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80/20 Inc: Tips & Tricks – Frames

September 14, 2019

Hello and welcome to 80/20’s Tips and Tricks
series. Today we’ll be taking a look at a common design flaw with panel framing, that
we see here at 80/20. It’s when a customer wants to use an anchor fastener when making
a frame for a panel. As you can see, we’ve got a frame here started, we’ve got the panel
notched out to account for the anchor fasteners, so we’ll slide those in. Now, we’re going
to run into an issue when we put in the top bar. It’ll fit nice and snug, we’ll get everything
in there, but when we go to tighten it down with our wrench, it’s not going to be able
to be accessed. Now there’s a few different ways you can solve this dilemma. One would
be to look at a different fastening option, like an end fastener, or you can switch out
the panel with one that doesn’t have a notch machined in the top. Take your bar with the
anchor fasteners and flip it over, and slide it right into the top. From there you can
access your anchor fasteners and tighten them down firmly. Now hopefully you found this
tip helpful. For more information visit 80/20.net and be sure to subscribe to future 80/20 videos.
And as always, make it a great day.

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  1. 0:32 got me laughing and palming my face.  Please tell me that those flaws are not allowed to pass into production.

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