today. So hopefully this helps you
guys out with the competition. Look into the light,
minimize the distractions minimize the background
noise and you will put out much better composed videos.

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