A Chronic Pain Bill of Rights
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A Chronic Pain Bill of Rights

October 21, 2019

Chronic pain is an everyday condition. It’s
shapes the way people shop, parent their children and manage their relationships. It’s almost
that chronic pain becomes the focus of life. There are over 1.5 billion worldwide chronic
pain suffers and every one of them knows how life can be shattered by chronic pain. Here
are five basic chronic pain Bill of Rights that PainDoctor.com believe each patient is
entitled to. Number one: I don’t have to make my pain the
focus of my life. Of course there may be days when the pain is overwhelming but you can
get through it; meditation, walking and yoga can help.
Number two: I don’t have to be silent; you can share your story, talk to people around.
Many people don’t understand what it means to be in chronic pain, help them know your
struggle and help them see it deeper. Number three: I can take action. PainDoctor.com
has tools and resources to help you get started in your search. Take the information that
you find your health care provider and talk to them about treatment options.
Number four: I can choose how I react to pain. On the days when is it physically possible
to do so you can choose to give in to the pain and let it dictate how your day looks
like or you can choose the path of your day in more positive matter.
And number five: I can inspire others. You never know who might be moved by your courage
and your struggle, you never know how you might change somebody else’s life simply by
choosing not to give in and give up. As you think about this Bill of Rights remember
you don’t have to be your pain, you can choose to change your life with chronic pain.
It will be a struggle but each journey starts with one small step.
And that’s another dose of PainNews brought to you by PainDoctor.com.
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and have a pain free tomorrow.

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  1. That is all well and good, but, I have experienced mistreatment when I went to Providence Hospital. When they look at your chart, and see that you are on narcotic pain medicine, you are immediately treated like a drug addict. I was not seeking additional pain medicine than what I have. Still, they blackballed me, and did not help me, Sending me home untreated.

  2. This was a very misleading title. I thought I would find my rights as a patient, not a list self-help tips.

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