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  1. What a daring artist. It must have been petrifying for those poor people during that time. I particularly enjoy the tonal control of the piece – the dark hues really give a sense of danger. Thanks Smarthistory for the edifying insight.

  2. Great video, really appreciate your work and your guidance to understand. Art is great to look at but thanks to you guys, guys like me finally can understand it. But, one note: you mentioned the civil war, i would like to see a small text between what dates it took place. I'm not history savvy so i had to google. So, if you talk about persons and happenings please put some quick kind of description or info about it, either just a small pop-up text or a brief mention!

  3. I love the escape during the darkness of night on a dark horse, with husband facing forward and the wife facing stern. The slave couple looks like a white couple to me and maybe this was done to appeal to more buyers at the time. I really like it, it has action, life and death drama, have to check one of the museums to see it sometime. Now this type of escape of blacks to the north wasn't completely rare, you've heard of the underground railroad? Heard of Harriet Tubman?

  4. Jonathan Eastman Johnson (July 29, 1824 – April 5, 1906) was an American painter and co-founder of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, with his name inscribed at its entrance

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