7US 0p – Bill of Rights project – Amendment #III (READ DESC)
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7US 0p – Bill of Rights project – Amendment #III (READ DESC)

October 25, 2019

Hey 7th grade rubber ducks, welcome to the III Amendement video for 7US History Basically, the III Amendment illustrates that Any soldier many not be quartered in the house of a civilian without their consent So, Its basically how when your mom barges into your room and you really don’t want her there Here’s Sami with some more info: Thank you Prof.Zia with that piece of information! The III amendment basically originated from the quartering act The Quartering act was passed in 1765, remember that date! The Quartering act was the colonists had to house and supply the red coats food and water Which was very surprising for the colonists because they had no idea that that was coming Next up is Ammaar with the effects of the III amendment and what happened as a result HEY THERE GUYS! Ammaar here! (who also did all these captions btw), and thnx Sami for that info. And as you guys know that the III amendment originated from the Quartering act And like Sami said, the Quartering act was housing British soldiers Now, the III amendment protects your right from this happening Meaning someone can’t just come live in your house To show you guys what that feels like, here’s a skit to portray what that feels like… Are u guys gonna roll the- It’s been such a long day, I need some sleep, I fought so many battles! Just can’t wait to go inside and sleep After noon govana’- Oh, soldier, what can I help you with? Your taking care of me now! House servant, bring me some GOLDFISH! Here you go! My gold fish! -weird Sami noises- Hey! Short intermission. Now the quartering act doesn’t really apply these days, Well, mostly cause there’s no soldiers that really just come into your house… But, you know, anything can happen at times of war, but we know we’re protected by the constitution! I salute you king George the III, because of you, I get to sleep in this person’s house tonight. And thank you quartering act! Hey man, wha- Oh, it’s you again… Yea, and I’m here to sleep! NO! My rights are protected, right judge?! That’s right random person’s house I’m in, you’re protected by the III amendment! No way dude, you’re awesome! It is final, soldiers can no longer live in your house without the person’s permission It is passed.

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