8. Setting Your Frame Rate – Epic Guide to FiLMiC Pro
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8. Setting Your Frame Rate – Epic Guide to FiLMiC Pro

October 25, 2019

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to configure
your Frame Rate in Filmic Pro’s Setting’s Menu on iOS. As the feature-set and design of the Setting’s
Menu differs on Android and iOS, Android users can click the Info Card in the upper right
for the relevant version of this tutorial. Tap the Cog Icon in the lower right to open
Settings, then tap FrameRate. Running along the top are FiLMiC Pro’s Standard
Frame Rate Presets. By default it’s set to 24fps for cinematic
capture, but you can tap to select 25fps for PAL or 30fps for NTSC. Any frame rate above 30fps is resolution and
device dependent, and the fact that all the higher frame rates are currently greyed tells
me I need to change my resolution. If I tap FrameRate at the top to return to
the Settings Menu, then tap Resolution, and drop this down to 720; when I return to FrameRate,
I can now record at up to 240fps. Below the Standard Framerate Presets is the
Motion Slider, which allows you to intuitively create fast motion effects by dragging the
slider towards the bunny, or slow motion effects by dragging towards the tortoise. The beauty of the Motion Slider is that it
tells you what it is doing to your actual framerate. With the 30fps preset selected as my Frame
Rate, when the Motion Slider is positioned in the middle, you can see that both my Capture
and Playback frame rates are in sync at 30fps. If I drag the Motion Slider all the way towards
the tortoise, the capture rate changes to 240 fps, and the frame-rate preset at the
top has a red circle around it. This means that we are using an altered motion
frame-rate that will be recorded without sound. If I drag the Motion Slider all the way towards
the Bunny, the fast motion effect is achieved by recording just 5 frames per second with
a Playback rate of 30fps. Lastly, you can use the FrameRate Selectors
at the bottom here for complete manual control over both your capture and playback frame
rates. Remember, if you want to record sound, the
capture and playback frame rates need to match. For example, maybe you want to record your
parent’s 8mm films, or mimic the look of old film formats. Set the Capture and Playback frame-rate to
16fps and you’re good to go. Or perhaps you want to capture movement too
fast for the human eye to accurately perceive. Try setting your capture rate to 240fps and
the Playback Rate to 6 fps for extreme slow motion. The creative possibilities are endless, and
whether you’re using standard frame-rate presets, creating fast or slow motion effects, or using
more experimental recording and playback rates, FiLMiC Pro gives you complete control, and
once your frame-rate is locked in, tap outside the Settings Menu to close it, and you’re
ready to record your shot.

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  1. How come you are releasing shorter/more videos, when your last filmic pro video had everything you needed to know in one video?

  2. Hello, I´m new to this. For slowmotion I have to lower playback fps or can i leave it the same as captured fps and change playback in postproduction? Thank you.

  3. Hi, i've got filmic pro on mate 10 lite. I followed all your instructions but I can't go beyond 30fps even after changing the resolution to 720p. Any clue? Thank you very much for your video.

  4. So , it can film at 25 fps , can you tell me which phone you use ?
    Because I tried on two phones till now and it didn't work , I sent to filmic support but they didn't answer , I will go with a refund for my money

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