92% Of Americans Believe Our Basic Rights Are Under Attack
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92% Of Americans Believe Our Basic Rights Are Under Attack

January 3, 2020

According to a new poll, 92% of American citizens
believe that their rights, specifically most of the rights given to them in the bill of
rights of the United States constitution are under attack. Here’s the way it breaks down. 48% say the freedom of speech is under attack. 47% say the right to bear arms is under attack,
the right to equal justice. 41% say it’s under attack. Freedom of expression, 37% say it’s under
attack. Freedom of religion, 35% say that it’s under
attack and again, all this adds up to roughly 92% of the respondents in this new poll say
that at least one American right is under attack right now. Now I’m going to go ahead and clear the air
here because the right to bear arms in this country is not actually under attack. The only thing we’re advocating for is getting
assault weapons off the street, which was something this country had actually done for
a very long time. It’s just the Bush administration with his
Republican controlled house and Republican Senate decided to let the ban expire and that’s
when the assault weapons came flooding back. We had a ban on assault weapons without infringing
upon the second amendment rights of anybody in this country, so no. The second amendment rights really not under
attack, but the rest of the things on there, hundred percent absolutely. We have an administration here that actually
tried to Institute a Muslim ban. Not for all Muslims, just Muslims from certain
countries, but it was specifically targeting Muslims that is impinging on our freedom of
religion. We have a president who attacks the press
every single day calling them fake news, calling them commies, saying that they lie to us every
day, even though he’s the one who lies to us every day. That is an attack on the freedom of the press. He has openly suggested the government starting
their own media outlet to combat all that. That would be an attack on freedom of the
press. That would be a minister of propaganda type
position. The other one’s right to equal justice. We know that’s under attack. If you make less than a hundred thousand dollars
a year, maybe even less than $200,000 a year, the justice you face for committing a crime
is not the same thing that somebody making $1 million a year is going to face. If you’re black in this country, the justice
you face is not going to be what a white defendant would face, and studies have proven that over
and over. We have plenty of examples of judges in this
country who have repeatedly sentenced black defendants to far longer prison sentences
than they did white defendants. Even if they committed the exact same crime. There is no equal justice in this country. Our rights are under attack, but here’s the
saddest part. It’s not just the government, it’s not just
the system itself that’s attacking our rights. Now the governments let corporations get in
on it. Your right to privacy gone. If you’re on any social media outlet in this
country, if you buy things from Amazon, if you have a Yahoo email account, if you have
an Apple phone, if you have Google on your phone, you don’t have a right to privacy,
and I’m willing to bet every single person watching this falls into at least one of those
categories. Some of you might fit all of them, but those
companies are tracking your every move with their apps. They’re sending your data to other companies
who want to buy it, where you go, what you buy, what are your tastes, what kind of music
do you like? All of those things that are just little personal
nuggets about yourself are for sale right now. So it’s bad enough that we have the government
infringing upon every right they can get their hands on, but it’s even worse when we have
corporations working hand in hand with them to steal what little privacy we may have left.

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  1. They're all concerned about individual rights instead of the actual Bill of Rights? And less than half are concerned about Justice? Then f*** them. We already proved with Area 51 that we can kill you all. They're just setting up a f**** bias. And that is highly unconstitutional illegal and gives us a reason to kill you all if you become traitors. And most of these people are Trump people and actually are traitors. So they have no rights to speak of… they are liable. It's in the Constitution. I say we throw them into the f**** Pacific Ocean and see if they sink.

  2. So let's round up all the liable Republicans under the Trump Banner as well as this extreme right-wing tea party Republican amalgam of monsters. Like rather quickly. They're traitors and sabotagers I need to be dealt with properly. So you thought it would be cool to betray the country? We've got answers for that


  4. The evil Racist Narcissistic republiKLANS and KLANsevaTARDS have slowly taken the voting rights from, African Americans. As a African American I feel republiKLANS and KLANsevaTARDS will finish with what they have started gutting the Voting Rights Act. I think the Civil Rights of African Americans will be the next thing that the evil Racist republiKLANS and KLANsevaTARDS will go after next. This country is quickly turning into Nazi Germany under the republiKLANS and KLANsevaTARDS and I'm extremely terrified…

  5. Of course U.S. CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS are under attack. More so now that PUTIN'S Trump Org. FAKE POTUS is fighting his Global War On Democracy from within OUR Highest Office

  6. 47% of gun nuts think the 2nd amendment is under attack. It is. The innocents are tired of dying from gun murder. You are safe nowhere from gun nuts. They are at churches theaters schools grocery stores malls parking lots parades music venues bars. Gun nuts want to kill us. Tell them to piss off.

  7. So Comrade Trump-ski is having his serial affairs with Communists Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un. His current wife and her clan are from a form Communist country (Yugoslavia). His previous wife Ivana was born in another Communist country (Czechoslovakia). Moscow Mitch, Rus-sky Rand Paul, and Leningrad Lindsey Graham have ties to Russian oligarchs.  What is there about Comrade Trump-ski and his affinity for these commie loving Slavs and Serbs? Is it the Russian Mafia?

  8. Freedom of speech…gone…pansy left wingers might get their feelings hurt…2nd ammendment broken…Democrat run Virginia is going to have a gun grab..Law abiding citizens with AR15, etc…GOOD….The criminals have them, so how can you defend yourself against criminals if they out gun you??? Once the criminals know that you are unarmed…you are a sitting duck..Comparing USA to Nazi Germany is insulting to the victims of Nazi Germany…If a democrat is elected president, it probably will be illegal to bad mouth them. Wake up democrats, and especially democrat socialists…It is like you are begging to have your rights removed!!

  9. Farren…Just to be fair the previously instituted assault weapons ban didn't make a significant statistical difference for the increase or reduction of violence. It defined an assault weapon primarily by its external components such as type of butt stock, grip, ability to mount additional components such as a bayonet. Therefore anyone who actual reads the previous ban would know that someone could still have something like an AR-15 or AK-47 variant as long as it had a fixed stock and no pistol grip.
    Please stop pushing the false narrative that the previous ban actually did anything one way or the other.
    We need comprehensive reform, not ineffective "platitudes."

  10. That's what happens when Low IQs moan and groan – but the dipshits turn around and vote for the party that continues to gerrymander, fails to put bills up for a vote, corporations get to dictate the laws ….. the list goes on. So 92% might be saying that, but at least 40% of you Mona Lisa's will vote to try and keep Trump and the Republicunts in their seats so you can moan some more.

  11. Imagine if they went through a dictatorship or a war as those USA created in hundreds of countries?
    Congratulations americans, you're officially the worst and most coward people in the world.

  12. After living as an American citizen in the US for nearly 40 years, I am left with the impression that many Americans think and argue as if they lived on an island, and that island is all there is.

  13. All facts from the fucCing right wing, who’s creating all theses mass shootings and bombs white trump supporters. We need assault weapons to defend ourselves from the racist white yahoos running around unchecked by law enforcement

  14. As far as selling of information, I think creditors are the worst offenders. For example, the minute someone applies for a loan, the applicant will receive a barrage of spam calls soliciting loans as well as a barrage of of scammers emailing and calling them trying to hook them into a scam. This also includes people who can buy every piece of your back ground information which often results in scammers posing as law firms trying to scam people out of money with fake lawsuits and etc. Information sales without clear consent should simply be criminalized.

  15. My God! are you telling me that 8% of americans are totally oblivious to the obvious facts that our rights have been trampled on? Must be 8% of America is rich…

    It just goes to show, that no matter how obvious a fact is, there will always be those fools who will deny it.

    As for 2nd amendment rights… I respect most of what you say #ROF, but this is one subject that you are just plain wrong about.

    Show me where in the constitution it says that the 2nd amendment only applies to weapons that you personally approve of??? No?…. ok then. You are just trying to impose your particular notions on the rest of us. Denying us of our rights by trying to re-define what the protected right really means. I have the right to own fully automatic weapons, but that isn't even allowed. "Assault" weapons are only weapons that have a certain look to the exterior of the weapon body. Besides that, they function essentially like any non "assault" weapon.

    It's like the farce about silencers. Everybody watches movies and thinks the silencer than reduces a gun's sound to a "fffoomp" sound is what a real life silencer does. That is ONLY a filmography fiction for theatrical convenience. Silencers don't do that in real life, they only reduce the sound that the shooter hears by projecting more of the sound toward the target. In the same way, you watch movies and tv and assume that the military look of camouflage, helmets, and other tactical gear means that the person is somehow more deadly. You see an AR-15 on the movie screen, and it looks less benign than a .308 bolt action rifle, even though it is less accurate and less powerful than the .308.

    This is a socio-conditioning that has altered your perception of reality. You therefore believe the world to be a certain way, when in reality it's not what you believe. Democrats are good at using this socially engineered propaganda to lead the ignorant, or the otherwise weak and non-methodical, mind to believe what is convenient to their agenda: which is to ultimately de-arm the population altogether. A number of democrats have even gone as far as to say that at times. To voice their true intentions to ultimately take all guns.

  16. I see that the Constitution has not been implemented but https://hubpages.com/religion-philosophy/The-Worlds-Ending-Scenario should put it in control of the nation for the first time since the founding of it.

  17. IT TOOK THIS FUCKING LONG!? DID PEOPLE REALLY NOT PAY ATTENTION AT ALL SINCE BUSH? Fuck our stupid public. We deserve the shit we get when it takes THIS long just cause "ZOMG ORANGE MAN BAD" when the shit has been bad for us for long before him.

  18. 92% is absolutely correct. Here’s why-

    The Soviet Union folded and they needed help. The Koch Brothers had a problem as well. The Russian oligarchs found that their position could be improved if the United States could be transformed from being Star spangled awesome to something more tawdry and emotional. The Koch Brothers felt that their position would benefit from the same transformation of the United States. The Koch brothers and the remaining fallen Soviet oligarchs being led by Vladimir Putin as their point man forged an alliance with the Koch Brothers and together they birthed the Tea Party as a propaganda tool that would appear, most importantly, home grown, but in truth, was not.

  19. We have a saying in New Zealand "when the workers rights are under attack, stand up fight back" take back control by voting because your Government is utterly corrupt and protesting wont work.

  20. Believe it or not you do have ways to protect yourself. If you have a laptop put a small piece of blue tape over the tiny lens and do the same with your smartphone. Also get CCleaner pro version because when you run a scan it cleans all junk and trackers if it is set up right. Also, all big flat screen t.v.'s have hidden mini cameras in them.

  21. Guess what people because is your RIGHT are being taken away from day one because of this moronic uneducated racist idiot president!

  22. Trump will make sure you have none by the time he is DONE !!!! Maybe not the guns but all the rest will be gone. But you go ahead let him do what he wants. No wonder the USA has lost all respect around the world. Glad I live were I do.

  23. Remember people tRump said that the constitution does not apply to him or his Family! Also the BILL OF RIGHTS! Sorry but tRump is trying to sell the country to the Russia 🇷🇺

  24. As long as we have Donald Trump in office, we will be under the “law of Trump”!!! Our justice system and constitution mean nothing to trump!

  25. Best president America has…you need him there….remember you no longer a super power…at least he got the bolls to acknowledge it…..

  26. When percentages get thrown out, beware. If you ask members of one family the same question and they all agree, what’s the percentage? Think for yourself.

  27. Because they ARE! Trump and his henchmen want to engineer a Soviet style collapse of the USA so they can remake it into a Russian style oligarchy. Feudalism all over again. ( don't think for a second that they wouldn't kill you, your kids, and your dog for a filthy ruble. )

  28. Going to hold this nightmare of a Presidency squarely on all the loud mouth Republicans I come across. Here is a tip for anyone having to speak publicly to one of these groups. Don't imagine them naked that's silly, see them in their KKK white hoods and robes. At first it may seem scary but for me I see Clowns.

  29. When the government has marijuana on Nixon’s corrupt controlled substance list and doesn’t even debate its being there, something has to be wrong.

  30. For the second amendment to endure, the US needs to enact a federal registry, or the violence just going to keep getting more and more out of hand.
    All the infrastructure for one is already in place, you could run it via the the DMV. Automotive licensing/registration doesn't infringe freedom to travel, firearm licensing/registry doesn't infringe on the right to bear arms.

  31. While the brainless ignorant racist Republiscum traitors want to ignore our Constitution while they destroy our democracy and our nation, our gov't has become an Idiocracy…..no foreign enemy can touch us, while americans destroy america……we are the evil empire, the war-mongering global embarrassment and disgrace…….you're a victim of your system, you are your own worst enemy – know your enemy (Green Day)…..

  32. First off, our rights are not given to us in the Bill of Rights and Constitution. Our rights are god given and those documents merely protect those rights.
    Get your facts straight Richard Cranium.
    I feel sorry for you, hopefully you will snap out of your delusional state of mind.

  33. People 15 years ago thought I was crazy when I said this world is going to be like shadowrun. It is a table top rpg. The more I hear the more I wonder if the people who created shadowrun and cyberpunk were prophets or could read the world better than anyone.

    If you don't believe me, google the games. If things don't change I can't help but wonder how soon till we hear about blood in the boardroom.

  34. So Northam threatening to send in the National Guard if law enforcement doesn't enforce Draconian "gun control" isn't an assault on the Second Amendment? Also your side advocated for censorship, now it is hurting you. Oops. Too bad, so sad. Should have thought about that before you gave corporations a mandate to censor your competition.

  35. No such thing as an assault weapon. All weapons could be labeled as an assault weapon. Guns are made to kill. You can't pass a law banning any gun with out stepping on the 2nd amendment.

  36. We should ban hammers. More people die world wide due to assault hammers than all gun deaths combined. This isn't a joke. We have very good stats proving it.

    Ban pools to. More kids died in a pool than by guns in the United States on any given year.

  37. AR-15's account for less than 1% of all gun deaths. Know what type of gun kills the most people? Hand guns, pistols. Yet you hate a piece of metal that will never hurt you. I understand if a firearm gives you a bad feeling. You can't ban it because it doesn't make you feel good. It's called part of growing up. Grow up!

  38. i mean this IS a capitalist country, everything could be turned into money. Of course that includes your privacy and personal data.

    The people who could make it happen will make it happen.

    But also…

     a new report shows corporations are bad, ok got it.
    so and so came out and proved that trump is insane, ok got it.
    the middle class is getting fucked over, ok got it.

    WE KNOW THESE ALREADY, THESE ARE JUST ADDING ON TO THE STATISTICS. Enough with the reports and polls, studies and "expert confirmations".

  39. On both sides of the aisle too! Every single politician in Washington, in every state, at every level is corrupt and bought! They don't work for, nor with we the people, but for their own greedy financial gains!! Obama got millions from stealing our hard earned money, to pay for his Obamacare, and if you didn't get insurance, didn't make enough to pay for insurance, he and his charged you a penalty, which in most cases took your income tax refund from you! The Republicans don't even have a plan, because they make billions on our sickness, disease, our very lives! The only one hope that we have in turning this around so that our government systems and agencies actually work for our benefits, is Bernie Sanders, period! The only real man of the people who is not bought, or in somebody's pocket! Bernie Sanders for positive changes in Washington and help rebuild and reshape our democracy so that it works for us and not big corporations nor our adversaries like Vlad!! It's time to take it back America!! This is our last best chance for real change!! Vote wisely my fellow countrymen and women! Together we can succeed!! 😉🤗🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  40. They are under attack. Keep voting democrat and you won’t have any rights. Only to them, don’t worry though you’re going to get food stamps and a oblamer phone. Oh ya netflex too.

  41. Alot of people in the comments attacking Trump over this.
    Ordinarily I'd be more than happy to join in, but let's all keep in mind that the whittling away of our rights has been going on since WAY before that turd came on the scene.

  42. The other day I was at the liquor store and asked the lady for a bottle of Jagermeister.
    Apparently my phone picked up this conversation, despite being in my pocket, because for the rest of the day I was bombarded with U-tube ads for Jagermeister.

    And right to bear arms will fall if freedom of press falls. They, the gop has an authoritarian grip on america, I do not want to live their way, I want to live free

  44. I think, in criminal cases, we should get rid of deputy prosecutors. Both sides, should be assigned, at random, an attorney from a single pool of attorneys. We still would need an elected prosecutor to work between law enforcement and the courts, but once they deem that there is enough evidence to bring a citizen up on charges to the court, their involvement should pretty much end. Once charges have been filed with the court, a judge would randomly select (by computer) two attorneys; one for the prosecution and one for the defense. This would prevent backroom deals that would allow one accused person to go free so that another accused person would be given up for conviction… It would prevent prosecutors from getting a reputation which courts often show favoritism or leniency too. It wouldn't put inexperienced attorneys on the side of the defense against someone with 30 years of experience. It would make it harder for the prosecution to offer plea deals to criminals just for their testimony in another case. I believe, if you do the (violent) crime, you do the time.

  45. 1:58 Yes totally if you are white you can be attacked and blame of everything bad that happens to non-whites and you are a victim of affirmative action which means you may lose opportunities to get a job or enter a university to someone that is non-white even if you are better qualified.

  46. He dosent give a crap about the average citizen – has filed bankruptcy Six times with his companies – wont show his tax returns – is a white nationalist- WAKE UP AMERICA – get this A-Hole out of the White House!!!!

  47. If you keep people thinking they are under constant attack, they will be scared
    enough to let you do anything at all to "protect them".

  48. Our Constitution has been under attack since the Nixon election by the American Fascist Movement.. The same movement that tried to develop an attack on the US government in 1933-1934.

  49. Didn't slavery go out decades ago…it sure looks like it is starting to return in certain ways and that is garbage…i hope the people wake up and get trump out this next election…otherwise it will just be a mess.

  50. 92% say so, yet judged by the list in the first minute of this, it's exactly the rights not under attack polling highest and the basic rights already taken from a lot of people that poll lowest as under attack from the ones mentioned here.

  51. Oh Faron for a moment I was thinking you were going to say people feel theyhave lost the right to control their own bodies and privacy. I forgot it was 2019 and the misinformation machine is driving so hard it blinds people from truths. How disgusting ppl think they have lost gun rights amongst all the things it could be 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  52. If Trump don't follow the law and rules that are in the constitution, then we are losing our rights. Because the constitution is what this Country was built on. But like they say if you got money you can do what the hell you want to do, but if you're broke well welcome to the poor side of town.

  53. Well, what can I say? 92% of Americans happen to be 100% right! Too bad that about 50% of them are stupid enough to keep voting for those that are trying to remove said rights.

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