A Better Way to Defend the Constitution
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A Better Way to Defend the Constitution

September 10, 2019

Government has gotten out of control—too big and too arrogant. After decades of overreach by both parties, it is time we restore our Constitution. Here is a better way. Under our plan, Congress will
impose new limits on spending and enforce clear lines of authority. This way, the laws we live under are being written by the people we vote for – not unelected bureaucrats
in some nondescript building. And we will increase transparency for taxpayers across the board. After all, sunlight is the best disinfectant. Learn more at better.gop.

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  1. I'm sorry but you cannot expect me to think you have a better Idea in 36 seconds. The Republican party needs to have a thorough plan that will be better. Healthcare needs to be improved, no question. And Obamacare is hurting many people but it has helped many sick people. Just explain Across State lines and Risk Pool Adjustment so companies can have fair, affordable, but independent insurance that still has regulations but is eased.

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