A Closer Look At: SixStar Elliptical Frames
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A Closer Look At: SixStar Elliptical Frames

October 20, 2019

Every SixStar elliptical frame has six key features that work together to deliver a smooth, natural motion. Thoroughly researched and tested, the SixStar frame feels good because it is deliberately designed to fit your body and move the way you move. Pedals are close together to reduce stress on the hips and back. A low step-on height makes it easy to get on and off. The frame promotes an upright posture for maximum comfort, minimal fatigue and faster results. Grips are within reach and handles move an appropriate distance for all sizes of users. And the flat ellipse-shaped pathway closely mimics walking and running patterns. Finally, the ideal gear ratio provides a smooth, constant motion that is easy on your joints. Together, these features ensure a comfortable, effective workout on every SixStar elliptical frame.

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