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A Constitution’s Road Trip

September 26, 2019

[poignant music] [camera shutter clicking] – How does the Constitution
affect my life? – Where should we start? [camera shutter clicking] – I wish I knew more
about the Constitution. – I don’t know what it is. I can’t figure it out. – Uh… – I don’t know. – I don’t know anything
about it. – The U.S. Constitution
is providing freedom. – Freedom and boundaries. – Freedom and equality
under the law. – Just the basis for freedom. – How can you go beyond free? – It protects me overall,
general. – It protects us
and protects others. – So to protect the citizens. – From an overweening
government. – Fire truck.
– And fire trucks are involved. – People are treated equally. – Whether you’re rich or poor
or educated or not. – The right to express your–
express your thoughts. – Without fear of persecution. – Freedom of speech.
– Freedom of speech. – Freedom of speech. – I believe it’s called
freedom of speech. – It’s freedom of speech. – You be yourself.
– You’ve got rights. – Something even political,
you can speak out. – Having that freedom
to be able to do that, I realize, is something
that is not the norm across– you know, across the world, so yeah, I guess it has,
in fact, allowed me to do– to speak my mind. – Being immigrants, we–
kind of the church unites us, and I think
that’s very important that we could express
our religion. – I was born in India, and when the country
was divided, I was in the part
called the Muslim majority. You know, you are always afraid that they will kill you
and all this. So when I came here, I had no such fear, you know. So I can practice my religion
and walk on this street. – Everyone enjoys
their privacy. – When you’re indoors,
you have your own private life. – Privacy–
when you’re, like, older and you want to, like,
do certain things that you don’t want people
to intrude on, I feel like that’s when freedom
of privacy comes into play. That’s when it’s
really, really important. – Now that I’m a citizen,
I’m able to vote, so that has helped a lot
for my family. – I can’t, like,
walk to the White House and I’m like,
“Oh, here’s a law,” but through voting, I feel like
I finally get a voice, especially when I turn 18, ’cause I feel like I had
a decision-making part in, like, what happened
in the country as a whole. – It’s the foundation
of everything, I suppose. – Gives me something
to be a part of. – I mean, it’s– produced the, like, outlines
that we live by, right? – I think the U.S. actually,
you know, in shaping the Constitution, shaped a lot of other countrie”
independence and rights. – A framework for how
our government operates. – I know it’s the basis
of our form of government and… – It’s the basis for everything
we do in the country. – Perfect. – What do you think? – Without the Constitution, we wouldn’t be America. – I agree. – So that’s kind of where I’m at
with the Constitution right now. – Next time you want
to read something, instead of a book,
buy a copy of the Constitution and read it
the old-fashioned way. – The U.S. Constitution.
– The Constitution. – U.S. Constitution.
– The Constitution. – Constitution.
– The Constitution. – U.S. Constitution.
– The Constitution. – I believe the Constitution
is something that brings the country together
as a whole. – Just living together and being
at peace with each other, just living in harmony. – The Constitution. There you go.

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  1. the best way to avert/ counter foregn invasion- is to let people get addicted to liberty/ freedom, they will never be encaged (them) again, neither physically nor psychologically.

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