80/20 Inc: Quick Frame Overview
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80/20 Inc: Quick Frame Overview

November 14, 2019

Hello, and welcome to 80/20’s product highlight
series. Today, we’re going to take a look at the Quick Frame construction system. This
framing system is a great choice for lightweight and cost-effective solutions. Now when it
comes to installing the Quick Frame, it couldn’t be easier. The only tool you’re going to
need is a soft-faced mallet. The Quick Frame connector comes in wide variety of shapes
and sizes, making it more versatile to suit your project’s needs. Now in this example,
we’ve already got half of the Quick Frame connector installed. And as you can see, the
profile has grooves on the inside of it, that’ll dig into the connector as it’s installed,
to give us our good strong connection. Now from here all we do is take our other half
of the connector, and line it up over our other profile, and hammer it in with our mallet.
Now you have a lightweight, secure connection. Now another great thing about Quick Frame
is that it is available in single and double flanges. The single flange, you can take a
quarter inch panel, and rest it on the flange. That’ll help you have a smooth flush surface
with the profile. Now, a double flange, it’ll allow you to insert it inside the flanges,
for a secure hold. We also recommend using panel gasket, when you’re using the double
flange. It’ll cut down on any possible panel vibration. Now hopefully you found this segment
on 80/20’s Quick Frame helpful. For more information, please visit 8020.net and make
sure to subscribe to future 80/20 videos, and as always, make it a great day.

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