#8 –  5 COMPOSITION Techniques to take BETTER PHOTOS | Learning Photography on YouTube
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#8 – 5 COMPOSITION Techniques to take BETTER PHOTOS | Learning Photography on YouTube

October 10, 2019

today is the day I’m looking forward to
share this video with you I loved making this video as I’m really passionate
about this topic yes today’s episode of learning photography on YouTube is all
about composition do you like this t-shirt welcome to my channel and welcome to
episode 8 of learning photography on YouTube if you’re here for the first
time or you are enjoying these photography course it might be a good
idea to subscribe do you want to see some of the images from the metering
assignment thanks to everyone for participating to this photo assignment I
love to see your commitment and I’m also happy to see new photos every day under
the hashtag #AttilioPhotoClub it’s really cool let’s keep it up composition
composition in my opinion is the most important thing in photography as a
matter of fact I think that composition is what really differentiates the style
of a photographer from another one because composition is the result of how
a photographer sees in the previous episodes of this photography course we
talked about different technical aspects of photography and we also saw how these
aspects can become creative tools in our photography aperture and depth of field
shutter speed and motion blur or long exposure but composition is the ultimate
creative tool composition is creativity composition is our eye and with
composition we have two main goals the first goal is to direct the viewer
attention where we want in a portrait could be the eyes of the subject in a
landscape could be the depth of the scene but no matter what kind of
photography we are in, composition is the main tool to lead the viewer eyes to
what is important and the second goal of composition is to create
that is pleasing to the viewer – we want our photos to be eye-catching
so how can we achieve both these goals using composition in our photography
well it might sound counterintuitive as we are talking of a creative tool but
there are some composition rules and techniques that will help us to create
compelling photographs let me share with you the 5 composition rules that I
consider the most important ones once you master these techniques trust
me you will be able to bring your photography to the next level so let’s
see which are these rules and techniques the rule of thirds is possibly the most
popular composition rule so what is it and how does it work let’s turn on the
grid in our camera LCD screen as you can see the grid is formed by two vertical
lines and two horizontal lines and apparently the human eye seems to be
attracted by what is positioned at the intersection of these lines so placing
the most important aspect of the image on one of the intersecting points or
along the lines makes the image more appealing to the human eye and draws the
viewer attention into the composition leading lines is a composition technique
that features lines and I mean natural lines that you can find anywhere roads
trees rivers so by properly positioning these leading lines in the frame we will
be able to draw the viewers eye to the subject of our photo a leading line is
an easy path for the eye to follow through the different elements of a
photo in landscape photography for example using leading lines that connect
the foreground to the background of a scene will also help to give depth to
our images the negative space is the area that
surrounds the main subject in your photo where the positive space is the main
subject when composing an image leaving a lot of method space we will be
actually able to draw attention towards the positive space the subject so when
framing your images play with your composition until you find the right
balance between positive and negative space if you want to create a powerful
composition using this technique don’t be afraid to leave a lot of negative
space symmetry is a powerful composition tool
that will immediately create a pleasing balance and harmony in your photos
symmetry is everywhere and it has always been associated with beauty as a matter
of fact there are very few things that are more eye-catching than perfect
symmetry that’s why for instance I love water reflections so try to incorporate
anything that is symmetrical in your images and for sure you will improve the
quality of your compositions capturing patterns and repetitions can
add the strong impact to our photos this is another powerful composition tool and
it can be used in two opposite ways we can either emphasize the repetitive
pattern or we can break it when we emphasize the pattern it is important to
try to fill the frame with those patterns and repetitions maybe combining
it with symmetry if possible this will create a much stronger effect and a very
cool composition but a broken pattern can create an even stronger image the
interruption can be anything is contrasting the main repetitive pattern
it can be a contrasting color or a contrasting shape a different texture
when I see a natural broken pattern or I see the opportunity of creating one I
just cannot resist from capturing it these composition rules and techniques
can also be used combined to create even more powerful images but a very
important thing that I want to mention is that I strongly believe that rules
are also made to be broken so consider these composition rules as guidelines
and feel free to break them any time your creativity is telling you something
different I use and break these composition rules all the time so don’t
become a slave of these techniques by use them as tools every time you feel
that they can help you to create more powerful images of course beside these
five there are many other composition techniques that I’m sure we will talk
about in future videos so stick around clearly this episode requires an
assignment actually I believe that it would require more than just one but for now
let’s stick to one photo and for this assignment I will do things a little
different as I’m going to make an assignment review video where I will
gently critic some of the images that you will submit so if you want to
participate and possibly have your photo featured and critiqued on the assignment
review video you need to take a photo using one of the five composition rules
and techniques that we discussed in this video post your images on Instagram
use the hashtag LPOY underscore composition tag me Attilio Ruffo photography and
write in the description which composition technique you used I’m
looking forward to seeing your photos and now back to the t-shirt for one
second I am making some design and material tests for a new t-shirt
collection that I am developing under the photography theme this is my very
first prototype this is the AR TEE with my logo in the front and
in the back this is the histogram TEE by the way this is the real histogram of the
wanaka tree photo 658 seconds f9 iso 64 you
know logo in the back and this is the speed limit TEE for those who love long
exposure photography more designs are on their way but for now what do you think
I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments thank you I hope you
enjoyed this video and I hope that you learned something new today it would be
really awesome if you could help me to promote this video so just to hit the
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videos like this consider to subscribe thanks for watching and I will see you
in the next video

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  5. Wow, I really enjoyed this video! These are some very straight forward and easy to apply compositional techniques that one can apply in the field. For myself, I've never thought of using the "broken pattern" method but will try to keep that one in mind from now on. The t-shirts, I love them, how cool is that! I think my favorite t-shirt being the histogram one because it's such a fantastic idea, but they're all amazing in their own right. You really put some thought into designing these shirts and I look forward to seeing if you come up with additional designs. You're killing it with your instructional videos!

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  9. Hi Attilio another great video, as I'm fairly new to photography the first rule I was told was the third rule but still experimenting with all the new ideas you are suggesting and sometimes find I have broken the rule without realising it!! I like the t shirts and would love to buy one. Anymore tips on drone photography? Many thanks Graham

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    I do not have a preferred composition rule, although I always try to apply one (or several) according to what is convenient.

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    Allora La Composizione, per questo argomento mi sono comprato "L'occhio del Fotografo" di Michael Freeman… che sto studiando, ma come sempre Te hai Qualcosa in più qualcosa che ti caratterizza…
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  20. As to composition techniques, the Rule of Thirds is, for me, the easiest tool to find in my “toolbox”, particularly if I’m not using a wide angle lens. When using a wide angle lens, having found a likely foreground object, my eye seems to naturally seek for patterns, objects, shadows that will serve as leading lines.

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